Disclaimer: For this journal, the set main character is replaced with an OC of mine. Other than that, nothing else has changed.

A student who knows the fiend Lezard. Prideful and arrogant. She finds the one left behind. She meets with the rogue. A proclamation is met with a sense of danger.

I ended up returning to the town of Flenceburg. This was the last place I wanted to return to after the incident with Lezard. Yet there I was..

The new soul was Mystina, the student from the magic academy that was absent from Lorenta’s birthday party. When another student asked what she was doing, she made an ill concieved, and inappropriate joke. He then told her about Lorenta’s passing. She didn’t even crack at the news.

Once she returns to her room, however, her demeanor changes in a negative light. She proclaims she’s relieved and starts getting excited. It was unbefitting of someone to act towards the death of someone they knew. She then entered a machine in the back.

Her spirit moved to the tower. She seemed rather adament to take me where I didn’t want to go.. She began to explore the tower, the monsters within seemingly unaware of her presence. She examined every nook and cranny she could find. She was amazed at the runes all over the walls, some of them lost to Midgard.

She then found the homonculus. The one I had spared in my earlier rampage. Her immediate thought was that Lezard was a pedophile and a pervert. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised… She decides to take it with her for research purposes. She mentioned autopsy experiments..

Lezard came to her later as an uninvited guest. She asked him how he got so strong. She didn’t get an answer before she asked if he was the one who had killed Lorenta. He answered by telling her he had found the Philosopher’s Stone, but describes it as less a stone as it was a complex codex. He got down to business right after. He knew she took his homonculus and he wanted it back. However, he was willing to compensate her for its return. She said she wanted information on the Bifrost, that she wantd to stand obtop of Yggdrasil and recieve knowledge and wisdom as Lord Odin did.

It’s a short time after until she took him into the back room to show his homonculus to be unharmed. She began to compliment its workmanship. He was getting angry about it, though.

Lezard divulges the information to her.

Yggdrasil and the Bifrost lie in the forest of the elves.

Gods are souls inhabiting elvish bodies and because of this, they can’t grow. Except for Odin, who is a half-elf. This allowed him to ascend the throne.

He told her he believed the souls of Gods are similar to human souls. That it a human soul was to enter the homonculus made of an elf, they would become a God themselves.

After he departed, Mystina re-entered her machine to walk around town. She apparently has a condition that prevents her from physically going too far from the academy grounds. However, Lizard did not truly leave. He returned and betrayed her. He freezes her in her chamber, killing her in the process.

This is his folly, however, as she has now come before me. I ask her to join my Einherjar. Her initial laughter becomes pure consideration and agreement when I tell her she might be able to research Yggdrasil and the Bifrost while she’s with us.

Mystina hasn’t any of the true character qualities needed to be Einherjar, at least not initually. Though, I can’t complain about her magical prowess. I seem to be picking up the strange ones.

Lucien questions his if something is wrong with him. A fire rages throughout the town. Children cry out in pain and call for help. Clare begs him not to leave her alone.

The coming of that Spirit Concentration shook my core. I hurried over to Gerabellum.

Lucien sat on the roadside, deep in thought. The local children came up to him and asked him if he was alright. He told them he was, but he, himself, isn’t so sure. Is he thinking about me…?

He entered a building nearby afterward to meet with Claire and two others of their crew, Barren and Rusty. They had made good money from their thievery in order to support the town.

The next day, they met like usual, but Barren and Rusty hadn’t arrived yet. When someone had come in, it was a townsperson warning them to leave.  Their friend, Barren, had accidentally pickpocketed a noble and was caught. They tortured him to death afterwards.

As a result, the nobles had declared all out war against the thieves. This, however, was just an excuse. The army they had gathered were killing left and right without any sort of proof. Their intention was to murder everyone in the slums. Lucien told Claire that they should leave through the back door. When she asked about the children, he told her he’d protect them and that she should go on ahead. Such a noble soul..

She tells him she’d go with him, but he refuses. He tells her it’s dangerous to be together. He proposes they meet in the woods.

They found the town in ruins after the attack run its course. There were many dead. Claire was in despair and fear for her life. Lucien tried to be strong, but is struck by an arrow. He tries to fight, but eventually his wounds became fatal. Next thing I knew, he lay in Claire’s arms. While she cries, he begs her to live on he dies. I was crying too..

Up above, I was overcome with sorrow. Around me were the souls of children, crying out their pains and calling for help. They were victims of the cruelty of the nobles of Gerabellum. This tragedy should not have occured.

When I meet him, I choose him without question. I want him as my Einherjar. He tells me, however, that he did not wish to abandon Claire. I can’t describe how this makes me feel. On the one hand, I am relieved to hear it, but on the other, I feel sick.

Was this what she felt that time?

I grant his wish for her safety regardless. She manages to exit the town, and grieve for the man she loved safely.He still seems to recognise me.

Did he realise I was Meril?

I don’t know exactly why I didn’t hesitate to choose him. I didn’t even think about whether or not he had the qualities. He just seemed to have been the obvious choice. I wanted him with me.

Undead activity had sprung up in the Arkdain Ruins. With Lucien at my side, I went there as quickly as I could.

The undead that inhabited the place were strong. It took a while for us to catch up, but we did it by picking our battles wisely. It helped that I has switched to using a boy to make life hard for the Necromancers by silencing them. Other than the one room, that closed entered and had to fight all the undead within, and a hard to reach ledge that I got to by utilizing crystal shots, there wasn’t anything too special about it.

As we reached the end, I met with three servants of Hel, who were guarding my supposed sister. I told them to leave, but they refused. It turned into a fight. The three were strong, but we managed to win out through endurance. I will only entrust my sister to Brahms.

A familiar face is ambushed. The bandit declares his misfortune. An old woman talks about a rare cactus blooming in the night. The bandit has an idea.

I arrived in Villnore next. The bandit from the incident with Arngrim and Jelanda was running in the streets, afraid for his life. He claimed that it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for him. He heard a noise and pulled out his crossbow. He is spoken to by an unsavoury character, who strikes him from above. The day started so simply.

An old woman calls him from outside the house about going to work. The man named Badrach answers in a crude manner. He considers her annoying. She considers him lazy. He comes out to take a breath of fresh air. Their conversation soon turns to a flower. She tells him it’s a special variety of cactus that blooms for only a few hours for one night each month. He is snarky about this. She tells him that during the time it blooms, it can grant wishes, and she would wish for the war to end. He thinks she’s a fool for thinking such and returns to his bed.

He went to the thieve’s guild earlier for work, but couldn’t get any.

As the night dragged on for him, he was limping home. He tried to pull himself along, but it was getting hard. When he finally reached the building, he collapses against the wall. He is going to die..

I appear before him and he gets excited. He thinks my coming means he has been chosen to become Einherjar. He is mistaken. Lord Odin had not called for his soul. It was Hel. She wishes to torment him for his crimes. He has no way of escaping that. He begs me, however, to let him defend himself. To find some redeeming quality that would give him a second change. His defense left something to be desired…

He robbed and murdered an old man. Violent Mugging.

He fenced stolen property. Theft for Greed.

Assisted in a kidnapping. Abduction.

He spied on his own country. Treachery.

He sold women into slavery. Human Trafficking.

He was making me sick with how pathetic he was.

Even he realises how bad it looks. He’s desperate to think of something as the cactus had become to bloom. Something comes to mind.

He tells me of a time when he was working for slave traders to escort slaves. A seven year old girl who was sold for food takes a liking to him. He is clear to mention how distasteful it was that she had to be sold so her family could eat.

The slavers try to cheat him for half the agreed. He takes the girl and flees to make them upset. He forgoes payment entirely.

He takes to to Camille Village, to the abandoned church. He tells her its his home and leaves her there. In the safety of a village that would care for her.

Perhaps even a man as low as him can find redemption.

As I left with my new Einherjar, the old woman discovers Badrach’s body. She doesn’t say a word. Perhaps she bore witness to this secret trial.

It’s clear Badrach isn’t suited to be Einherjar, but I made my judgement on his willingness to change and potential for kindness. As much as he was using harsh words during his story, it seemed to mean more to him than he lets on. Perhaps Lord Odin could let this one slide.

We went to the Cave of Oblivion, but found nothing. It appeared to be an old cave.

We revisited Mystina’s room in Flenceburg after and she found a wand precious to her, the Infinity Wand. Another memento. I’m spoiling them now, aren’t I?

I couldn’t find a swordsman who could swim, but I felt Yumei would most saficiently fill the role. She was a mermaid, after all. Afterward, the Nebelungen Ring started feeling heavy again after all the training we had done in our spare time. I removed it and rested.

Freya once again came to visit for her report. We were backing our enemies into a corner.

Lawfer had become a 10th Rank god after stopping the magic experiments of the Vanir at Fort Distron. Thor praises his efforts, but cautions him about his abilities. He’ll be fine.

Belenus had also achieved 10th Rank, having reversed a Vanir surprise attack. He also had a bonding moment with Eir while she healed him. He kept saying Asaka’s name. It’s good he could talk to someone.

Llewelyn had achieved 14th Rank after slaying a Dragon Worm that had been placed in Lambert Lake. However, they had also put him on trivial duties which he did dillegently. Are they picking on him even after being the one to kill the Dragon Worm…?

Kashell achieved 11th Rank after achieving victory in a desperate Vanir trap and earned favour of Thor. He, however, got into a deadly situation where he was hanging by a brang, but managed to climb out of it. Be more careful next time..

Yumei achieved 15th Rank for defeating the Vanir in the Junibe Sea. She also had captured a fleeing soldier, and was able to get through the forest to accomplish a special mission. I knew i could put my faith in her.

Freya wants a warrior and a sorcerer of considerable value next. I have plenty I can send but clearly the best would be…

I… don’t want to be apart from him…

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 26.

Lucian is now Level 22.

Janus is now Level 17.

Yumei is now Level 11.

Mystina is now Level 16.

Lorenta is now Level 13.

Nanami is now Level 23.

Arngrim is now Level 23.

Jelanda is now Level 11.

Mystina has become Einherjar.

Lucien is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Star Guard. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Holy Wand “Adventia”. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Robe of Bryttain. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Infinity Rod.

Yumei is now in Asgard.

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Disclaimer: The main character, Lenneth, has been replaced with an OC of mine for this journal. However, other than that, nothing else has changed.

A cry of shock rings out in disbelief. One ally betrays another. An admission of guilt by the betrayer Grey. A promise to meet again.

After sending Kashell to Asgard, the next soul lay for me in Villnore.

In a dungeon cell hung a woman in green armour, Aelia. She is chained. If my Spirit Concentration was to be believed, she is here due to betrayal. I materialised in the cell and walked towards her. She scorned me, expecting me to be her interrogators. She’s puzzled as she sees my face. She asked who I was.

