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Welcome to the Tips & Hints page.

Some games can sure put you into really tough spots, huh? What pattern should I against this enemy in Fate/ Extra? How do I make progress in Fury Mode on Muramasa Rebirth? How do I defeat that damn Vale in Deception IV? How do I do ANYTHING in Dark Souls?

Now challenges are part of the game. Playing a game that’s too easy is just boring, right? So these games are expected to give you a certain level of challenge. Keep you from mindlessly mashing that attack button and use your brain to try and get things done. Some games, however, can get overall infuriating when you get stuck and can’t progress.

Well, that’s what this page is for.

I used to be a notorious cheater. Every game I got, I’d cheat the hell out of it. In fact, cheats would be the first thing I’d look up because some games almost seemed to be nigh impossible without them. Nowadays, I’ve calmed down with that. While I do do things like find cheats and look up walkthroughs, I now have a strict set of rules for it. I may not cheat unless:

  1. I’ve accomplished the feat myself and earned the right to cheat the hell out of it. For example: Using invincibility mode or something like that. Or,
  2. I’m really, REALLY stuck and can’t figure it out, thus need a hint or something to carry on.

In doing so, either by watching Let’s Plays, or playing the game myself, I have devised strategies and even some guides to help myself through some tough spots, so I figured, why not share it. Though, this isn’t going to be all me. Just like with my Mythology Facts page, I will get some of this stuff from outside sources. In this case, I will note where I got it from and thus, who deserves credit for the helpful insight.

Not only that, once again, like my Mythology Facts page, I intend for this page to be communal. If you’ve got your own tips for a particular subject on this page, feel free to let us know and I’ll even add it to the page crediting you. If I got something wrong, or something could be done to do better, you make note of that too. Just remember to keep it constructing and non-abusive. You just sound like a jerk and a smartass otherwise.

As always, keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete abusive comments and should they be severe enough, ban the user. Enjoy the page!

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