Tales of Berseria – Part 2 – The Tail of Dyle

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Velvet, is semi-replaced with an original character. Nothing has changed beyond this.

We arrived at the Sailor’s guild after venturing into town. However, Rokurou saw a weapon shop and went to have a look at their stock. Magilou made a comment about boys being unable to be seperated by their toys. I couldn’t disagree on the matter. We would have to look into the guild ourselves.

Talking to them proved to be fruitless. Due to our misfortune, the guild was closed down by the Abbey due to a recent incident concerning the smuggling of Flamestone. I suspect it was the same kind we found when entering the warehouse. A local praetor was investigating the matter, Teresa. Fortunately, she was unable to tell that Magilou and I weren’t human. The malak child that we encountered before was with her. She questioned the guild and they tell her that the culprit, a lizard daemon named Dyle, fled from Hellawe. We came to the simple conclusion that if we take care of him, the problem would be solved sooner.

We went to pick up Rokurou at the weapon shop. He apparently found a good blade and the shopkeep gave him some weapons for free. I told him about the situation. Naturally, because he thinks he owes me a debt, he went along with it. Magilou, on the other hand, decided to take her leave. She said something about finding the one who betrayed her, as well as not desiring to be devoured by me. As if I would find someone like her appetising in any way..

As we were setting out to leave town, Rokurou found a Yak and began to talk to me about how covetted and precious Yak’s hair is. I bluntly told him I didn’t care, but he kept going.. saying that his family treasures included a Yak-hair helmet, as well as the Stormhowl he’d been carrying on his back.. He didn’t seem taken aback by my remark on how they must’ve regarded him very poorly. Are all the Rangetsu this.. carefree..?

On our way to the next town, we found some Princessia flowers growing in the snow. It brought back horrible memories. A time when I saw Arthur talking to some exorcists infront of the gravestones in Aball. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but in retrospect, that was likely the start of his betrayal.. Betrayal… That’s what these flowers have come to mean to me now…

The next town was much less a town, and more a refugee camp. Only a few small houses. We barely took a few steps in before we encountered another praetor from the Abbey. She introduced herself as Eleanor, and she seemed to have been crying. It became quickly apparent that the Abbey wasn’t popular here. Nevertheless, she seemed sincere on helping people. Her innocence was almost cute.. After she left, we encountered a girl. She told us a lizard daemon had made camp in the cave of Hadlow Hollow to the north of town, but she wasn’t allowed to say anything out of threat of being eaten. She gave us some apples in return for not saying anything. It had been a while since we’d eaten, but I bit into the apple to find I couldn’t taste anything.

Leaving town get to the cave, we run into an elderly man, the grandfather of the child we had spoken to. I thought he may have mistook our talk with her as being threatening, but he simply gave us a recipe and ingredients to allow us to cook. I found it slightly annoying, but at least I didn’t have to worry about taste. Rokurou questioned me about what I’d been eating all this time. He caught on quickly when I mentioned being stuck in that prison, as well as being able to taste blood.

He mentioned using alchohol he’d gotten from a shop in town to swell the wood in his blades for better grip… Is he serious?

It was a short trip to Hadlow Hollow. The cave was swarming with all manner of vermin. Bats, giant centipedes and octopae. It was a good chance to get some training in. A boulder blocked our path, but even so, for daemons, it was an obstacle easily removed. Furthermore, there were rivers of tar, using rocks as stepping stones, they were easy to cross. However, we ran into a back wearing a strange mask. It proved incredibly tough to fight. It was soon apparent that I couldn’t afford to hold back using my arm. The victory was hard earned, but it was a valuable lesson.

As we headed deeper, Rokurou and I got into a conversation about our daemon natures. He tells me he’s a Yaksha, a war daemon of war. I told him I’m a therion, and all I know about it is it’s a daemon that absorbs the power of anything it devours. He likens me to a Hag as a result.. I didn’t appreciate it…

He soon asks about my ability to smell in relation to my inability to taste. If anything it had gotten keener since I became a daemon. He’s… oddly passionate about alchohol. Moreso than anyone I’ve ever known. However, he tells me that since his transformation, he becomes drunk very easily. Just as well. I never saw the appeal of the stuff.

Once we reached the back of the cave, we found the body of an exorcist floating in the tar. Our quarry, Dyle, wasn’t far behind. He tried to push us in like he did the exorcist. He proved resiliant, but still no match for us. He cursed his former friends at the guild, telling us they were all in on the smuggling operation and they set him up to take the fall. He was burning with the desire for revenge. I decided to leave him his life and slice off his tail. After all, they need only believe he’s dead to get to work.

Of course, it turned out not to be that simple. Even as we returned with out prize, they told us they were still unable to do anything until they got permission from Teresa. I decided to use the tidbit of information Dyle gave me as leverage to make them more.. cooperative.

Rokurou took the time to tell me about using the weapon shoop for weapon enhancement. Truth be told, it sounds like a pain, but I’ll do anything to get stronger. Besides, the benefits sounded quite useful.

Upon leaving town, Rokurou asks me why the daemons I kill turn back into humans. I’d just assumed it was normal, but apparently it never happens to him. Still, even if they do return to human form, they’re dead. It’s no use pondering such things… But still… In any case, he also wondered if we could get a free crew that would work despite the restrictions.

Of course, our bad luck still seems to be making rounds. The guild leader told us it was impossible to repair our ship. We’d have to get a new one. Furthermore, I suddenly had this feeling of impending danger. My prediction was confirmed when we met with the guild again outrside of town. The Abbey had captured a witch and they intended to hold her execution. Neither Rokurou nor I held any doubt that it was Magilou. Apparently, this was Teresa’s specialty. Using executions of criminals to draw out their allies. I decide that it was time to revisit Dyle.

Rokurou showed concern for my apparent lack of hesitation in abandondoningt Magilou and using Dyle. I assured him I had no such intentions. Magilou’s clever. She could take care of herself. There was little doubt she told the Abbey about our activities up to this point, therefor, if we were going to rescue her, we were going to need a wild card. Such as a daemon they think should be dead.

We met with Dyle, and I offered to help with his raid. The plan is simple. Rokurou and I attack the front gate and force the Abbey to focus on us. Meanwhile, Dyle will use the tunnel below the warehouse to sneak in and free Magilou, then we all steal a ship and make our escape. He found the plan amusing. He was all for it.

That night, I had a dream. A dream about Laphicet.. No.. it was more of a nightmare.. He tells me that Arthur asked him to meet him at the shrine of tranquility.. I realise this is will lead him to die. But as I try to stop him from going, I’m bound by fire, and left helpless. I call for him not to go, that Artorius will kill him.

Apparently, I was talking in my sleep, as Rokurou asked me who Artorius was. I could barely hold my fury as I gave him my answer.. The monster who killed my little brother.. A monster who deserves to die…

We meet with Dyle, and he asks my name. When I answer, he sharply tells me that if I lived, he’d gladly sail with me. Or if I died, he’d know what to put on my tombstone. Cute..

Rokurou wanted to know if it was likely we’d encounter the malak child during out assault. I told him it was likely. He has no quams about fighting him if need me. Likewise, if he gets in my way, I won’t hesitate to devour him, even if… Yes.. Even if he has his face…

Status Summery:

Khaos is now Level 11.

Khaos learned Mega Sonic Thrust.

Khaos learned Twin Whip.

Rokurou joined the Party.

Rokurou is now Level 11.

Rokurou learned Form 2: Imbue Earth.

Rokurou Learned Hurricane Thrust.

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