I gave my answer clear and without hesitation. I am a Valkyrie, Chooser of the Slain. She scoffed at me, intentially this time, saying that she will not die. She ordered me to leave. I decided to respect her wish… to a minimal capacity. I was still there, but only in a way that I would not interfere.

It didn’t take too long for knights to come in, accompanied by a wizard named Gandar. They started their tortures, but none of it worked. Not even Gandar’s subjigation spell was working. Gandar pointed out that those with Dragon’s blood can resist magic, but this extent was rare. He was torturing her to lay claim on an item that grants great power, the Dragon Gem. Aelia denies its existance.

But she does have it. I thought as I looked upon her display of strength, both physical and mental.

However, even the strong have their limits…

The torture went on for too long. Days, maybe weeks or months. It mattered not. She refused to eat the whole time. Finally, Gandar lost his temper, and accidentally killed her with one of his spells.

I meet once more with her soul. She asks me why we Gods need mortals to fight out battles. I simply answer her that she meets the requirements to make a fine Einherjar. She isn’t exactly pleased with the answer, but she questions no further. Perhaps it’s best she sees for herself.

I locate activity in Black Dream Tower. I make a note to take care of it when I have time. I have much to do.

A man faces a terrifying beast. The darkness of one’s soul is revealed. A girl cries for her brother’s sake. A monster declares its overbearing immortality.

I am brought back to Hai-Lan. A girl stood infront of the shrine in prayer. She is met by the priest once she’s finished. She told him he was praying for his brother’s safe return. He had gone on a quest to cure her of her recent blindness.

In town, a couple of villagers talk to a samurai. An ogre had been spotted around the area. The samurai vows to defeat it. However, he meets the beast, but is beaten easily. It taunts him for his weakness and claims his eyes as a reward.

Earlier that day, the priest had seen the girl, Ai’s brother, mentioning he looked like her. She comfirmed to him that they were indeed twins. He had given the priest an amulet to give to her sister. She is puzzled why he did not give it to her himself. For that answer…

I met with the ogre in the cave. Just like the samurai before me, he taunts me as to what my soul would project in these caves. Clearly, he misunderstood my nature. I am a god, therefor, I do not have a soul. I say as much to him before I cleave him down with my sword. Devistated by the wound, the ogre shrinks, revealing the brother, Jun.

Jun comes to slay the ogre. The beast taunts him about what his quest is for, offering to give him what he desires, the Soul Stone, in exchange for his life. A life for a life. That was the beasts bargain. Jun refuses and strikes the beast down. The ogre taunts him some more about his taste for blood. Jun is then possessed by the beast, becoming the new ogre of the cave. This was his immortality.

Indeed, the cave is a dark mirror for whoever travels into it. Jun was no differet. As they are twins, they can’t help but affect one another. The reason for his sister’s blindness was because his own soul had been warped and clouded.

He gained clarity as I told him such. He joined my Einherjar as a path to redemption.

Ai began to regain her sight after being given the amulet, due to her brother’s newfound clarity. However, she felt sorrow well up in her heart, knowing he is no longer amoung the living. The amulet was a farewell gift after all.

I sensed more activity in the far off Cave of Thackus. As before, I made a note to investigate later. The same with the Cave of Oblivion.

A plea for reaso. A man named Lizard declares his precieved superiority to the world around him. A man cries in pain. Suffering unyielding befalls

The latest soul is revealed to me in Flenceberg.

The man named Lizard runs from persuit from elves with his minion Bellion. They kidnapped an elven woman. The elves sought blood for this. He tells his minion to go on ahead and summons monsters to hold the elves off as he escapes.

The elf woman is holed up in a cell. Bellion comes to guard her. She uses a charm to take control of him and release her. However, Bellion goes inside and grabs her, attempting to kill. He is killed by Lezard before he can do so. He reveals Bellion to be a Homunculus, which is why he went mad. He throws insults at her, saying that they’d be suited for each other if her intention was to lay with him. He speaks to her like she’s garbage.

He reveals to her he knows the truth about the elves. The Vessels of the Gods. He learned this from possessing the Philosoper’s Stone. He wishes to use the elf to create a vessel and achieve his desires.

At a reknown magic academy, several students had gathered to celebrate the birthday of their headmistress, Lorenta. Lorenta expressed her thanks to her students before asking where a student named Mystina is. The student she was talking to merely replies with a sigh.

As Lorenta walked home, she thinks about how late it is, that her husband must already be asleep. As she reached her destination, she is quickly distracted by a cat. It was a familiar of Lezard, informing her that he had kidnapped her husband and was waiting for her at his tower.

She met with her brilliant, yet wayward ex-student. She told him to leave her husband out of it if it was about revenge for her expelling him. He laughed at her plea, however. This was not revenge for him. They were merely test subjects in his experiment. He told her he considered using a younger couple, but old couples like them ‘have no future’ and ‘have years of love behind them’. He decended into his tower.

Lorenta held her husband, but he started to change. Lezard had given him a potion to drink. He had begun to transform into a monster. He pleaded for her to kill him, but she refused to do it. I could hear Lezard calling me as the elderly man transforms and grabs Lorenta, crushing her in his grip. I was a second to late in slaying him. As an apology, I claimed her soul as my new Einherjar. I took the war to Lezard. He would have my wrath for his sins.

His tower was full of powerful monsters that we had been rather ill-prepared to face. We took what we could from the picked battles and ran from others that proved too dangerous. The tower’s structure had also proven inconvenient.

We made to a series of rooms carved with magic symbols, mostly taking out manticores and smaller, easier to handle monsters. We had to tactically retreat from the Zombie Dragons, as we had run out of the equivalent items to help and Lorenta was ill-equiped to help with her Holy Magic. Nevertheless, we eventually found two switches and activated them, which had brought to life teleporters. One lead to Lezard himself.

As I met with him, he speaks. He is obsessed with me, clearly. Or rather, he’s obsessed with gods who live amoung the souls of Midgard such as the Valkyries. He kidnapped the elves to make them into bodies for me, wanting to possess me like I’m little more than one of his beasts. He killed Lorenta and her husband in order to lure me to him. His every word was building my rage. He needed to be punished.

Like the sorcerer he was, he hid behind two large homonculi demons with big swords. He planned to pelt us with magic while we tried beating down what was essentially a steel wall. Unfortunately for him, including myself, we had three in the combat party that could attack him. Between Namai, Janus and myself, he was taken down before he could cast his first spell. That left us just to beat down his homonculi. It was rought, but we slowly achieved our victory.

He left me with words that gave me questions. He told me he believes I’m not a god. That I’m some puppet of Lord Odin. He left before I could question him further, leaving me to look through his morbid collection.

As I saw elf upon elf made into a copy of me, I soon became enraged. I began to destroy his laboratory. There was no thought process I was just seeing red. However, my blade stopped before a tank containing a small child. Something about it just made me halt. I was confused, angry, and even afraid. I quickly fled.

I landed up in Gerabellum. I faint soul was ringing out to me. A thief named Claire was looking for a mark worth while. She spotted me in doing so. A faint memory rang towards me.

She talks to a man about a woman he had known. She asks if she was beautiful. She’s clearly jealous. He tells her she was only 14, but if she were still alive now, she’d be beautful, with hair of blazing crimson.

I matched this description, it was clear. This enraged her. Without thinking, she took a rock an throws it at me. She regrets doing so, as I couldn’t have been that girl.

Her mother, Dolce, takes care of my wound. It doesn’t really bother me, but she asked I forgive her daughter.  A child then comes in, a young man following with the earings for the day. She introduced me to him as Meril, the fake name I had given him. He looked rather familiar for some reason.

He tried to apologise for Claire’s actions, but he’s shocked as he takes a closer look, like I looked familiar to him as well. I was already confused from what Lezard had told me. I made sure to take my leave as soon as I could.

As I leave, Lucien and Claire get into an argument over the situation. She’s clearly angry and lets out her heart. She couldn’t stand ‘sharing him with a dead woman’. She admits her feelings in anger and he contemplates.

I had to get away. I decide on going where no one would ever go. I arrived at the Weeping Lilly Meadow. I don’t know why I chose there specifically. I just did. I find ghosts wandering the place and it filled me with rage. I attacked them and drove them away. I quickly noticed what they were attracted to. A grave marker. Why is this here… Wait… Wasn’t this…?

I needed normalcy again.. Something… Anything.. Without thinking, I just charged right into Brahm’s Castle right up to his throne room and unsheathed my blade, challenging him then and there. However, Brahm’s, the Lord of the Undead, just sat stalwart on his throne. He asked if I do not remember him or my sister. Sure enough, above us, encased in crystal, was another Valkyrie, with blond hair. He said the same thing as Lezard, that Lord Odin is manipulating me. He begged that I not fight.

I was quick to realise my folly. I put away my sword. He was as strong as Lord Odin. He didn’t take my moment of weakness. He just left. He clearly had no intention of fighting. What does everyone know that I don’t!?

I decided to just carry on as normal for now. It was time to investigate those places I had sensed before, starting with the Black Dream Tower.

While the monsters were strong, they were nothing compared to those in Lezard’s tower. However, the difference here is people had been murdered and used as foundation for the structure. Murder and desicration. As we reached the tower, we encountered a fanatic who believed this evil was the will of Lord Odin. He even claimed the woman behind him was a messanger. He was a fool. I saw clearly that it was a demon.

It took control of him and forced us to fight. However, using the same formation we did with Lezard, it was the same battle. He was dead before he could cast a spell, and it was a matter of time before we took the demon down. The souls trapped in the tower were avenged.

The Cave of Thackus was next. Deep in the cave, past all the sea monsters, we found the spirit of a sorcerer waiting at his corpse. He begged us to close the sluice gate before the water became polluted with the evil hiding within. We took his mission and went deeper. I activated a power sourch and flipped a switch to stop the rush of water to allow us to the gate.

The gate’s seal was weakening. It needed to be renewed. I broke it to activate a new one, but a Kraken jumped out with a few large craps. Taking down the craps was time consuming, but not terrible. As for the Kraken, it took time to whittle him down and keep our active party alive while doing so. Once it was dead, the seal was renewed. We reported to the sorcerer so he could rest in peace.

There was no time to go to the Cave of Oblivion after that. I was tired. The ring on my finger wore heavy. I removed it so I could rest.

It was time for Freya’s report now. We continued to dominate the war. Nothing else could be said about that.

Lawfer was now an 11th Rank god. He was vital in obtaining magic tools in the Morgran Caves. He also fought well with Ull while on Patrol.

