Tales of Berseria – Part 4 – Not-So-Shady Errands

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Velvet, is semi-replaced with an OC. Other than that, nothing is changed.

Leaving Zekson Port, we overheard that there were some code red daemons around lately. Daemons so dangerous that even the Abbey has to put out a wanted list. It brought to mind that bat with the mask we fought on the way to Dyle. We’ll have to be cautious dealing with those.

Finally, we arrived in Leogres. They were performing system checks at the gate, but Rokurou suggested we just act normal and we can just pass on through. It seemed to work for the most part, but I seemed to have attracted their attention. One of the guards followed us in and asked for a travel permit. Magilou jumped in to distract him, advertising us as ‘Magilou’s Menagerie’. She passed me off as her assistant, and then thoroughly embarrassed me by trying to make me perform a trick I wasn’t prepared for, then forced me to coo like a dove.. I can’t decide if I want to devour her as painfully as possible or just plain kill her.. I might have to get Eizen to flip his coin on that one..

Nevertheless, it’s astonishing how lax their defense was around us. Or rather, as Rokurou put it, how confident they were in their peace.. A peace that was paid for with blood…

We made rounds to learn the situation in Midgand. The king had stepped down and placed his son in charge. Subsequently, the prince, himself, had put Artorius such influence that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say HE was actually the ruler of Midgand. Everyone was excited and happy. It was obvious our allies would be few and far between, if any at all.

The prince was holding a speech today, and exorcists would be present. We decided to attend, but I lost control as I spotted Artorius. I broke from the crowd, ran to the side of the castle, out of site, and unleashed my arm to scale the wall. Everyone was so engrossed in the speech, even moreso when Artorius took over, that they didn’t notice me. However, my mind wasn’t registering any of that with clear though. Each word he spoke was like a hot pike in my brain.

He’s no savoir!.. He’s a murderer!.. He killed him!.. Shepard Artorius!?.. He’s the worst monster of them all!

Yes, during the proceedings, Artorius took on the title of Shepard, and the crowd was eating it up. If Rokurou hadn’t stopped me, I would’ve charged in then and there, praetors and legates be damned.. It took all my effort not to break down as he held me in place, but he was right. If I were to even try to attack Artorius, I needed to plan carefully. Magilou found this resolution boring and left us again in search of her supposed betrayer.

Eizen suggested we look for Baskerville, a member of a shadow guild that runs out of a tavern. They might have information to help our cause. Laphicet was getting hungry at that point, so there was no reason not to. Food, drink and some rest. It just seemed convenient.

Unfortunately, it turns out Baskerville was executed a long time ago. We went and ordered food while we thought of what to do next. Mabo Curry.. He even has the same tastes in food..

However, the woman at the counter suddenly mentioned Laphi’s murder. The Bloodwing shadow guild was still active, and it was unsettling how much they knew. She agreed to give us information on Artorius, if we ran some errands for them. She even gave us transcripts to get past inspection, conveniently labelled as ‘Magilou’s Menagerie’. She said we could start in the morning and rest for the night.

Eizen and Rokurou spent the might drinking while Laphicet and I stayed in the room. I don’t think they realised how loud they were talking. I could just barely catch a few words. I think I heard my name once or twice, but nothing specific. It’s none of my business anyway..

Our first job was to find a missing scholar named Mendi, who disappeared on the Galles Lakes Road. Before we left, we visited the main church to see how far the farce of Artorius’ theocracy had poisoned everyone’s minds. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find some pleasure in throw a patron’s ‘holier-than-thou’ philosophies in his face when he told me to confess my crimes and I would be forgiven. It didn’t take him long to react as I suspected.

As we left, we ran into a Bloodwing agent, who told us more about the situation with the code red daemons. Apparently, the so called heroes of the Abbey have a tendancy to leave them be if they feel the cost to their numbers were too great. They asked us to take care of them whenever possible.

Naturally, we found one on the way to the Galles Lake Road. Some kind of orc, but an ape… I’ll call it Orc Kong.. Simple enough.. In any case, Rokurou suggested we face it to help bridge the gap between us and Artorius’ troops. As long as we were careful about it, I saw no issue.

While the fight was tougher than any normal Orc, we manage to deal with Orc Kong rather quickly. Rokurou admitted he wants to keep fighting these red code daemons to keep improving, partly in order to fight along side me. While I’m no helpless maid, I can’t say I don’t appreciate the gesture. As long as he doesn’t slow me down, he can tag along as much as he wants.

The Galles Lake Road wasn’t without dangers, but mostly small ones consisting of snakes, marmots and pixies. However, much deeper into the overgrown areas, we found a nother one of those code red daemons. It was rather plant-like, looking like a woman, yet the bottom half resembled a snake. I decided to go with Echidna on this one. She turned not to be not much tougher than Orc Kong, but that said, I had no intention of giving her time to attack. I was rather insistant with my assault.

At the end of a far off location of the road, not too far from where we fought Echidna, we came across two guards. If there was anything to guard, it had to be our wayward scholar. They summoned malakhim similar to Echidna, but they were the only ones to really last.

We found our missing scholar along with a large number of other people. Mendi told us that they were being forced to mine vermillion ore to make some type of nutrient medicine called Nectar. However, the addictive properties made it effectively a narcotic. Kidnapping and forced labour for a drug.. This is the face of the world’s ‘heroes’. We returned to Leogres to report in.

Our next job took us back to Port Zekson. We were to go into the warehouse and destroy the cargo in red crates. Eizen had the Van Eltia distract the guards, allowing us to sneak in.

Our luck continued to hold out, as who should we run into but the crybaby preator, Eleanor. I had no intention of apologising or explaining my actions to her. I didn’t know what was in those crates, and I didn’t care. Naturally, this lead to a fight, but I beat her down before she could really get going with her malakhim.

Yet, she had to summon one more, and it was… some kind of imp creature wearing a top hat over its face. If thinks weren’t already strange enough, that’s when Magilou showed up again and called him out. Turns out this malak, whom she called Beinfu, was this supposed traitor she’d been hunting. He retreated back to Eleanor as soon as he saw her.. I have to admit, if I had a choice of who I’d rather spend my time with, I’d have picked the crybaby praetor too…

Now that Magilou knows where Beinfu is, she’s decided to rejoin our group again. Again… if I had a choice if which one I’d travel with….

As we were leaving, I caught some of Eleanor talking to the guards. I heard the word ‘Nectar’ mentioned. I suppose that’s what was in those crates. … Not that it really mattered. Two jobs done, one to go.

Status Summery:

  1. Khaos is now Level 20.
  2. Khaos learned Water Snake’s Wake.
  3. Khaos learned Shadow Flow.
  4. Rokurou is now Level 19.
  5. Rokurou learned Smokescreen Assault.
  6. Rokurou learned Armour Crusher.
  7. Laphicet is now Level 19.
  8. Laphicet learned Pyrogenic Ring.
  9. Laphicet learned Kaleidos Ray.
  10. Eizen is now Level 19.
  11. Eizen learned Winter Winds.
  12. Eizen learned Air Thrust.

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