Tales of Bersaria – Part 1 – Scarlet Night. Chaos Night.

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Velvet, is semi-replaced as an original character. Nothing else has changed.

It began on a night where a the moon turned crimson and the sky was as red as blood. Our hometown was in flames and everyone was screaming as they were attacked by their fellow man, each of them stricken with a violent madness. A man runs with carrying my brother on his back, with myself following behind. However, I trip and he takes us to a nearby tree to hide.

He tells us to stay hidden, this man, my brother-in-law, Arthur, while he tells us he is going to return for our sister, Celica. We’re afraid and tell him not to go. He promises to return, then leaves. However, I disregard his words and leave the tree.

Soon, a man comes up to us out of the bushes, the madness consuming him as he turns into a monsters, a werewolf. Afraid for our lives, we start running. Eventually, we make it to the cape where Arthur is waiting. I call out to him. We’re finally safe, but… I can see.. his sword is stained with blood.

This is the constant nightmare that has plagued me to this day, while I lay in this cell. The gate above me opens once more and another beast drops in. It attacks me, but I unleash my arm, it transforming into a monstrous shape of its own. I easily strike him down, grab him, and feed on him. This is the place the world has become. A world of madness where man and monster are possessed by violent, evil spirits. Even, I am consumed by the bloodlust.. a burning desire… for revenge..

My name is Aeon Crowe, but now I am better known as Khaos. As I devour the worthless beast infront of me, my memories drift back to a simpler time. A time when I was just simply Aeon, living with my brother-in-law and my little brother, Laphicet. In those days, to me, he was just Laphi.

He gets irritable with me as I geat him. He hates being called by his nickname. I only laugh it off as I check him. He’s been sick for a while, and his fever was still high. He dislikes having to stay in bed again. It can’t be helped.

Arthur returns home shortly after, but he informs me that due to circumstances, he was unable to pay for medicine. I offer to earn it myself by hunting prickleboar in the woods nearby. As I prepare to leave, I let Laphi know that I’ve prepared porridge for him.

I make my way into the Tranquil Woods from the main town of Aball where we live, talking to the villagers along the way. Many of them talk about the daemonblight, a strange disease that turns humans into monsters, and that it’s also starting to affect the wildlife. They also talk about the coming of a Scarlet Night, much like the one that took my sister.

The hunt itself is farely easy, so along the way, I couldn’t help but contemplate the domestication of the prickleboars to make selling their meet easier. My thoughts stray to what those domesticated boar would be called. Oinkleboar? Piggleboar? How absurd..

I make my way to the cape, where there lay ruins. The whole there had gotten bigger. The town refuses to put a fense around it despite my petitions. They tell me the place is forbidden land and a gateway to the underworld.

As I return, I’m ambushed by more prickleboar who seemed very upset with me. They must be angry at the ones I hunted. However, stepping down wasn’t an option for me. I defeat them quickly, but one starts to come back and attacks me. I’m only saved by Arthur, who happened to arrive there.

He scolds me for being sympathetic towards them, partly talking to Seres, a malak, a type of being that I can neither hear nor see. In his lectures, he warns me that there are daemons around the area and I should run if I ever see one. When I tell him I can fight, he asks me why birds fly, continuing by saying only exorcists can fight daemons. I spend time contemplating this as I return to town.

I run into my friend, Niko, as I head to the shop. She tries to talk me into buying a new comb, since my old one broke. In doing so, she tries to strike a deal with the shopkeep. He sadly tells me that because of trouble with the daemons, the medicine hasn’t arrived yet and it will probably be costly when it does. He believes Arthur is unable to protect us anymore. His comment makes me angry, but I stifle it as he gives me some Apple Gel as an apology.

As I leave to go home, Niko tells me she wants me to teach her how to make my special quiche for a guy she likes. She’s determined to date him, even if her parents disagree.

As I reach home, I visit the graves of my sister and her unborn child, who died on that night. I’d forgotten to bring Princessia flowers, the type of flowers she liked.

I enter to find Laphi out of bed. I scold him for not staying when he has a fever. On the table lay a picture he was drawing of a compass. As he explains it, I question its use, but he insists it would be the way of the future as I take him to bed. He’s an intelligent child, and not only that, according to Seres, he has potential to be an exorcist. Because of this, he wants to be as strong as Arthur. I believe he can achieve this… as long as he behaves and takes his medicine like he’s supposed to.