Belenus continued to recieve praise from Thor as he obtained the level of 10th Rank god. He lead a successful attack on Fort Gerudo. However, Tyr is concerned he may not be fit for this war. Why is he so judgemental of my Einherjar?

Llewelyn had once again impressed Vidar by becoming a 15th Rank god. He successfully repelled an attack on the new for that was constructed. However, he disappointed his superiors because he was unable to lead an attack by the ocean since he couldn’t swin. Don’t judge him because he has such a minor flaw..

Kashell had been busy, achieving the level of 15th Rank god. He had successfully retrieved the Sylvian Bow from Alfheim with Loki and kept watch on an enemy unit while Hermod retreaved help. Though, Eir gave him a gentle reprimand for his recklessness, telling him he should value his life more. That, I can agree to.

Freya wants me to send her a nimble swordsman who can swim next time with a decent value as a hero. If it weren’t for the fact she needed a swordsman, Yumei would have been perfect. Where am I going to find a swordsman who can surely be able to swim?

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 19.

Nanami is now Level 16.

Janus is now Level 16.

Arngrim is now Level 17.

Yumei is now Level 10.

Jun is now Level 11.

Kashell is now in Asgard.

Aelia is now Einherjar.

Jun is now Einherjar.

Lorenta is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Bewitching Statue. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Fairy Bottle. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Bracelet of Zoe. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Coin of Fortune. Sent to Odin.


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Disclaimer: In this journal, the main character Lenneth Valkyrie has been replaced with an OC of mine. Other than that, nothing has been changed.

A woman, Cecilia, calls out to Kashell in warning. A rebellion of sorts starts. A cry for the children. A killing blow. A village is devistated…

I found myself heading to Camille village, where Kashell and Cecilia had just arrived. The found an entire village turned to stone, every newly made statue destroyed to end them perminantly. It had been worse than they had been told by a man named Ward. Could he have underestimated the situation, or was he leading them on? They felt it couldn’t have been beasts like a Basilisk who did this much damage. It had to be some sort of demon.

They headed past the ruined church to large, forbidden doors. It was bolted from the outside by a large, runic blade. A weapon made by gods.. or demons.. They removed the sword and puzzled over why it was there. The blade’s name was Grand Sting, a blade with the power to Ward evil. Even with the doors open, it could not escape.

Inside, they found a statue of a girl, fully intact. Kashell surmised the girl may have unleashed the imprisoned evil by accident while playing. Before they would administer the potion, Kashell suggested they leave first, as he didn’t want to hear the girl crying at the sight of the disaster. The creature responsible for the curse suddenly spoke up. It had wanted to wake the child up after a hundred years as a ‘reward’ for setting it free.

A monster then suddenly appeared and struck Kashell in the chest with its spear, sending him and the potion flying. Despite his wound, all that went on in his head was saving the potion. He hit the ground, but the potion doesn’t, as it landed firmly in my hands. My link with Kashell’s soul had been established.

“Is this vial of liquid so important to you that you would neglect your own life?” I ask as his soul stands before me, unseen by his comrade. He’s naturally a little flustered by the event, but ensures me that it is. It is the soul thing that he could do to save that little girl.

This, man, Kashell. He is well suited to be my Einherjar. Lawfer was a good influence on his character. Perhaps it was the other way around? Maybe, it’s both?

With his answer, I dropped the vial and it hits the floor by Kashell’s body. It hit the floor, but did not break. I did not allow it to break. Cecilia considered this a miracle. Perhaps, it was.

Later, Cecilia tries to encourage the girl not to cry. That she had to remain strong for Kashell’s sake. However, in doing so, she broke down and started crying herself. Tears flow and her words choke in her throat as she tries in vain to remain strong.

It’s better that she does cry. She would just be slowly killing herself if she held it in. The dead must properly be mourned in order for the living to go on.

A proud father praises his son as he declares his loyalty to his king. He breaks out quietly in defense while others around him accuse him of betrayal and cowardice. A dark secret lies in the shadows.

In Crell Monferaigne, my attentions are turned to Janus. He walked into a tavern, seeking rest after ten years in exhile. A warrior sitting at the table recognised him and greeted him in a friendly manner. However, his true poison is betrayed as he started calling this man a coward. He turned violent and struck Janus in the shoulder. He didn’t fight back. His thoughts, however, betrayed his feelings to me. I did not run away.

As he existed the tavern, holding his arm, he bumped into a child. The child apologised for doing so, as if it was his fault. Janus just responded by smiling at him and patting his head before leaving.

A man meets with an official to report that Janus has been spotted in now. The official responds in shock. Why would he come back after ten years? They believe he might be plotting revenge.

Meanwhile, Janus thought about how proud his father was of him when he was knighted.

That night, Janus walked down the road, where he spots a spy. He was hid very poorly, and Janus question him, only met with silence. He fired a bolt from his crossbow, causing the spy to flee. He dropped documents in his wake. Janus retrieved them and returned them to the office.

“The stolen document has been delivered.”

By order of the official, Janus is invited into the office, where he is quickly assassinated with an arrow. The official enters, and the man had stated they should have done this sooner. However, the official states they could not as the previous king protected him.

“Are you so naive as to not know your place?” I ask him as his soul stands before me. Janus responds with how he just wanted to make his father proud. However, in doing so, he’s become blindly loyal and spent ten years in exhile and shame undeserved. I remind him where his loyalties should lie now.

Being loyal has its limits. It makes you easy prey for the corrupt. Janus was no exception. It will be hard to forge him into a fine Einherjar. However, he is better suited for it than most.

I next found myself pulled to the heaquarters of the Gorhla Cult. It was simply a mass ruin now, but activity had suddenly sprung up. Searching the tower, however, we found it mostly empty. However, in the main hall, we found a cult leader with the corpses of adventurer’s surrounding him.

He greeted me, but I called him out on his true form. This was no man before me, but a vampire. He gave up on his farce quickly and revealed his true form. In an act of pure cowardess, he sent out Necromancers to raise the dead in this place. He knew just how to anger me.

As we were cleaning them out, the bell tolled. We made sure to take out every single necromancer and undead before heading to the Bell Tower, where the vampire awaited us. He remarked that I looked tired. He was a fool to think as such. His Necromancers fell like flies before my warriors and I.

He decided what would be a finishing blow for us was to guard himself with Will-o’-Wisps. They were tough, but we managed to take out two of them before they exploded on us. While the vampire himself hit rather hard, he had clearly underestimated our abilities and overestimated himself. He fell just as easily as the others. This cult would not be returning.

A girl and a boy talk. They speak of a wish granting stone. A lapis. A voice sinks into sorrow. A wish is loudly programed. A deep apology uttered.

I found myself drawn back to Hai-Lan. On the sea, a mermaid sat on a floating log, waiting for a ship. She wondered if she was making the right decision by doing this.

The ship coming towards her is a fishing vessel. On it are a boy, named Fuyuki, and his man. They are out catching fish, but are finding none. However, Fuyuki does spot something.

The mermaid cried out for help at the approaching vessel. She expresses concern that they do not answer, wondering it it’s a ghost ship. It wasn’t long until she was brought abord the ship, however, taking a human guise. The boy and his father are seeing to her wellbeing, asking how she got out onto the ocean. She responded with a lie that her ship sank and the she doesn’t know where anyone else aboard went. She gave her name as Yumei. Fuyuki stares at her, rather stunned. He’d obviously been entranced by her.

On the way to land, Yumei spoke with Fuyuki’s father. She mentioned a wish granting gemstone, the Cerulean Lapis. While he knew of the legend as any other fisherman, he told her that it was a fairy tale and nothing more. She was rather disheartened by the news.

The conversation changed quickly as the boat shakes. They informed her the Oouzu, a giant whirlpool was forming, so they were changing course to avoid it.

At port, you told her that he still believes in the Lapis. He said that age had made him give up on such hopes and dreams, but the young man’s youth still gave him hope. The conversation quickly turned their wishes. Fuyuki said if he could wish for anything, it was a better boat, as theirs had become quite old. Yumei told him she didn’t know what she’d wish for.

Later that night, at the in, the father talked to Yumei about her plans, as she wanted to come to Hai-Lan, but had nowhere to go. She said she wanted to see her father, Rijin Koh. This amazed the fisherman, as Koh was a particularly famous Shogun. However, he told her that he had died years ago.

A shogun in charge of the navy in Hai-Lan, Koh lead the charge against the merfolk. His ship was met with a storm and he was thrown off. He was assumed drowned, but he returned a changed man. He wanted to end the war with the merfolk, obviously because he had fallen in love with Yumei’s mother. When he died of illness, he was mourned by the whole nation.

Fuyuki hears this conversation just outside. Believing Yumei’s wish was to see her father again, he wonders why she lied to him about it.

The next day, Fuyuki said he had tried to find Koh for Yumei, but instead was looking for information on the Cerulean Lapis for her. She saw through his lie. She was heartbroken. She had lost all belief that the Lapis existed. She ran off, Fuyuki running after her.

He found her at the shore, afraid she would kill herself. He finds her in her mermaid form, with the Oouzu raging in the distance behind her. She admitted who she was but she had not wished to see her father again.

Like, Koh before her, her mother had passed away recently. However, unlike the shogun, she wasn’t heralded as a hero. After baring Yumei, she had been ostracised from the community for falling in love with a human. She was treated like a traitor. Upon her death, no one had mourned her.

Yumei wasn’t allowed to cry for her mother. She wasn’t allowed to smile when she was happy. Any attempt in doing so was met with dirty glances of her own kind. She came to Hai-Lan wanting to tell her father about it and make him cry.

Her wish for the Lapis was that she live happily with her family, but now they’re together in death and she had been left alone. She could no longer take living, as she felt she never truly was. She intended to swim into the Oouzu and end her life. Fuyuki desperately begged her not to. She gives him a farewell and an apology before heading to her death.

Unbeknownst to the girl, however, their shared bond had created the Cerulean Lapis right before Fuyuki. He finds it and clutches it tightly. He thinks deeply about the nature of wishes and what he wishes for now. A big ship? It no longer concerns him. For Yumei’s safety? But what did she want? He loudly proclaims his wish. That she finds happiness with her mother and father again.

“Because he loves her, he wishes for her death?” I remember this question running through my head as I appeared before the dying mermaid. I had seen love take in sacrificing one’s self for their beloved. Love in wanting to bring closure to those left behind. This was something I was not familiar with.

I had to admit, however, that something about the nature of his wish spoke to me as I held the girl in my arms. I do not know if she is worthy of being Einherjar, but I shall grant your wish.

Fuyuki, a boy cursing himself for not stopping her from commiting this suicide, waits by the shore. He doesn’t know his wish had been granted, only what they had shared in their brief time together. His father comes for him. He probably knew.

