Tales of Berseria – Part 5 – Assassination

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Velvet, is semi-replaced with an OC. Nothing else has changed.

Our final job was to foil an ambush on the Royal Medical Society on Dannan Highway. It wasn’t hard to find. It turned out to be in the area where we fought Orc Kong not long ago. When we found them, they had just attacked the caravan, but hadn’t taken the cargo yet. They turned into daemons, but were no different than the guarry we faced on the highway, mere Gibbons.

They were after the medicine in transport and Laphicet noticed they all wore red scarves. The medicine was in red crates as well, marked with the Cathedral’s seal. It became clear to me what was going on.

The highly addictive medicine called Nectar was being brought in by the Abbey, or rather, someone within it. It was causing trouble for not only the populous, but for the Bloodwing Butterflies as well.

We retrieve our information from the woman, who introduces herself as Tabitha Baskerville. Artorius headed north for some ceremony at a new temple called The Empyrean’s Throne. Something for this ‘Grand Empyrean’ Inomenat. However, the area is guarded by a barrier. We need a key to break through it.

Of course, that information also came with a price. One last job. Assassinate the High Priest Gideon. Tabitha was rather impressed when I pieced together that Gideon was the one in charge of distributing the Nectar. It was proof we were trustworthy.

She gave us an insignia to show to any members of the Bloodwing to aid us. This was crucial to the job. The best time to assassinate Gideon was while he was praying in the worship hall in the villa. They were needed to get inside.

I began to feel ill. Hunger pangs, I suppose. This wasn’t the longest I’d gone without eating a daemon, but this time it felt particularly bad. Laphicet was worried about me. I tried to assure him nothing was wrong, but I got rather harsh in how I phrased it.

Tabitha was sharing information with Eizen that night. I don’t know exactly what. I was too tired. It no doubt had something to do with Aifread though.

I had another nightmare, only this one was more disturbing.

I was eating… Just eating.. At the time I didn’t care what it was.. My stomach was just an empty void that couldn’t be filled.. However, I suddenly noticed that I was eating Laphi.. Terrified, I threw myself into a corner and backed up, only to find Artorius behind me. He bade that I continue, that there was nothing wrong with it in his twisted sense of logic.. Denying it, I attacked him..

However, I woke up to found my grip around Laphicet’s throat.. I panicked and let go, scolding him for not being careful around a daemon like me. Apparently, I was too harsh with my words. It scared him and he ran out, practically crying. Magilou was there enjoying the show..

We met in the plaza, the first order of bussiness was to find the Bloodwing members disguised as guards. It wasn’t hard to do. There were a few around. Two of them let us walk onto villa grounds and a third was waiting nearby. When I showed him the insignia, he showed us straight to the secret entrance, through the Barona Catacombs sewer system.

Laphicet trips as we entered the catacombs, but I was quick to catch him. Magilou decided now was the perfect time to tease him about there being crocodiles. Eizen came up with a counter-proposal that they loved eating witches. She tried this sort of thing again, even lying on how the Mabo Curry he liked was made from crocodile meat rubbed in human blood. I eventually just got fed up and pushed her into the water. Serves her right for embarrassing me before…

Though, it was strange.. The catacombs were infested with daemons. Infested, yet the abbey wasn’t doing anything about it? The slimes along would be a problem for any normal human, but the undead were prominant too, and they just ignore it? Something was going on here.

Not only that, we found a code red daemon as well. It was like a beetle, almost entirely wrapped in its shell. I suppose Pillbug will do. Its defences were great, but we didn’t give it too much time to attack. It was another mark down.

When we came out of the catacombs, we found ourselves in the villa library. Laphicet was enamoured with a set of books Magilou found hidden behind a bookshelf. He was holding back on taking them, it was clear, so I just took one and gave it to him..

Magilou accompanies us because she had been to the villa before, yet she doesn’t know where the worship hall is. So, once again, she proves to be absolute deadweight. Why do I let her do this to me all the time..?

She tried to teach Laphicet a stupid charm to help keep him calm. Shouting like a moron while doing so.. Something stupid.. Magickazam, or whatever.. Eizen gave her a swift blow to the head to make sure shut up. She was devistated when Laphicet turned that charm to her. That’s what she gets for wasting out time..

