Tales of Berseria – Part 7 – Blood is Thicker

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Velvet, is semi-replaced with an original character. Nothing else has changed.

While making our way to the nearest town, Laphicet found a stone. At first I turned it away, but it turned out it was a rare metal named brightsteel. Through this, Eizen was able to determine that we were either on Endgand or Islegand, a long way from the Abbey’s control. It was a good find. It helped us narrow our position, but I instruct him to wash his hands. Rare or not, it’s been covered in dirt.

We ran into a man in a rough-looking helmet and tried to ask him directions. However, he panicked upon seeing us. He thought we were with someone named ‘Swordbreaker’. He attacked us, but he was no Artorius. We subdued him pretty quickly. We asked him about this Swordbreaker and he tells us he’s a daemon who searches for travellers with swords and attacks them to break them. Rokurou took interest when he mentioned the sword was foreign. He tried to steal that sword, but to no avail. He confirmed that we’re, indeed, in Islegand and Eleanor took the change to preach to him about his banditry.

Eleanor was surprised at how much Laphicet, and malakhim, in general, seem to like reading. Beinfu confirmed his passion for reading, and tried to share them with Laphicet. His choice if material is… not something a child like him should be reading.. or anyone for that matter. Eleanor agrees with me on the situation. I confiscate the books and she intends to interrogate Beinfu… thoroughly..

We encountered another code red daemon, this one a large bird. Horus. It was accompanied by harpies. This one was a bit on the rough side, since its attacks just lingered.. However, we didn’t have too much more trouble otherwise.

Further along the path, we encountered a daemon matching the discription of the Swordbreaker. Rokurou recognised his sword as one named Stormquell. Even after we defeated him, he refused to stay down. Rokurou decided to take him on on his own. He got noticibly upset when Laphicet tried to help him, and almost attacked him. He came to his senses once Eleanor and I got in his way. Even if he had stuck with me all this time, I wasn’t about to let him harm Laphicet.. He apologised for his behaviour, but Swordbreaker had already disappeared.

He apologised once more as we reached the bridge and explained his behaviour, how there was someone he had to defeat, no matter what. However, he also thanked him for doing what he throught was right. Eleanor wasn’t too taken with the way he did it.

Laphicet thanked Eleanor for stepping in to protect him. He seemed rather disheartened when she told him it was for orders, but he perked up again when she also told him that she would’ve done it whether or not she was ordered to. Seeing them made me angry.. I can’t really describe it.. It wasn’t like the anger I felt whenever I saw Artorius. It was just this.. annoying feeling.. I just didn’t like them like that..

Magilou suddenly remembered a story relating to the Stormquell, the sword the Swordbreaker was using. She told us it was made by a man named Kurogane, who wanted to make a sword that rivalled the Stormhowl, known back then as the God Blade for its power. She told us that he died by unknown means, and that this daemon may be him carrying a centuries old grudge. While it was just a tale, it sounded more legitimate than her other stories.

We entered into a mine shortly after. The zombies were proving rather annoying to fight along the way, but we didn’t have two rough of a time fighting the golems and centipedes. However, I took the time to talk to Laphicet. I wanted him to be careful of Eleanor, even if he thought she was nice. He needed to know that I came first.. I’m number one and she was number two… Even now, it feels so embarrassing how childish it sounds.. It wasn’t exactly what I was going for..

We came across a sealed door with a candle nearby. Laphicet told me that it was meant to keep looters and thieves out and it reacted to heat. The answer was simple. We used Eizen’s flint to light it up and the seal broke, allowing us to get through the door.

Going a bit out of our way, we found another red code daemon, a large snake. Oroboros. It wasn’t too difficult to handle. In fact, it proved to have little bite compared to Horus.

The Reaper’s luck continued to provide us with a challenge, though. We ended up encountering the missing member of Artorius’ little squad, the only other man to ever recieve the title of legate, Shigure. He had just defeated Swordbreaker, who he had confirmed was Kurogane, and he got into a fight with Rokurou. Rokurou was easily overpowered and suddenly Eleanor moved to help, only to have him throw one of his daggers at her head. He unsheathed the Stormhowl during that time, which Shigure had declared to be a fake. The blade was broken.

Shigure stopped his assault then and there. He wasn’t even trying. He didn’t even use his fat cat of a malak. He told us we won’t let us leave until we defeat him, then just walked away. Kurogane talked to Rokurou about forging him a new blade, then left with him in a different direction.

While following, I scolded Eleanor for trying to attack and asked what she’d been thinking. The answer she gave me was clearly a bold-faced lie, but I couldn’t exactly tell about what. She said she just wanted to save Rokurou, a daemon she had, just moments before, been scorning for his ways.. I told her to be careful from now on, that she needs to protect Laphicet above anything else. Laphicet whispered something to her afterwards, but I couldn’t hear it..

Deep into this offshoot of the mines, we found a workshop where Rokurou and Kurogane had been talking. It turned out Magilou’s story wasn’t too far off. However, instead of him doing through execution or suicide, he just became a daemon in his obsession to make a blade surpassing Stormhowl. In this process, Rokurou cut off his head, which they planned to use for the materials. We decided to wait outside until they were done.

Eizen informed me the Van Eltia was on its way, but the major concern was Shigure. He’s Artorius’ bodyguard, so we have to fight him either weay. He suggested we all fight with the intent to kill, even if Rokurou tries to stop us. We agreed that that would be best, if it was necessary.

Magilou sent Beinfu to scout the town. In the meantime, she had been thinking about what it means to sacrifice something, especially body and soul, for some cause or god. As usual, she tries to make a show of it.. I ignored her extra dramatisations..