With Yumei our latest recruit, we went to the Cave of Oblivion again. The stronger enemies proved fruitful for the new blood, but we had also found some minor treasures as well.

Revisiting Camille Village, I found a grave that Cecilia had left for Kashell, with his sword as the headstone. He took it with my permission. However, the Vainslayer shall only be a memento, like the Dragonslayer.

Inside the doors, we had found a dungeon full of monsters. Undead all around, including more Zombie Dragons. We cleared as much as we could, making it past moving statues and beams that would freeze everything. However, our progress was soon halted by fleshy walls. We had to turn back. Perhaps we’ll be able to progress further in later.

Returning to Crell Monferaign, I found Janus’ home and he offered me the gift of his Raven Slayer. However, despite the name, it’s just a normal bow. It shall remain a memento.

Annother journey into Hai-Lan, I went to the shore. In rememberance, Yumei looked around and found a broken piece of the Lapis that was created. All she throught about then was Fuyuki.

Brahms Castle had appeared and we ventured into it. The monsters hit hard, but weren’t that strong, but our goal was mostly collecting treasures. I chose not to face Brahms this day. I shall return another time.

It came time to send an archer to Freya now. We had two, the improving Llewelyn, and the recovering Janus. I felt Llewelyn was more than sufficient for the job.

After a rest, it was time for Freya’s report. Our forces in Asgard had quickly gained ground and had taken control of the battlefield.

Lawfer had achieved a major victory over the Vanir in Bada Desert. However, Tyr feels that he is too kind for this kind of war. Thor praised his exploits, but he also had concerns. He had become a 12th Rank god.

Belenus, now an 11th Rank god, had succeeded in stopping the contruction of a Vanir fortress. He too was praised by Thor.

Llewelyn had become a 17th Rank god. He had expressed kindness for healing a wounded animal he found. He had also recaptured the trap laiden Fort Sartori and rescued Tyr. His exploits were recognised by Vidar.

Freya had ask that I send a decently strong warrior to negotiate with the Drow. One with skills in trickery, knowledge of demons and keen hearing. I have many warriors that fit the description. Perhaps I should see to that immediately this time.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 15.

Nanami is now Level 10.

Kashell is now Level 11.

Janus is now Level 10.

Jelanda is now Level 10.

Kashell is now Level 10.

Llewelyn is now Level 11.

Yumei is now Level 8.

Arngrim is now Level 11.

Kashell is now Einherjar.

Janus is now Einherjar.

Yumei is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Gargoyle Statue. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Incense Burner of Darlis. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Vainslayer.

Sigrifa obtained Raven Slayer.

Sigrifa obtained Fragment of Lapis Gem.

Llewelyn is now in Asgard.

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Disclaimer: For this journal, the main character Lenneth is replaced with an OC character of mine named Sigrifa. However, despite this, nothing else is changed.

A man and a woman speak of a comrade of theirs. They beg him not to go on his mission. He refuses to back down. He bids them farewell.

My latest Spirit Concentration takes me back to Artolia.

Lawfer, who was a close friend of Arngrim, doesn’t believe the accusations against his comrade. His father, the captain, claimed that he had killed the Princess and Lombart. It’s an understable mistake. No one knows the circumstances in which they died.

My assumption that Roland had left Artolia had been sadly incorrect. It seems they threw him in prison under suspicion of conspiring with their fallen hero. Despite this, Lawfer has been taking care of him. However, his friend’s death weighed heavy on his soul.

Arngrim and Lawfer are sparring, but with a mighty blow, the black warrior knocks him down. He calls for his friend to stand up again. However, he begs they stop, saying he’s not a ‘genius’ like the black warrior. Arngrim laughs at such a statement. He never considered himself as such and tells his friend of white armour to stand up and do his best.

His thoughts deepen as two soldiers speak ill of the black warrior.

In the woods, the Anrgim states to the captain that if the world is Hell, then us gods have to be kinder than people think. Lawfer’s father is interested in the view he presents while Lawfer stands by.

These memories are vivid. They must be the most precious he has of his friend.

They sit on a mountain peak nearby, the black warrior takes a hand full of grass and lets go. The blades fly in the wind, under complete control of their sway. He asks if the white warrior is just like the grass.

Strangely poetic for the rough Arngrim. Perhaps he and his brother had more in common than they even knew.

Lawfer met with two of his friends and comrades, a woman and a man, in the woods. He told them of a mission he is to partake. They didn’t want him to go. It was suicide. He asked them to take care of Roland. They offered to come with him, but he refused. After all, he was doing this to find evidence of Arngrim’s innocence. He left them at home.

Lawfer has now been reunited with his friend as my Einherjar. He has a good character, wanting to live up to the fact his name has the world ‘law’ in it. He will be tempered into a fine warrior.

Our next goal lay in the swamp according to my Spirit Concentration. Full of all manner of beats and bog mud made it hard to move. There seemed to be a putrid poison spreading about. The creatures of apes, animated plants, birds and even wisps, proved rather tough to fight. Nevertheless, it was good experience for us all.

In the deepest parts, we found a Zombie Dragon. It seemed to have been wounded in a fight. However, it was still very aggressive. Our weapons held no effect. Only Jelanda’s magic seemed to be doing any damage. However, after I through a Holy Crystal at it, it died almost instantly. We simply took the artifacts that it guarded and returned them to Lord Odin.

The sound of horses hooves echo across the land. A girl calls for help. The roar of the ocean near by. She proclaims her duty to her parents.

The next soul lay in Hai-Lan, in Yamato.

A shrine maiden, Nanami, spoke with her foster father about an ascencion ceremony she is to perform. Her father was worried for her life. She assured him that this was her duty, ad she intended to carry it out. She went to pray at the shrine to her deceased foster sister, Minayo. She was supposed to gain this power.

The mother enters and questions her husband about their daughter. She’s angry she let him go. Since they’re not related by blood, it would surely mean disaster, but they could no longer keep her.

Nanami entered the cave where the power lay. She thought to herself of how the power is passed by blood, but she wished to prove there is a bond stronger. She stood before the sword, which glowed as she offered a prayer and steps forward.

Nanami returns to her concerned parents, offering the given sword, but…

Nanami was met by the spirit of her sister Minayo. The lost spirit attacked her, trying to claim her body for her own. I jumped in to save her, but she begged I not hurt her sister. As I warned her of the the dangers, she replied that letting her sister take her body would be the least she could do, to ease her sister’s suffering.

I had thought I’d come here for Minayo, but here I am with her sister instead. Humans are curious creatures.

Next, we went through the Dragoncastle Caverns. The creatures there weren’t particularly harmful, despite being flying serpants and wisps. I was expecting more from a cave that was known to swallow people like a beast. Soon, I found why though.

In the deepest depths of the cave lay a Lesser Dragon. Unlike the Zombie Dragon before, this one was in good health as conscious. It taunted me to come near it and I met its offer. Either it was tired or it was exceptionally weak. While it had the first attack, it took only one head-on assault to bring it down. We sent the artifacts it was guarding back to Lord Odin after.

Another Cave of Oblivion awaited us, but once more we found nothing. We then returned to Hai-Lan where Minayo awaited us. She pretended not to recognise me before giving me the Dragonbane sword. It’s clear this was meant for Nanami.

A magic user wielding a sword.. I seem to be finding the interesting ones.

After we ran through the swamp again to train everyone up, I sent Lawfer to Asgard. We then took a rest.

Once again, the time had come for Freya’s report. Our chances have improved, but the Vanir were still fighting back rather ferociously. My Einherjar seemed to have really turned the tide.

Lawfer had achieved the 15th Rank god quickly. However, he had rather gotten on his platoon’s nerves. He stopped an interrogation and let a wounded enemy soldier flee. They don’t believe he’ll survive long. I believe they’re wrong, especially given his victory over the spies who infiltrated Valhalla.

Belenus, on the other hand, is still proving himself a benefit to his platoon, achieving 13th Rank status. He was prudent in checking plans and had achieved a great victory in the wilderness. Thor continues to be impressed by him.

Freya has asked me to send an Archer next. It might be Llewelyn’s turn to leave next. We’ll see what the future holds.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 11.

Lawfer is now Level 9.

Arngrim is now Level 10.

Jelanda is now Level 9.

Llewelyn is now Level 9.

Nanami is now Level 8.

Lawfer is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Bark of the Dryad. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Incribed Fragment. Sent to Odin.

Nanami has become Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Spear “Dark Angel”. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Sacred Lotus Sword. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Dragonbane.

Lawfer is now in Asgard.


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Disclaimer: The main character in this game is a set character named Lenneth Valkyrie. However, for the journal, she is replaced with an original character of mine. Other than that, there’s virtually no change.

I arrived in Lassan in time to catch the chosen soul. He was a noble looking man, followed by his maid. She’s not native to the country. She clearly came from Yamato.

She stopped them as they reach the the bottom of the stairs, merely a few feet away from their intended destination. She smelled a flower and asked what it is called before plucking it from the ground. He saw through her ploy. She was stalling them from going to their destination. The slave market.

I have only heard of this human practice called slavery. Humans selling other humans out of belief that they are superior, or for need of money. Asaka was clearly such a slave.

She began to get rather upset. She admitted her attempt to stall as she didn’t want to see anyone in the same position she was. Belenus was just as reluctant, but knew it was necessary. His wife and head maid had passed away and Asaka was the only servant in their household. Their memories flow into my vision.

A young girl in Yamato clothes cries surrounded by three figures. A stern man stands behind her displeased. An elderly woman at her side apologises for bringing her, saying that she felt sorry for the girl. The young man before her begs his father to let her stay, saying that he would help the maid Maria take care of her. The father reluctantly agrees and leaves the room. The young Belenus kneels down to comfort the girl and asks her name. He smiles as she reveals it to be Asaka. An everlasting bond is formed.

Asaka said she felt sorry for the slaves in the market. While she knew that the slave Belenus picked would be treated well, the others would be sent to unknown fates. Belenus spoke then that picking a slave is like picking a flower. He said this in a gentle tone, not in a manner that he believes it more that either way, your deciding the fate of a living thing.

At the slave market, the market was empty, but I found it hard to ignore the familiar looking man. He wore a uniform like the men in black in the dream I had. Belenus seemed to be rather destracted, probably because of what he was thinking when he spoke to her earlier.

Belenus states that it was the flower’s destiny to be picked. That destiny is decided by the gods and no mortal can escape it. This is, however, a statement made with wavering resolve, as he curses Destiny for stealing his wife and his his wetnurse. He no longer believes fate to be a kind thing.

He is not wrong in this assumption. Fate is not allowed to play favourites. Bad things don’t always happen to cruel mortals, and good things don’t always happen to the virtuous. It’s merely that one’s mettle is proven by how they handle these events. This is proven no later than that very night.

