Tales of Berseria – Part 3 – Laphicet

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Velvet, is semi-replaced with an original character. Nothing else has changed.

We began our assault and headed towards the front gate. The guards were child’s play. However, as we entered the town, we found it abandoned. Not only was the attack predictable, it was poorly hidden. Anyone with half a brain would’ve known immediately. Either Teresa was is honest, or a fool. I wasn’t about to take the chance that she was the latter.

Despite her earlier declaration, Magilou seemed particularly cheerful to see us, execution or no. Teresa, on the other hand, was rather upset with me. Apparently, that praetor Oscar, whom I met in Titania, was her brother. Her guards were weak, but there were many of them. The malak with Laphi’s face was there too. She called him Number Two.

She ordered Number Two to attack, and I called out her cowardess. She seemed to rather take offense. Was I wrong, though? She ordered a malak to attack instead of coming after me herself. Exorcists are a disgraceful bunch, without a doubt.

Nevertheless, her pride was in direct proportion to her blindness. It was at that moment Dyle set the storehouse ablaze. In the ensuing chaos, we ran, Magilou in tow. However, what she lacked in foresight, she made up for in tenacity. She chased us all the way to the docks with her two malaks in tow. While she wasn’t one to be taken lightly, taking out her malaks first severely limited what she could do.

Thrust into a desperate situation, determined not to let us go, she ordered Number Two to attack us. The child was fully prepared to come at us with a suicide strike. I lost control of my senses for a bit as I kicked him out of his attack and went straight for Teresa’s throat. Unfortunately, Eleanor stepped in. That crybaby praetor.. But with two of them there, the situation turned around completely. Without thinking, I unleashed my arm and grapped the malak, ordering him to drive them back or I would devour him. The threat was practically unneeded. He followed my orders without fail. We took the chance to make our escape.

… It was only later that I realised I dragged the malak along with me.. I must’ve held his hand tightly without realising it. Well… it’s too late to worry at that point.. We would just have to accept him as a member of our ragtag crew. He seemed unsettlingly.. obedient about it.. He was different from Seres. It was almost like he was without a personality of his own.

Once things had settled, I took the time to talk to everyone about the situation ahead of us. As it turns out, much of the information Magilou disclosed to Teresa was a work of fiction.. with me set as her villain… I pondered if it was too late to take her back for her execution…

Rokurou was doing everything he could to keep the ship in check, but it’s hard to do when our only experienced sailor is the one doing the actual sailing..

I tell Dyle that we should head to Leogres. He was compliant on the matter, but he said we need a bigger crew. I could hardly argue the matter. We weren’t going to make it far in our condition.

Number Two seemed rather interested in what was going on around him. In particular, he was fond of the compass I was holding. I was having a hard time reading it until he instructed me on the correct way. When I asked him if he wanted to hold it, he asked if it was an order, even it looked like he did. It seems his feelings and his need to obey are conflicted.

We weren’t at sea long until we were attacked by pirates. As Magilou pointed out, we weren’t equipped to fight at sea, so we headed towards land. We should’ve had the upperhand, but even landside, they had an ace. Of all things, it was a malak. They were particularly pleased to find out we were daemons.

The ensuing fight turned into an even match, even with Number Two’s help. He stopped halfway. It turns out, they didn’t intend to rob us, but enlist our help. They were headed the same way, but needed to get past Fort Vortigern. When I expressed my reluctancy to trust him, he just went on ahead. I discussed the matter with everyone. We decided that joining forces with these Aifread pirates was for the best. As usual, Magilou tried to dramatise the situation…. we ignored her..

Dyle warned us against putting out trust in the pirates. The Aifread pirates apparently built up a reputation. Even so, apparently he dreamed of being like them. Well.. we all have our desires..

The pirates seem to trust their malak. They’d lost their compasss in an earlier attack, so they couldn’t sail around the fort. He seemed to have made the decision to make a path through it.

With the decision made, we followed the malak into the cave. As usual, we found vermin. Bats, scropions and spiders. Despite this, it isn’t long before we reached him. He indroduced himself as Eizen, and warned us that he invites misfortion, calling himself a Reaper. I assured him that should misfortune come upon us, I’ll reverse it with my own willpower.

We came to the conclusion that the best plan for attacking a fort impossible to penetrate by neither land nor sea is to attack from both sides at once. We were to attack the fort and open a path for the Van Eltia, the pirate’s ship, to sail on through. This, apparently, was his plan all along.

There were brambles strewn about the cave, though Eizen made quick work with them with a clever and careful use of flint. I’d call it dumb luck that he didn’t set the place on fire if it wasn’t for the fact he had successfully done it so many times already..

Further in, Rokurou and Eizen grew concerned at how quiet Number Two was. I told them that he was always like that, but he said nothing even as he was attacked by a scorpion. If Eizen hadn’t noticed and intervened, he could’ve… He said it was because I told him to keep his mouth shut.. I lost my composure and scolded him.. However, I was also at fault.. I should’ve been more careful with my wording.. Eizen tells us his personality was sealed away..

We came across a travelling merchant dressed in turtle clothing from a clan called Turtlez. He tried to swindle us by getting us to buy his goods at absorbitant prices, but I convinced him otherwise. Though, this lead to a conversation about names, especially regarding Number Two. They didn’t want to call him that anymore.. And why were they looking at me..?