When we finally reached the worship hall, after defeating the remaining guards, we approached Gideon, only to have that crybaby exorcist Eleanor get in out way. She put also put together what he was doing, but wanted him tried by Abbey rules. Well, she’s smart, even if emotional. It wasn’t much effort for us to corner her, but she kept summoning more malakhim.

With us getting quickly outnumbered, it became apparent that the only option was to crush her head. I went on the attack, charging right at her. Beinfu got in the way to protect her, but I swatted him aside. He landed right in Laphicet’s hands. Magilou took the advantage to re-establish their contract. She actually became useful in suppressing them after that.

Getting tired of Eleanor’s persistance, I charged for her again, devouring her malakhim as they attacked me. I could see the fear in her eyes as I drew close to her. I gave her a swift punch to the gut to knock her out after that. I was tired of her getting in our way.

Gideon began to cower in fear after that, wondering who sent us. He even suspected we were sent by Artorius. I suppose that means his operation was completely unsanctioned. However, he turned into a lizardman daemon, then attacked Laphicet. I guarded him and took the blow as the high priest ran off. Laphicet healed my wounds before we gave chase.

It was at the bottom of the villa we found Gideon, now dead as he was being eaten by a daemon we never saw before. A beast with an eagle’s head and wings on a lion’s body, with razor sharp talons. It tried to attack us, but was stopped by barrier.. One I was all too familiar with. It was the same type of barrier they used on my cell in Titania.

With our task accomplished, we turned to make our leave, but Eleanor got on the way again. I got tired of this persistance of hers and walked up to her. I showed her personally how weak she was without all those malakhim she had. She couldn’t stop us from leaving, and she didn’t. She seemed rather upset, and in some personal turmoil.

As it turns out, Beinfu ran away from Magilou because she treated him poorly. Somewhere in his escape, he ran into Eleanor, who was much kinder. He wasn’t too happy to be back with her. Again.. if I had to pick who I wanted to travel with..

We went to Tabitha and was ready with the information. To get through the barrier, you need to be considered a high ranking exorcist, needing to be accompanied by four greater malakhim. We happened to have three already with Laphicet, Beinfu and Eizen. We just needed one more, even if we had to steal it.

Laphicet asked Magilou to join us on our quest, since we need Beinfu. While she was annoying, she accepted. It’s almost like she has a soft spot for him… Or she’s just bored, that’s possible too..

The Bloodwings decided to be full allies of ours, ready to help us whenever they need it. They’ll probably regret it.

Laphicet fell asleep after everything that happened, so I took him to bed. He apologised when he woke up the next morning, but I told him not to. Needing sleep is just apart of being alive.

We met up again in the plaza. The temple lies north up a mountain past the highway. We made a plan to meet up with the rest of the pirates to figure out how to steal the fourth malak.

On a side note, Magilou can talk to dogs… Or she was just pretending to while emoting her thoughts on dog-related sayings.. I somehow think the latter is more likely in this case..

On the way back to Zekson Port, Laphicet started wondering about his place in the world. It turned into a big existential talk. Magilou tried to play him off as just my tool and emergency good, but Rokurou and Eizen took it seriously while answering him… I threatened to leave them all behind.

While the sylphjay reached the men, they hadn’t returned from scouting yet. It’s inconvenient, but how is a good time to rest. We were up most of the night, after all. Now… how to make Magilou pay for humiliating me..

Status Summery:

  1. Khaos is now Level 22.
  2. Khaos learned Moonlight Cyclone.
  3. Rokurou is now Level 22.
  4. Rokurou learned Form 4: Cyclone Dart.
  5. Laphicet is now Level 22.
  6. Laphicet learned Beckoning Lure.
  7. Eizen is now Level 21.
  8. Eizen learned Lighthouse.
  9. Magilou joined the Party… Fo real this time!
  10. Magilou learned Great Cycle.
  11. Magilou learned Blood Moon.
  12. Magilou learned Atmos Glaive.
  13. Magilou learned Ascending Angel.

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