A vampire curse struck the house while I wasn’t looking. I’ve seen he is a capable swordsman, but against these creatures, without my runes, he is merely a helpless human. They would clearly soil his soul. As a wisp had snuck in to attack, I intervened. I appeared to have been particularly fascinated by this human and his character, as I warned him the woman Asaka was in danger. He was quick to run off.

However, that was the extent in which I could involve myself.  The vampire responsible had already claimed her life as an offering to someone named Beliza, draining her completely of blood. Belenus arrived too late. He sobbed over her corpse as I arrived to oversee this atrocity.

He begged me to save her, but there was nothing I could freely do. Her life was already lost. He began to curse destiny again. Whether it be out of annoyance or out of sort of sympathy, I corrected his thoughts before offering a loophole.

What I offered required a heavy price. A Soul Transfer. The exchange of one life for another. If he wanted this woman, so precious to him, to live, he had to offer his own life. It didn’t take him any time to consider it. He requited his love to her cold body, and I began the transfer. She began to breathe again his body colapses and I claim his soul. He shall find a new path in my Einherjar. With my runes, she shall be a formidable force.

I remember checking the drawer in Benelus’ room before leaving. I don’t know why. What was I looking for? There was nothing in there of interest.

My next Spirit Concentration took our now full force to the Forest of Woe. Under a curse, this forest was covered in snow. It was a perfect time to put our abilities to the test. Lizardmen and apes provided a good challenge to test our synergy. The undead roaming about, however, were just child’s play, but every little bit helps.

It made sense as we reached the end. The cold that had overcome this place, and the infected wildlife that had been running amock was the work of undead. The three strongest mutations stood before us over a corpse. Their brute strength was nothing to scoff at, and they could take the beating we provided, but they fell nevertheless. Inspecting the corpse showed another vampire attack. Brahms, the Lord of the Undead, seems to be getting rather aggressive. Or is this Lady Beliza unrelated?

My next Spirit Concentration lead to a new soul:

Two young ones meet in a special place. They talk about times to come. A cry of despair. A promise made. They are seperated by the sea.

I am pulled to Crell Monferaigne and I arrived in the middle of a funeral. The priest offers a prayer to the fallen in my name. Was this soul lost in battle? It had to be the soul that brought me here. The echoes made it clear.

A young man, Llewelyn, meets with a young woman in the woods near the town, given the name ‘Sea of Trees’. They meet often. They’re lovers. This was their special place. It’s not to be, however. He is to go off to war. She fears for him. He embraces her and promises to return. He promises that when he does, they’ll marry.

He never did return, however. At least, not alive. The funeral was indeed for him. An empty coffin, but his soul returned and called out to me. He was ready to leave but…

The young woman, Millia, stands once again in the Sea of Trees, waiting for her beloved. She talks to him as if he’s still there. She tells him that her mother wants to arrange a marriage for her, but she only wishes to marry him. She can’t accept the truth, but she knows she has to. She’s frought with grief over the empty coffin. She can’t let go of the hope that he’s still alive.

… I had to deny him that at this moment. She was wasting away of her own accord. Something about it, I simply could not allow. I scold the boy rather thoroughly. At this rate, her death would be on his hands. I allowed them one last rendevous so she can at least recieve closure. He would not join my Einherjar until then.

….. Why am I doing the work of a Goddess of Love…?

The next Spirit Concentration took us to the Solde Catacombs. The tombs were beind desicrated. It was plain to see. There were Lizardmen and Undead all around. I wasn’t convinced they were completely there as allies though. Only a short way in, I found a slab. It mentioned something about destroying Guardians and giving proper burials to the dead. I found the statues of said Guardians, but I’m embarrassed to say, I failed to realise that I also needed to replace them with the tombstone structures. I did a lot of backtracking as a result.

At this point, Llewelyn had proven a great asset in combat, despite his inexperience, but as we reached the base, I could not allow him to take part in the next fight. It had been a while since I used a bow, but this time the job of archery fell to me.

In the final chamber, I was met with two Drow Shaman, and I sought to make them pay for their disrespect of the dead. They proved troublesome however, as they were protected by a beast. I had Jelanda run support with Arngrim and Benelus keeping the ape busy while I shot at the Drow Shaman, Once they were dead, the beast was easy pray from our combined efforts. I was glad that my skills in Archery hadn’t suffered.

The next Spirit Concentration took us to the Cave of Oblivion far away from any towns. Aside from some roaming monsters, some stronger than others, there was nothing there that I could see. The path just lead to a dead end.

Afterwards, I revisited Crell Mongeraigne and went back to the Sea of Trees, where Llewelyn and I found a Pendant that Millia had left, possibly as a parting gift. I visited her home, but her just stood infront of a mirror staring at herself. Her parents were understandably concerned. Despite her earlier statement, about them only caring about their status, it was clear the marriage arrangement was for her sake. Her father even stated she knew this would happen.

Going back to Artolia, we went all the way back to Arngrim’s home. It seemed his brother had left, with an unfinished piece of art. It’s a shame, but perhaps the state of his health called for it. In Arngrim’s room, he brought out a sword called the Dragon Slayer and said I could use it. It’s a powerful weapon to be sure, but it’s a mortal weapon with a heavy chance of breaking on use. I decided to keep it with me, but not use it.

Likewise, in Lassan, it seems Asaka had left as well. Hopefully, to a life far away from the slave trade. I’d hate to think my breach of procedure was for nothing. She left behind the flower she had picked that morning. It was pressed. Her feelings for Benelus was the same as is. Humans are interesting creatures.

Afterward, it was time to send someone to Asgard to help with the war. Arngrim and Jelanda were already fine choices, but I felt that they were more useful with me for the time being. Llewelyn still needed some time to grow before he could join Asgard. As such, I decided to send Benelus.

After a couple of runs to route out the catacombs, we took some time to rest. Afterward, the time had come for Freya’s report.

The Vanir Forces had become formidable beyond our own. It doesn’t look good right off, but it takes more than just the size of one’s army to win a war. Benelus had already proven himself and achieved the rank of a 15th level god. Specifically, he had won a major victory over some barberians. She’d also expressed modesty to an Aesir who complimented him, and his victory had been seen worthy of praise by Thor. He’s already making a name for himself.

Freya ask that I send them a warrior versed with in the art of combat and knowledge of ancient artifacts. Immediately, all I have close to that is Arngrim, but he’ll remain with me for the time being. I’ll see who else I can find. There’s many souls worthy of becoming Einherjar.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 7.

Arngrim is now Level 6.

Jelanda is now Level 7.

Belenus is now Level 5.

Llewelyn is now Level 5.

Belenus is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Extreme Guard. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Phoenix Feather. Sent to Odin.

Llewelyn is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Secret of Damascus. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Crown of Felmar. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Emerald Necklace. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Goddess Pendant.

Belenus sent to Asgard.


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Disclaimer: In this journal, the main character is set. However, I’ll be writing it with an original character in place of Lenneth, the set main character. Other than that, nothing else will change.

I was stricken by a dream.

A girl by the river with a bucket in hand, collecting water. Noticing the time passing, she panics a bit, fearing being scolded by her mother. On the way home, she runs into men dressed in black clothes exiting her house, water flying from the bucket and landing on them. Her mother, hearing the commotion, comes out side and smacks her, scolding her for the accident. It’s more a sign of abuse than a punishment.

That night, a boy visits her through her bedroom window. A boy named Lucian. He beckons her with the name Rosilda. He tells her that she’s been sold to the men in black from before, and he wants to run away with her. The mother comes into the room, but she is unable to stop their escape.

They make it far into the woods, and Rosilda questions her about how he knows she’d been sold. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. The reasoning of an innocent, little girl.

He gives his case: His little sister was also taken from them. This knews is shocking to her. She was told she passed away from illness. However, no illness results in someone just vanishing. At this revelation, they decide to run far away together.

They arrive at a meadow and the girl becomes entranced. She, however, becomes unable to move and falls to her knees. Lucian is shocked as he realises what this means. The meadow is full of Weeping Lillies that threaten to poison and kill them.

Rosilda, however, starts crying, unable to bear her sorrow any longer, perhaps due to the lillies’ pollen. She wants to fade away, she wants to die and by no more. She no longer wants the life she’s lived that was cruel enough to give her unloving parents that abuse her, then sell her off like she’s some animal.

The boy pleads to her to snap out of it, to stay strong. However, it is to no avail. It’s not long before the girl passes away in his arms. He cries out her name in grief.

This dream is followed by a vision. A giant church and a woman standing at the alter wearing a wedding gown. This woman, she looks like… me?

I came to, finding myself in a golden field, my crimson hair flowing in the wind. It was vary nostalgic. In the distance lay a grand castle. Before I even knew what I was doing, I found myself walking towards it. My memories started to return as I made my way towards it.

My name is Sigrifa, the most powerful Valkyrie of the Lord Odin, King of the Gods. I’m well accomplished in the use of Rune Magic and many manners of weapons. I don’t remember too much beyond that, though.

As I arrived at the castle, I was greeted by a young girl in brown clothes. I recognised her: Frei, the sister of Freya. She’d apparently been waiting for me for a long time. I didn’t know what to do as she hugged me. It had been too long since I was last here. She told me that Freya and Lord Odin waited for me inside.

The inside of the castle was even more grand than the outside. The ceiling seemed to in the throne room alone seemed to high up as to be far from sight. Before me were two figures. A grand, elderly man with a crown and royal cape sitting on a throne, and a woman beside him wearing green clothes in a similar fashion to what Frei was wearing. They were Lord Odin and Lady Freya. I kneeled before them, but Freya told me to stand, saying I wasn’t beneath them like the people of Midgard. Something about those words didn’t sit well with me.

Nevetheless, I stood and Lord Odin informed me why I had been summoned. I was shocked to hear the reason. Ragnorok was drawing near. It seemed the already strained peace between the Aesir and the Vanir could no longer be held. All out war was about to break out, and it seemed even Midgard was about to pay the price. For that reason, I was summoned to collect the souls of chosen humans to become Einherjar.

As soon as I donned my armour, I was off to Midgard. Freya had agreed to accompany me for a time, at least as brief as it would be. Once we arrived, she asked me if it reminded me of anything. She then fell silent as I responded with a certain indifference. Did I do something wrong? I know I had been on Midgard before, but nothing particular was coming to mind.

We then ascended to the sky and Freya informed me of special power only I possess. Spiritual Concentration.

I have the ability to hear souls crying out to me on the verge of death, allowing me to effectively find candidates for the Einherjar without having to physically search.

On her behest, I began to listen. I could feel the souls connecting to me, resonating with me. Within it all, a connection is made. I heard the voices calling to me, connecting me to the chosen souls, echoing across time at once.

