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Today’s game is a bit of an interesting one because.. it’s of a franchise that I haven’t played in well over a decade. Sonic the Hedgehog. I got into video games sometime after the video game crash, my first console …

Sonic Forces – A Step in the Right Direction Read More »

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This review has taken much longer to get out than I intended because I immediately moved into Portable 2 afterwards… and then kinda fell out into OTHER journal projects because I got so BORED trying to grind… Phantasy Star Portable …

Review: Phantasy Star Portable – A Hit And Miss Read More »

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A long time ago, I had a particular gaming magazine. I don’t remember if it was recent or old, but probably the latter. Within this magazine was an ad for a game named Valkyrie Profile. I was instantly interested. The …

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – Return of a Classic Read More »

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