As we left the cave, Eizen flipped a coin and it that turned into a whole thing as well with this group.. Apparently, it’s a rare coin made with a special process depicting a goddess and daemon lord from the age of myth. Number Two was the one who pointed most of this out. He apparently likes to read in his spare time.. Why is the world doing this to me..?

Our luck kept going the usual route. The front entrance of the fort was guarded by a forcefield. We had to find another way through. However, we found a good decent to a door with two guards. A perfect weakpoint. As I was about to rush in, Eizen and Number Two gave me a warning. The guards suddenly turned into lizardmen. I felt relief once they were dispatched. Number Two had been listening to me. I let him know I could count on him from now on.

It’s almost ironic when you think about it. A fortress, mainly designed by a ‘heroes who kill daemons’, and it was taken out by the daemonblight in an instant. It was overrun with lizardmen, wraiths and wall fiends. While this was a minor inconvenience, it was fortunate for us. With this chaos, we could move more freely. Perhaps this ‘Reaper’ isn’t such bad luck after all.

We reached the area where the control room was located and Eizen took out the guard. However, it was locked. Eizen had to.. convince the guard to tell us the location of the key, as well as the battleship we had seen while making our way there. Despite his stubborn words, he turned out to be very compliant. It was a choice of which to handle first.

Finding the key didn’t take long. Just through a couple of doors and splitting up to search two rooms. In the process, though, Number Two became enamoured with a compass on the shelf and it fell on his head while he was trying to get it. To get so fixated on it.. However, I couldn’t say such an action was a display of hopelessness. No, if anything, I found it to be proof that he was showing signs of liveliness. Rokurou tried to joke with him about pushing the bump down. I instructed him to rub some sugar on it later instead.

With that task done, our next goal was the battleship. Aside from pushing a boulder aside and jumping across a broken bridge, it wasn’t to far to go. However, we found our path blocked by a praetor claiming to have learned the Rangetsu-style. Rokurou took this personally. He held back during the fight, but he told us to go on ahead while he handled things personally. When we returned after rigging the battleship, the praetor was already a corpse on the floor. The ship was destroyed seconds later.

Now that the ship was taken care of, it was time to open the gate and make out escape. The first switch was a glaringly obvious lever infront of us. I pulled it to open the left side of the gate. We then travelled across the top of the gate to get to the other side and hit the second lever. With all our tasks accomplished, it was time to meet up with the ship. However, with the fort now overrun with daemons, we had to make a jump for it as the ship crossed.

Our friend, the guard, had other plans though. Determined not to let us go, he dragged his pained body to the top of the gate and transformed into a wall fiend and charged right for Number Two. I managed to pull him out of the way before he did any damage, but my vision had started to turn red. The words from that night started to fill my mind once more..

Kill him.. Kill him… Kill kill kill kill.. KillkillkillkillkillkillKILL HIM AND LEAVE NOTHING LEFT!

When my rage had subsided, he was battered into the ground. I had half a mind to devour him, but we were short on time. Eizen and Rokurou made a jump for the ship. However, Number Two was going back to retrieve the compass, and with his remaining strength, the wall fiend knocked him off the edge. My mind flew into a panic as memories came flooding back to me.


I remember screaming that name as I dived forward to grab Number Two. It was just the first thing that came out of my mouth. I gave him a light scolding before jumping for the ship to our escape.

Naturally, Magilou demanded thanks for aiding in our escape.. when she wasn’t supposed to.. I ignored her..

Instead, my attention turned to Number Two. I told him if that compass meant so much to him, he should take good care of it. As a result, he refused to let Eizen tough it and became our navigator. He threatened to throw him to the sharks if he gave him the wrong heading.

Number Two happened to have been paying attention during the incident earlier and asked me what a ‘Laphicet’ was. In an attempt to save face, I told him it was his name. Everyone agreed that it was a perfect fit… They had no idea how perfect..

We arrived at Leogres port without any further incidents. Turns out the people there are supportive of the Aifread pirates, going so far as to label the Van Eltia as a merchant ship. They told Eizen his captain was taken to Titania prison. I added my own update on the matter. His captain was no longer in the prison, now with a praetor named Malchior.

With this infromation, we were now all headed in the same direction. So now I find myself with a rather interesting punch of permanent travel companions.

Eizen told me our ship had now been converted into a scouting vessel. Benwick added that this allows us to send our ship on expeditions and we might find many new things as a result that could help. The guys romanticise what we could find out there. Treasure, new lands, ancient cities or texts.. I was fine as long as it was a couple of fish we could sell… Magilou agreed with me on the notion.. Why of all people, Magilou..?

Without a doubt, the Abbey is going to be very upset with the incident at Hellawe and Fort Vortigern. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of Eleanor and Teresa soon enough. Not that I’m that concerned. If they get in my way, I’ll just crush and devour them if I have to.

Status Summery:

Khaos is now Level 15.

Khaos learned Shell Splitter.

Khaos learned Avalanch Fang.

Khaos learned Lethal Pain.

Rokurou is now Level 15.

Rokurou learned Form 3: Water Hammer.

Rokurou learned Shockwave Slash.

Rokurou learned Form 0: Sunder.

Laphicet has joined the Party.

Laphicet is now Level 15.

Laphicet learned Rainbow Mist.

Laphicet learned Geostigma.

Laphicet learned Triflare.

Eizen has joined the Party.

Eizen is now Level 15.

Eizen learned Flash Step.

Eizen learned Eleventh Hour.

Eizen learned Stone Lance.

Eizen learned Perfect Mayhem.

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