Eleanor, meanwhile, was pondering the nature of daemons, specifically those like Rokurou and Kurogane, who would do anything to accomplish their goals no matter the cost to themselves. I let her know that humans, even exorcists, weren’t so different from daemons. He refused to believe the Abbey would so low as to make a sacrifice like that. I told her to ask Artorius next she saw him what he did three years ago..

Subsequently, Laphicet had been thinking about the passion the two of them carried and how he never felt it. I let him know that he was too young to know such a thing and he never should. He should live a normal life.

Almost like it was perfectly timed, Beinfu returned to tell us that exorcists had invaded the mines from the port. They intended to ‘purge’ Eleanor. Her heart sank at the news. I can imagine how heartbreaking such news must be to the perfect honours student. Nevertheless, we headed out to meet them.

The exorcists were rather blind in their goals, scorning Eleanor with a seething hatred. They were nothing though, and the fight was rather easy, however, Eleanor herself was reluctant to kill them, even with me watching her. She would’ve gotten killed if Rokurou hadn’t jumped in at that moment with his new daggers. I got ready to devour them, but Eizen had stopped me. I decided to let it go, telling her that she had to fight them from now on, but she didn’t have to kill them. She found my mercy strange.

Rokurou told Laphicet why Shigure called his Stormhowl a fake. In the process of making the sword, many more are made. The true successor is given the real blade while everyone else are given the failures. Explaining this made him think.

Laphicet later asks why their styles are so different. He explains there are two styles to Rangetsu. A greatsword style, and a twin sword style. Rokurou chose to wield the twin sword style to fight his brother, as that’s what he knows best. Naturally, Magilou turns it into one of her ridiculous poetic trysts, likening it to the legend of Stormquell trying to surpass Stormhowl… and then she went one step further, comparing it to Artorius and myself.. Eleanor didn’t get the latter.. Is she really that naive..?

We left the Vester Tunnels directly into Pord Cadnix. The place was deserted. Shigure had already been waiting for us. He told us that he told the exorcists that invaded not to bother coming for us. Only the ones next to him seemed to listen. We fight, but he proved to still be too much. Rokurou went for a berserker strike, taking the blade into his hand to try and take his neck, but it didn’t work. However, the method seemed to impress him and he decided to let us go.

As the Van Eltia arrived, Eleanor was beginning to talk to herself.. I don’t think she realised she was thinking aloud. It was mostly about me. I didn’t hear all of it, but she mentioned something about mending my clothes. When I asked her about it, she broke out into a sweat and made the offer. She claimed to be good with her hands, so I decided to take her up on it if need arrise. However, I instructed her to take care of herself as well. Being covered in sweat like that wasn’t healthy. I also told her to let me know when she needed a bath and I’d arrange something. After all, the men are too dense to even think about something like that. She seemed rather stunned by my offer, but accepted nonetheless.

As life returned to the port, we met weith the bandit from earlier. He said that, thanks to Eleanor’s words, he decided to give up banditry and use his knowledge to open a bandit cuisine themed resteraunt. He obviously had a crush on Eleanor, but he didn’t get it.. She’s.. far too innocent…

After I turned in the bounties for the code red daemons we defeated so far, we set sail for Southgand, with Kurogane having joined us so he could forge his weapons for Rokurou. Laphicet began talking with Benwick about Aifread. He likened the pirate to the sea, scary sometimes and calm on others. Laphicet then likened the decription to me… Am I really so scary…?

The clam was short lived, though, as Eizen had called for an emergency change of course for Port Caneed. He said several of the sailors had caught the corsair’s scourge and had shown symptons for three days. Apparently, it’s a mysterious, yet fatal disease that only seems to spread while at sea. All the humans would have caught it by now. He needed to get the medicine at Caneed. It’s an annoying detour, but one I will not risk passing up. I refuse to let a single human die here.

As we arrived at Caneed, Eizen told us we need to get a flower named Sale’tomah. It’s juices are used to make the medicine that counteracts the scourge. We decided that it was for the best to leave Eleanor behind so as not to risk her life. Magilou tried to get out of it, but I refused to let her laze about.. She’s a witch.. She’ll be fine… I remember hearing Eleanor mentioning that the juices of the sale’tomah taste awful. I might have to force her to take it when we get back..

As we were about leave, Eleanor started talking to us about what happened back in the mines. She didn’t quite understand why he would attack her. Eizen mentioned it was probably due to his code of honour named Bushido. It seemed to provide her with some food for thought. Despite her preconceptions about daemons, she seemed to believe he wasn’t the type of person who’d try to hurt anyone like that. Perhaps she can become someone we can trust entirely, but until then, I need to keep an eye on her.

Status Summery:

  1. Khaos is now Level 27.
  2. Khaos learned Slag Assault.
  3. Khaos learned Soaring Dragon.
  4. Rokurou is now Level 27.
  5. Rokurou learned Jade Wave.
  6. Laphicet is now Level 27.
  7. Laphicet learned Void Mire.
  8. Laphicet learned Frigid Pillar.
  9. Eizen is now Level 27.
  10. Eizen learned Mirage.
  11. Magilou is now Level 27.
  12. Magilour learned Fire Mine.
  13. Eleanor is now Level 27.
  14. Eleanor learned Whirling Top.
  15. Eleanor learned Burning Moon.
  16. Eleanor learned Maelstrom.
  17. Eleanor learned Rock Swarm.
  18. Eleanor learned Spiral Hail.
  19. Eleanor learned Coiling Serpent.
  20. Eleanor learned Shock Drum.

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