Soldiers are hunting monsters in the woods. They cry out in pain. Screaming. Unable to face the creature before them. A man, large and battle-hardened, talks with another softer man. A girl crying out in pure agony unlike she’s ever felt before. The man is consumed by anger.”

The voices pulled me towards Artolia. Freya and I are quick to persue it.

Artolian Soldiers arrived in the woods to hunt monsters, but are having severe trouble. Two men enteedr, a proud knight wielding a halberd and a scarred mercinary brandishing a large two-handed sword. The mercinary, Arngrim, is the soul I sought. He approached the monster, a Harpy, the soldiers were quick to get out of his way. With the man he was with, he took on the monster and defeated it.

He soon arrived home where his brother Roland was waiting.

His brother is an artist. Painting is his specialty. Arngrim doesn’t particularly approve of this, as his art is difficult to sell.

At his latest remark about it, Roland told him that he paints purely because he enjoys it, the retorted how it’s nothing like killing. He further remarked how Arngrim doesn’t understand because he was comfortable with how things are. He responded by saying he became a mercinary for fun as well. As he was leaving, Roland asked about a broken statue that was on the table. Arngrim replied that it was an award given to him by the king for killing the most people.

After they had bothe cooled down, they began to talk. Roland stated how he knows Arngrim partially fought to support him. Roland’s body is weak and frail. His hobby for painting is an escape from the frail confines of his body.

It was clear just by looking at them, that while they disagreed on what they did with their lives, they deeply cared for and respected each other.

Another soul chosen was in this town, however. In Artolia Castle, a princess named Jelanda, was in an outrage. An old man was with her, trying to calm her down. Despite this, she was on a rampage, and this man named Lombart, assured her to leave matters to her. As he left, my mind was drawn into the events in question.

The soldiers kneel before their king, being congratulated on the victory they had claimed for his kingdom. In particular, he awards the strongest warrior there was amoung the soldiers, Arngrim. He steps forward to recieve his price. The king thinks him no different than a barbarian. Arngrim, likewise, thinks the king is a coward. He’s unable to contain his outburst, openly insulting the king and calling him a joke and a coward. He takes out his sword and uses it to smash the statue. Jelanda is outraged at this, the king equally so. Arngrim leaves and thinks nothing of it.”

She would not stand for this insult. She wanted to pay him back. Humilate him like he humiliated her father. She began to plot.

A day had passed and Jelanda arrives at Arngrim’s home in disguise…. A very poorly concieved disguise, I might add. After fumbling her words for a while, she introduced herself as Angela and wanted to hire Arngrim for a job. They agree to talk about the job at a Yamato-style resturaunt.

Needless to say, her acting was as poor as her disguise. She started by ordering several servings of food and drink. When Arngrim questioned her about it, she said she would only eat what she wanted and leave the rest. It was very clear that she had no idea how common life was.

Then she began complaining about the food.. If there was anything that gave her away more than how she ordered, it was how stuck up she was about how it was prepared. Complaining about the meat being raw in the Sashimi, he smell of the broth of Miso Soup. The crowing achievement, I think was when she accused them of feeding monsters to her when it was just an ordinary octopus dish. Even Arngrim remarked how she was being a spoiled princess… which she was.

She drank her sake in a glass, and complained how it was awful tasting water… Then she passed out. Even taking her age into account, I’d never seen anyone, mortal or no, he passed out after drinking one glass of anything. Though, granted, you’re supposed to drink sake in a Yamato-style cup. She never did get around to talking about the job. Anrgrim was quick to take her home and lay her in his bed.

In her drunken sleep, Jelanda’s hood fell off, and he was shocked to see she was the princess. Personally, I was surprised he didn’t figure it from the moment he saw her. She wasn’t particularly good at hiding it. He probably did suspect she wasn’t who she said she was, but her behaviour was practically giving it away. She even repeated the same curse to the manager that she did to him.

She began to talk in her sleep, which basically told Arngrim what the whole situation was about. He perfectly understood. He’d insulted her father, a man she no doubt loves dearly. In his mind, he did nothing wrong, but he could hardly blame a young girl for wanting to protect the dignity of her father.

She woke up that evening, and was quick to leave, thinking her disguise was still intact. Even that was rather naive of her. She promised to come back the next day about the job. Arngrim played along, but he was determined to apologise to her then. Jelanda, herself, seemed to be seeing Arngrim in a different light.

My vision is momentarily taking to a tavern across from the resturaunt.

A rough looking brigand is sitting at a table when a cloaked woman walks in. She starts talking to him about the job she called him for, aiding another man in delivering some cargo to Villnore. She gives a shady grin when he asks about who he’d be working with and instantly agrees to his demand for higher pay on the job.

The next morning, Jelanda didn’t arrive. He thought she cancelled the supposed job offer. I thought something similar myself. That, maybe, she’d decided to back out of her plan now that she saw Arngrim wasn’t exactly the brute she thought he was. After he walked around town, possibly hoping to find her, he comes home to find the woman from my vision. He was the other man she had hired to deliver the cargo. He wasn’t particularly happy to see the brigand from then as well. The brigand tries to make small talk, but the woman is in a rather suspicious hurry to leave.

Three days passed before the brigand complained about Lombart hiring him for the job. The mention of the name naturally shocked Arngrim. I was rather intrigued. A high-ranking official in the castle hiring a brigand for some package that even the couriers didn’t know the contents raised flags. This point was further proven with the arrival of the Artolian Knights, he had been chasing them from town. They searched the crate and found the princess unconscious within. In a panic, Arngrim and the brigand flee.

The brigand was equally as unaware of the presence of the princess as Arngrim was. He, did, however, drop information that Lombart was a Villnore spy. It wasn’t long before they heard the soldiers screaming, one coming and finding telling them of the monster. I knew the worst when I heard her soul calling out. It hurts! Help me, Arngrim!

They arrived to find a monster, but it was clear it was Jelanda. Lombart had given them a concoction made of Ghoul Powder with instructions to make her drink it if they find her unconscious. Not only was Lombart a spy, he was a necromancer. She was writhing in pure agony as she transformed into the beast and lost her humanity. The thought of it alone made me furious. I wasn’t the only one, as through Arngrim’s soul, I could hear him clearly swearing to kill Lombart, but fear for Jelanda’s fate.

The brigand flees like a coward and Arngrim prepares to fight the monster. With his hesitation, however, I had to step in destroying the whips that had gathered around the monster princess. I was not surprised to learn he knew of the legends, but I made no effort to hold myself back from scolding him for his reckless abandon of his own life.

While it was too late to save the princess, I had to remark how well Arngrim and I fought together. I would dare say it was like a painting in it’s own right. Art in motion. It was clear Arngrim wasn’t simply just a brute. He shared a comradery during the entire fight. We watched each other’s backs and struck with military proficiency. The finishing blow was a rather quick inevitability.

After we slew the monster, Anrgrim leaves to comfront Lombart. As I rescued Jelanda’s soul from the ravaged body of the the monster, I could hear his words of self-loathing. I’m no better than the king.

Jelanda was pleading to me to save Arngrim. She somehow knew why I was there. I had to break the truth to her that saving him wouldn’t mean saving his life. As harsh as it was, Arngrim’s fate was set. I couldn’t stop him from dying, but I could guide him to a greater path.

Back at the castle, Arngrim faces Lombart, ready to draw his blade. However, Arngrim traps him using a magic barrier. He was surprised the mercinary had survived the attack. As he was about to deal a killing blow, I arrived  and broke the barrier holding him.

I normally wouldn’t deal with the likes of mortal affairs, but Lombart had committed sins that required divine intervention. I drew my blade and joined Arngrim in fighting him. Despite his magical powers, it was mere child’s play to break past all the spells and cut him down. He will meet the Goddess Hel in Helheim for his crimes.

I faded away as soldiers come arrest Arngrim, but they couldn’t get close to him. He was starting to get cocky. Jelanda interfered just then to correcting his gloating about the Gods not needing Einherjar. He was surprised to see her, even calling her Angela by mistake. Humans are interesting creatures. Bonds can form so fast.

He confused me for a goddess of death, but I corrected him. I am a goddess of fate. I show humans paths and they take it. His actions now were leading to a dead end. I offered him a new path with me. He seriously started considering this as the captain of the knights came in. It wasn’t long before he gave a wry smile, threw down his sword, and then drew a dagger before plunging it into his heart, granting me his soul.

As we left, Jelanda reunited with Arngrim as my Einherjar. She remaked, with a smile, that they would be working together for a while, to which he responded in kind with a similar smile. They seemed happy. Humans truly are interesting.

Freya instructed me to use my Spiritual Concentration again and I found myself pull to the mountain ruins in Artolia. When we arrived, it was easy to figure out why. Even at the entrance, I felt the undead abominations infecting the place. Freya guides us through the ruins, helping me to refamiliarise myself with the basics of combat, as well as how to use my powers to get around the area.

The monsters were mostly basic fodder. Nothing Freya and I couldn’t handle alone. Having Arngrim’s swordsmanship and Jelanda’s suprising knowlege in magic made it even easier. It was mostly moving through the ruins that proved to be a bit of a challenge.

However, we did soon find the monster in charge, a vampire. He rather quickly scoffed at me as I threatened to end his existance. Freya chose to stand by in order to see my strength, but loaned me a sword to see the full extent of my abilities.

The vampire had two lizardmen with him, masters of defence, but it didn’t take us long to break their guards and tear through them. Jelanda’s fire and healing magic proved helpful in the situation, as I embarrassingly got caught in several traps on the way over. In any case, all that was left after was defeating the vampire. Our coordination proved useful for breaking him down.

He left two chests containing artifacts belonging to Lord Odin. I made a point of sending them to him, and then left. At the entrance, Freya told me that she felt Arngrim wasn’t suitable for becoming an Einherjar. While I did see her point, I do somewhat disagree. He wasn’t suited now, but he clearly had potentional. Thus, she left to return to Asgard.

As I left the dungeon, I used my Spiritual Concentration again. This time, I was directed to Lassen.

“A man and a woman are talking. A deep connection. A deep sorrow. Love and loss. The world won’t have them together.”

From one bond to another, it seems. My work has only just become too. Humans truly are interesting creatures.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 3.

Arngrim is now Level 3.

Jelanda is now Level 3.

Freya is now Level 3.

Freya joined the Party.

Arngrim joined the Party.

Arngrim has left the Party.

Jelanda is now an Einjerjar.

Arngrim is now an Einjerjar.

Freya left the Party.

Sigrifa obtained Sealed Box. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Jewelled Blade “Grimrist”. Sent to Odin.