As I start preparing dinner, he asks that I leave the spinach out. I agree to it for now, but the conversation quickly turns to love, as my conversation with Niko was still on my mind. I asked Laphi to let me know if he ever gets a girlfriend. He starts to choke, causing me to panic a bit, but he assures me it’s just that I said something wierd.

As I prepare dinner, I start talking with Laphi. The conversation quickly goes from bargaining the inclusion of spinnage to matters of love. I panic when Laphi chokes, but he was just embarrassed by where it went.

The next morning, I wake up to find Laphi gone. In a panic, a search for him around town, asking anyone if they’d seen him. The shopkeep denies it, but I end up discovering a book he’d copied. They made a trade, but he doesn’t know where he went after. I shortly meet with Niko, and she tells me she saw him head to the forest.

I didn’t have to travel far into the woods to find him. He was sitting on the grass like he was tired. When I scold him for suddenly leaving like that, he told me he came to pick flowers at the came for for the graves. I decide to take him there and our conversation along the way turned mainly to memories. The meaning of the Princessia flower, the first time we saw them there, oddly enough, the reason for the name of a reciple Celical had for apples called Apple Boos. It’s strange how we both ended up calling them ‘boo boos’..

We reach the cape before too long and decide to relax there for a while. Since it was on my mind, I talk with Laphi about why he thought birds flew. He gave a similar answer to mine, but before we could get anymore into it, we were attacked by a werewolf.

I told Laphi to run while I held him off. I know what Arthur told me, but I had to protect my little brother. I fought it as hard as I could, butmy blade couldn’t do anything to it.

It easily overpowers me and tosses me to the side. Laphi tries to distract it to protect me, but he’s knocked aside too. It’s then I notice a comb in his hand. He traded that book earlier just to get me a new comb. Instinctively, I shield him as the beast closes in to take us out, but we’re quickly saved by Arthur. I pass out soon after, waking up at home to see Laphi safe and sound. He gives me the comb and we embrace as he swears to me that he will save the world.

That night, a wake up to a red moon. The Scarlet Night had returned, and Laphi was missing once again. As I exit the house to search for him, I see werewolves all over the town. This time, I heed Arthur’s warning and I run from them while searching for Laphi, all the while, passing corpses of villagers.

They didn’t just infest the village either. Even the forest was overrun by them. I find Laphi and Arthur at the ruins at the cape. I thought we were safe but… before my eyes, Laphi starts to levitate before the moon. As I try to help, I fall, feeling my limbs catch on fire. Before I knew it, Laphi is suddenly impaled by two blades of light. He falls into the hole in the ruins and I quickly move to jump after him. I grab his hand desperately and hold on tight. Above me, Arthur scolds me before severing my arm and causes us to fall.

The fall seems to take forever, but all I can see is my brother’s lifeless body as it’s devoured by a golden dragon. It soon overtakes me as well, but all I can feel is rage. Next thing I know, I’m thrown out of the hole with a transformed arm. I lift myself up, focusing my rage on Arthur. A werewolf attacks me from behind, but I grab it out of the air like it’s nothing and use my arm to devour it.

More show up. As far as I’m concerned, they’re in my way. They were meaningless nothings. All I wanted to do was kill kill kill KILL! Kill him! Kill them! Kill them all! I barely even remember Arthur calling me a ‘therion’, a ‘daemon that eats daemons’. I didn’t care! All I wanted to do was kill!

As I finish them all, I find myself soon looking at the villagers. The town had become infected with the daemonblight. Niko is included amoung the corpses. My fury boils over and I attack Arthur directly, only to be deflected by Seres. Other malakhim decend around them as she becomes visible to me, but I start to lose consciousness.

That’s how I came to be in this prison. For the past three years, I lay in this cell, feeding on daemons thrown to me. I devour them until there’s nothing left, because I can’t die.. I won’t die.. before I kill him..

Tonight, however, I find myself with new company. Seres enters my cell, and I waste no time attacking her. I demand she tell me where Arthur is. She responds by saying I must prove if I’m worth teaching. However, during our fight, I can tell she’s holding back. She tells me she’s no longer Arthur’s malak.

According to her, the ritual Arthur performed three years ago changed the course of the world. For this purpose, she seems to have chosen me. She breaks the seal on my cell and tells me to escape.

We head to the storage room first to procure some equipment. The guard was already knocked out. In the nearby chest, we find some rope and a sword. Seres recognises it, referring to it as Stormhowl. She’s surprised when I decide to leave it. It may be a decorated blade, but I’m used to my faster armblade. A sword like that is useless to me. She’s further surprised when she learns I already known Titania is an island prison and that she procured to boat to get us out. I learned a lot from daemons begging to live.

On the way out, we find an ethereal ball. Seres tells me it’s a collection of mana, like a family of malakhin, a side effect of the Advent three years ago. She tells me if I collect enough, I may be able to solicit help from a malak family.

Further down, we overhear guards talking. They mention a path at the watchtower. However, they know intruders are here. I decide to cause a distraction using the prisoners. I manage to incite many. They all had reasons for wanting to get out. Some were still reluctant. Either way, as soon as the seals on their cells were broken, a riot began.

Upon leaving the cells, a woman claiming to be a witch snuck up on me. She calls herself Magilou…. though it was much longer than that.. I’ll just keep it short. Seres confirms that, despite her claims, she’s not tethered to a malak. Still, her sneaking up on me… It’s likely she’s a daemon.

Later, we encounter another daemon. A man with a glowing red eye. We get into a fight, but he stops when the knives he was using get chipped. He mentions reclaiming Stormhowl, the sword I had found before. At my bewilderment, he asks me about it and thanks me when I answer, leaving to head for the storage room. He was an odd one as well.

As we reach the tower, we encounter three exorcists, but we’re quick to take them down. Seres tells me the prisoners are doomed and our time grows short. To make matters worse, the path at the watchtower is out, probably collapsed during the riot. Without a second thought, I unleash my arm and jump down, breaking my fall as best as possible. However, I still end up dislocating my shoulder. Seres heals me, comparing my commitment to the oath of a malak. When I tell her she made me this way, she responds by saying that’s why she chose me.

As we run to the front, we’re met by an exorcist praetor named Oscar. He seemed rather reasonable, but we was unwilling to let us go. We fought, but one of his malaks unexpectedly caught the daemonblight and transformed into a dragon. He’s knocked aside, and I fight it off, but I can’t compete with it. Seres, however, takes the fatal blow that was meant for me, then begs me to devour her.

She hands me the come that Laphi had given me before, and I decide to grant her wish. I devour her and her power, fully unleashing my arm. As she becomes merely a ring bonded to me, I see things through her eyes. What it was like for her that day. What she saw. What she felt. I’m overcome with rage once more. With her power in hand, I crush the dragon.

Oscar tried to stop me with a blast from his remaining malak, but I quickly regain my footing, take the dragon below me, and begin to devour it. I give him my name, as it becomes the last part of my previous life remaining. I am Aeon Crowe. I am a therion. I am Khaos. I am a monster.

Using the dragon’s fire, I wounded him, forcing him and the malak to retreat. It’s oddly then that I meet with Magilou and that daemon again. He introduces himself as Rokurou and tells me he wishes to join me until she repays me for helping him reclaim his sword…. Magilou seems to join because there are no better options.

It’s needless to say that escaping in a storm with no accomplished sailors and only a compass was not the best choice, even if the only one. We become shipwrecked and I wake up to find a child healing me. He looked like Laphi, but he was a malak. He gets scared as I get up, tasking the compass with him, but he’s attacked by lower daemons.I jump in to protect him, but he runs off.

The others recover by the time I finish, Rokurou saying he would’ve joined in if he had a weapon… despite having one already on him. He suggests we go to the nearby town of Hallewe. Along the way, they end up talking about various things, eventually turning to why they were imprisoned. They seemed to have been in Titania for three years like myself, Rokurou saying it was due to a debt. Magilou seemed to want to boast about the ‘horrible story of betrayal’ that lead her to being imprisoned… I ignore her…

We soon run into a creasure known as a Katz, as Magilou put it, a sort of malakhim. Apparently the souls I had found on thus far belong to his kind and after a strange party, they became scattered and most of his kind got trapped in chests… How does that even work… In any case, he asks us to help find them all… I can’t believe I’m doing this now…

We reach the town to find it guarded by exorcists, however, the malak child from before shows up to give back our compass. He claims he didn’t mean to take it and ran off to an alternate path. We follow him into a cave that leads to a ladder and soon find ourselves in a storehouse upon climbing it. The child is gone, so Rokurou suggests talking to a local guild.

As we take to the streets, I overhear a couple of kids talking. They wish to become exorcists praising how hard they work to ‘protect the world’. I feel anger and frustration, that such people like Arthur can be considered heroes.. But.. then again… to them… they are..

Status Summery:

Khaos is now Level 7.

Khaos learned Swallow Dance.

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