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When we arrived into the office for our next assignment, we met saw a rather familiar face there. Maya Shidow. While I was more than happy to see her, Emilia was quite the different story. She was shocked. I dare say she even lost the colour in her face. As it turned out, Maya also recognised her. Apparently, she came with us on the search because she wanted to confirm if it was her.

Emilia panicked though, saying she didn’t want to go back and ran off. I didn’t hesitate when Kraz told me to follow her. I would’ve gone without his instructions anyway.

When I found her on our ship, she was clearly upset. Meeting Maya again seemed to cause her to remember how she met Mika. She decided now was the time to tell me the truth about her past. Everything made sense to me at that point. She was a Guardian. However, unlike me, who volunteered, she lived in a Guardian orphanage and was drafted when she came of age.

Emili was gifted with excellent computational abilities. The Guardians saw that as an asset and forcefully drafted her. She became the core of a computer system called the Temna project. Trying to turn an innocent, young girl into a mere machine. That’s a low that would’ve made me turn on them in an instant..

However, the project was a failure and some of the Guardians blamed Emilia for it. Some people are such morons.. Of course it was going to fail! You were forcing a young CHILD who was probably scared out of her mind into an essential metal coffin! Without anything to get assure her it’ll be okay, you’d be lucky if the thing even TURNED ON! The poor girl was probably in TEARS for days at a time! Note to self: Find out the names of the people involved in that project and greet them with a seismic hammer to the FACE!

… Sorry, I lost my train of thought..

After THAT mess, Emilia was part of a team on Rykros three years ago, and things whent south quickly. There were Seed all over the place that they hadn’t seen before. It was a slaughter, and Emilia was one of the casualties. In order to save her, Mika bonded with her, an action to this day she regrets doing. She felt it made her no better than the other Ancients.

Emilia feels the Guardians abandoned her because she she was no longer useful to them. That reasoning. I feel is a bit of a stretch, the reasoning of a young mind.. If Maya was in the same operation, there’s no way she’d think Emilia was expendable in any way. In fact, many of the Guardians I know wouldn’t make such a choice. Sometimes, people have to make hard calls in jobs like ours. As sad as it is, at that point, it comes down to math, basic survival even. There would’ve been no point in trying to save a few people if you lost everyone trying to do so. Also, even if the Temna project was a failure, you computational abilities would’ve been a great asset. I wouldn’t put it past some people to just drop her without hesitation though.

For the record, personally, if I had been part of that operation, I would’ve gone in alone to save her. If it turned out to be too much, I could easily have unlocked all the restraints on my core and ripped them all apart. If Vivienne was with me, I wouldn’t even need to do that. Not with how we handled that Hive back then.

It wasn’t long after that Kraz called us back to the office. I’ll have to figure out ways of effectively using my hammer on their faces another time. Duty was calling.

Kunoh, however, confirmed my suspicions. It turned out she was also a member of the Guardians and she was involved in the incident on Rykros. Command told the available Guardians to retreat because there was a confirmed calculation of complete elimination of all Guardians on site if they stayed. She quit the Guardians after that and was surprised to find Emilia in Little Wing. She had been protecting her since them.

We returned to the office after, where Kraz and Maya explained what was going on. The Alliance Military Forces had gone missing while investigating Inhelt in the Habiro Forbidden District on Neudaiz. It was a situation that, by now, was uncomfortably familiar. It had to be Shizuru’s doing. Kraz felt it was too dangerous for just us to go, so he decided to take the mission with us. About time he spent the day doing something other than looking at pictures of bikini clad women and get drunk. I was eager to see how well he could keep up.

Emilia then asked Maya if she can collect some data and sent it to her, as well a program she created back when she worked for the Guardians…. Is it wierd that I’m proud she takes more after me right now, even if she was that intelligent before we met? It’s better than her taking after Kraz, at least. Ugh…. Scary thought…

After we finished the briefing, we found Ursula and Chelsea planning another one of her events, for desserts this time. They had plenty of ideas on the table, but they asked us for suggestions. After having to explain what ‘dessert’ means to Yut, he threw in the suggestion of pudding. They practically, if you’ll excuse the pun, ate it up. Taking something simple and working it into a grand event. Ursula’s a woman after my own heart. It’s almost ironic that she obviously has a thing for Kraz.

A bit later, we spoke with Chelsea, who explained to Emilia how she enjoyed working, only needing 40 minutes of rest at a time. She plans to balance out working with Little Wing and the bar like she usually does once she owns a bar of her own. She plans to work shifts with the woman who owned the bar they both stayed. Emilia then expressed how guilty she felt that she gave her a hard time, not even giving her a proper good-bye. Chelsea explained that she probably knew the kind of things Emilia was going through. Emilia wants to give her a proper thanks some day.

Just as we got out of the office, Yut asked Emilia if she had moved. When she responded with confusion, he told us he heard her crying in my room. He must’ve been close by when Emilia started crying happily after the runaway incident. He then got angry at me and kept asking me what I did to make her cry. It’s cute how much he cares. The dear didn’t understand that she wasn’t upset. During that time, Kraz showed up and joined in the hazing rather teasingly. I think he got what the crying was actually about and was just messing with us. Emilia was embarrassed by the whole thing, but I could tell she was actually happy.

Once we got to the ship, Yut asked about what life was like in the time of the Ancients. He thought since there was only one race, they had no wars. While the Kasch didn’t fight despite being made of many people from all walks of life, he had become aware of the war between the four races. She explained to him that her people were something like humans, but there was most definitely war. It wasn’t caused by racial prejudice, but because of things like greed and innovation. It’s a sad fact that nothing causes a people to advance faster than war. The need to win over your enemy causes you to build defenses and weapons which, in times of peace, are used for more common purposes like power or architecture. She ended off by saying, though, that while our era had these racial desputes, we eventually banded together to fight for a greater good. We err to become better and learn from our mistakes, creating a better future from them. It was well said. I certainly couldn’t have said it better myself.

I made sure my equipment was up to standards on our way there.

When we arrived Emilia began to compile the data Maya was sending her. This was something confusing to Kraz and Yut. They weren’t used to seeing Emilia like this. I’ll admit I part of me wanted to help her do it. Check her homework, as it were. It would’ve been fun to see their reaction to that.

Yut, however, brought up the question of his brother’s words again. He didn’t quite get the difference between computational physics and phylosophy. It was something out of Emilia’s expertise. However, Kraz knew what his words meant. Yut got frustrated when he didn’t understand the answer given.

The area was full of traps, and with Emilia compiling calculations, we had to guard her while moving, protecting her from traps and ambushes. That wasn’t too hard on its own. We also needed to find terminals scattered about to figure out what happened. Many of them were wreaked, so we had to deduce what was going with the evidence given to us.

Yut confronted Kraz again about his words and he gave another cryptic answer. He refused to tell him right now, urging me not to do the same because, otherwise, he wouldn’t really get it. He felt he was a bit too hard on him for it, but I do think he was right to let him figure it out on his own. He then got rather nostalgic, saying Yut reminded him of a certain ‘young and foolish detective’. He seemed rather somber while talking about it. I wonder what happened during that time. I guess he’ll tell me when he’s ready, like Emilia did.

I admit, I wasn’t exactly my most observant during this operation. I couldn’t shake the feeling I missed something. Despite that, we found a terminal in perfect working condition. As Emilia examined it, however, it turned out to be booby trapped. It trapped her inside and sprang out roller machines and beasts, all aimed right at her. It took some effort to protect her, and I kept her in good condition with my Technics.

Inhelt is starting to get on my nerves now. I’m concocting plans to level the entire company…

Just as we thought we could relax as Emilia was released, a pair of cyclopean monsters came and grapped Yut. We were in a fix. He needed to save him, but the other one wasn’t going to make it easy for us. I was have panicked at the situation and hadn’t released that a couple of my restrained unlocked on instinct. Kraz was trying to get him to concentrate on staying alive.

Yut’s life must’ve flashed before his eyes and he reached a revelation. He then summoned a completely new Mirage Blast and got out of their grip. With him safe, I now had the soul purpose of incinerating those impudent neanderthals.

There may have been two, but with all of us together, and my core partially unlocked, little left remained of them. They may have gotten a few shots in, but they’re the ones who ended up as mere scorch marks. Maybe I went too far, but at the time, I didn’t care. I just saw red.

We checked that Yut was okay, but I’d say he’d done a bit of growing in that moment. He now understood what Kraz was trying to saw. Being strong isn’t about not fearing death. It’s about facing death with intention to live. That’s what his brother was talking about…. If you ask me, he could’ve been a TAD less cryptic about it, but who am I to judge? I’ve been dancing around many details about me since I started keeping these logs, for crying out loud.

Emilia had finished compiling the data and piecing together the data and told us she found definite indications of subspace. Even more, below us lay the Denes Relic site, no doubt created from the memories of the missing AMF soldiers. Kraz made a comment about becoming a scholar, and she rejected the idea, saying that she didn’t want to be a biocomputer again because people forget about the ‘bio’. She had a point, but it isn’t quite being like that. Still, her path is hers to choose.

We reached the recreated Relic site, and despite a few differences, it was very familiar. Still, there were coloured switches on the floor, with notes nearby from the AMF soldiers. It’s not clear if these records left behind are recent or something recreated.It was helpful, nonetheless, as it clearly laid out the combinations. It helps when life throws some convenience your way. Thanks for doing those 100 tests for me, guys!

However, there were other records about their activity. How the Stateria shared one control unit and the technology the Ancients left behind. How the Relic were meant to combat the Seed and how they fended them off until completion. Not to mention how the Endrum Collective was secretive how how they felt the Relics should be handled. I suppose the AMF is at odds with themselves right now.

Emilia expressed concerns that Shizuru may have the ability to control the minds of his victims on a small scale, hence the mass disappearances and repeating patterns of the situation. She brought up reasonable concerns of what would happen if he could somehow spread that ability to the entire system. The thought made Kraz break out in a cold sweat, that’s for sure.

We finally find Shizuru, and he has three Codices in his hands. He used his victims to recreate the areas he needed with subspace to get what he wanted before leaving them to die. It definitely makes sense considering we always ran into him shortly after finding the recreated areas. He also believes the inhabitants of Gurhal are just hollow shells for his people to take whenever they wish. I’ve heard that song and dance before…

With all that done, he decided the AMF was of no more use and recreated the attack on Mother Brain from three years ago. A rather sadistic sort, he entended for us to die in the nightmare. It’s unfortunate for him that I was familiar with Mother Brain’s patterns. They were the same patterns Helga was using three years ago when she went out of control. I dare say it went faster because my core was still partially unlocked. Besides, a corrupted mastercomputer doesn’t really measure to a high class Seed-form. Naturally, he was shocked at the results. He was  obviously looking forward too gloating about it. I was rather satisfied wiping that smirk off his face.

That’s when Mika turned up to have a talk with him. Turns out Shizuru’s real name is actually Kumhan, the king of the Ancients. He scornfully called her a traitor, then ‘graciously’ said he’d give her another chance if she joined him. That’s when the cat was let out of the bag. Turns out, Mika is the queen of the Ancients and Kumhan’s wife…. and I thought the issues I had with my ex was awkward….

It’s then Natsume Shu, the CEO of Inhelt came in reprimanding Shizuru, saying that he always wanted to made the system a better place and create a world of peace. In response, Shizuru began fighting back against Kumhan’s control. He pleaded with us to kill him and stop Kumhan’s plan. Now the picture is clear. This was all Kumhan’s idea and Inhelt are just as ignorant about the situation with subspace as anyone else. Something to consider.

Nevertheless, Kumhan retreats and we needed to take care of Natsume. He seemed very ill.

When I spoke with Vasque after we got back, he talked about the Mother Brain incident. She was created as the main computer of the AMF and got infected by the Seed, driving another of Casts crazy in the process. Even though Curtz is trying to get them to run without Mother Brain, it’s an incident that still haunts them because they considered her family.

After going on a couple of missions, Ursula gave us a call to come to the office. It seemed urgent.

Things are becoming clearer with the case now. Inhelt is merely a puppet for Kumhan’s goals. However, time is of the essence right now. He has all three Codices, but has yet to open the gate for the rest of the Ancients. If we can beat him to it, we can win. However, if it couldn’t hurt to do a little more preparing. Perhaps some reflection to arrange my thoughts is also in order.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 69.

Metis is now Force Lv. 11.

Kraz has joined the Party. About time!

Maya rejoined the Party.

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When I finally exhausted every idea I had to find Emilia, I met with Kraz in the office. It wasn’t good news. Yut was clearly getting upset and neither Kraz and Ursula had found any leads. Not for lack of trying either. It was one thing to lose a child in an area, but in an entire solar system is another thing entirely.

It wasn’t healthy for me. I was so flustered I couldn’t think straight. I tried to calm down and run some calculations in my head when suddenly my sight went blank and I found myself in a different place entirely. There, in my vision, I saw Mika and Emilia talking about the incident. Very little of what they said told me what I didn’t already know, except for where Emilia said she was going to find proof of Inhelt’s criminal activity on her own. That and the surrounding area told me where she was. On Inhelt grounds on Parum.

I didn’t particularly know if this was due to Mika connecting with me, if I had somehow formed a strong bond with Emilia to allow me to find her, or if I had somehow activated one of my more deeply hidden secrets. Admittedly, at that point, I didn’t much care. All that mattered to me was I now knew where she was.

When I came to, I reported the information to Kraz. As good as it was to know where she was, it did put us in a bit of a sticky situation. It was Inhelt property and we needed clearance somehow. Fortunately, we had contacts in the Guardians that were willing to help. I wonder if it’s going to be Lumia meeting us there. She must also be worried to the brink of insanity with Emilia being her best friend and all.

When we got there, I was half disappointed to see that Lumia wasn’t there to meet us. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see two faces from my past though. Lou and Maya Shidow. It’s amazing how different they look compared to when I was a Guardian. Apparently Lumia’s outfit wasn’t completely by choice, but an actual uniform. It’s natural that with my new body, they wouldn’t recognise me, though I thought Lou would be able to pick up SOMETHING. I don’t know whether or not I should be impressed with my own technical genius, or insulted that the one Cast who was like a living supercomputer couldn’t tell me apart from any other. I mean, it’s not like we spent enough time in the field together for her to be know me to a T, but I’m not exactly like other Casts. It might’ve been part of some weird guideline. I mean, if Lucaim Nav is still running the show at Guardians HQ…

It turns out the that the Guardians are also missing some members. So much so that their painfully understaffed. Their operatives seem to have gone missing around the area too. I was quickly stricken with an uncomfortable feeling of deja vu. They read about the incident as well since Lou happens to be the officer in charge of Lumia. They had a hard time believing it, Lou especially. She hadn’t changed too much from when I met her. All business and still running the logic garbage. I understand that it puts a lot of strain on her processors to be on the job and focusing splitting focus between her work and her newly discovered emotions, but she can still just not be, you know, a stick in the mud.

If it wasn’t already obvious that Inhelt really didn’t want people poking around their territory. The entire area was FULL of traps. Fortunately, whoever placed them was the king of morons. They were almost all pretty easy to avoid. The energy blade trap was the only one that caused any sort of problem, and that’s mostly with me being in such a hurry to get to Emilia that I ended up ignoring most of them.

What I COULDN’T ignore though, were the local wildlife that were being driven berserk. If the VR wasn’t enough of an indication that I’ve been uncomfortably neglecting my gear, this was. The smaller enemies hit hard enough, but once we came to the big ones, I ended up mostly leaving them to my team so I could heal up. It was embarrassing.

We soon found our way to a ruined facility. Rather suspicious given that that the traps and the area around it were brand new and well-kept. This was definitely where I saw Emilia in my vision, though. Yut had also been tracking her the entire time here by using Mika’s distinct scent of Tethia flowers. He was still rather upset, and it showed. He wanted to yell at her for running off practically right after she had done so to him. He really was like her little brother now.

Things went from bad to worse though. The facility ruins were filled with Seed, or rather, what looked like Seed. It was the cave all over again. However, Lou and Maya were convinced they were real despite not believing their eyes. We were expected to eliminate every single one and not let them outside. They may not have been the real thing, but their concern was not only reasonable, it was viable too. They probably weren’t as dangerous, but they were still dangerous.

Aside from that, there were still functioning traps, most of them similar to what we encountered before. They weren’t all that hard to circumvent. However, someone within the company needs to be fired. While doing a cleansweep, I found a password just laying around for anyone to grab. I mean, I’m sorry, but who’s the idiot who thought THAT was a good idea!? Oh, well. It’s not like I’m gonna get penalised for his dumb security choices. It just makes things easier for me.

Lou and Maya were beginning to notice how strange these Seed were. The lack of impact when swinging a weapon is hard to ignore, after all. Lou even likened it to fighting a cloud. A surprising analogy coming from her. Yut, on the other hand, had found a clear path to Emilia. As if there were doubts on the matter, I even heard Emilia crying for help.

Suddenly, the area shifted around us, and we found outselves in some sort of Relic site. Maya said it was Rykros, a place that shouldn’t even be here. Lou further confirmed that this wasn’t a VR simulation. This was starting to wreak of Shizuru’s, the man in black’s, handiwork.

From here in, it was an endurance show. The room before us was seperated into a five seperate rooms. One in the center, with one on each wall. The north door was blocked and each door lead to a sword of trial. We were forced to fight wave after wave or Seed. Defeating one wave would drop a key, which would then start the next wave once claimed. After obtaining all four keys of the room, we could open the gate to a switch that unlocked one barrier of the door, but only if continually pressed. It was like we were test subjects in some experiment. I didn’t much appreciate it, but I played along anyway.

After clearing out each room, we split up, leaving one of us to stand on the switch, then proceeded to the next room. Once all three switches were pressed, the barriers were perminatly deactivated and we were allowed to proceed.

We found the missing Guardians operatives, and you guessed it, it was just like before. They were seeing a Seed that wasn’t there and it just materialised giving us a problem to deal with.I was getting a little fed up with it all, so I resorted to pummelling them all down with Grants spells. Seed never were smart. If they were, they wouldn’t try to come between a mother and a child, and I was particularly livid at this point…. I may have left some craters in the structure… I don’t remember that part too well. I was seeing too much red.

Once we finished them, Yut and I split from Maya and Lou, who had decided to take care of the Guardians operatives. We found Emilia unconscious in the next room. I couldn’t contain myself and called out to her. I was relieved when she responded to me and got up. The Relic site had vanished by then, but I hardly noticed. I was shaking and a complete ball of emotions at this point.

She was rather confused that we were here. She got mad though when I told her we came to help her and ran off again. I wasn’t going to let her get away this time. I ran after her.

More Seed had shown up to cut her off, but they weren’t going to have her on my watch. I wasn’t the only one with that idea in mind either. As I cleaved one in two, another was shot down by Kraz, who showed up just in time. We both had the same look in our eyes at this point. These mindless drones were going to die. Neither of us were holding back. My memory of the event is a bit of a blur, but I remember Kraz even going full Nanoblast.

Once the Seed were taken down, the insults started flying. In the heat of emotion, Kraz even slapped Emilia, then pulled her in for a hug before explaining himself. He merely wanted her out of danger and where he could keep an eye on her. Pretty much just as I had thought before. He really was looking more like a real father now. I decided to keep out of the way for now. I’d have my turn later.

Back at the office, we had a bit of a debriefing, but not without some well deserved teasing. Kraz just called her a brainless wonder and it caught on for that specific moment. We all had our fun, even Yut and me. We had to after all the panicking we had been doing. Chelsea even joined in. She had to have particularly been done.

Nevertheless, Emilia’s excursion had given us cause to continue our investigation of Inhelt. Everything that happened showed that they were conducting independant subspace experiments in secret. They might as well have changed their name to Evil Inc. We decided to step up investigation efforts with the Guardians.

Kraz told me to keep a good eye on Emilia from now on. That he wasn’t going to try and pull her away from the field again. The way he said it was different. He had placed his full trust in me to take care of her, rather than just acting like he was shoving a problem onto my shoulders. I gave him my word. After all, he’s not the only parent here.

As we left, Emilia wanted to talk to me in my room. Before joining her there, I talked to Kunoh and Vasque. Both were glad to see her back safe and sound. As it turns out, Kunoh knew Emilia from before arrived at Little Wing, and Vasque used to be a teacher. I wasn’t particularly surprised. Their actions and words spoke volumes on their own.

When I met with Emilia, she was clearly bothered by the trouble she had put us through. I was just glad she was okay, so I told her not to worry about it. She started crying then. They weren’t all bitter tears of sadness. There was joy there, as well. This was my time, so I pulled her to me and hugged her tight. I didn’t hold back on the tears either. I had a lot of built up emotions to let out.

Before we went on some missions, I heard Emilia and Yut taking. It was almost like nothing had happened. First it was about bathing. Yut wasn’t completely aware of things like showers and bathtubs yet, so he was excited to learn he could bathe in water here. He said he wanted to bathe with Emilia. I could barely hold a chuckle at her response. I guess Kasch aren’t as shy about mixed bathing as the rest of Gurhal.

The second was about how she smelled to him. He mentioned that she and Kraz had the same ‘scent’, the ‘scent of family’, he called it. While she quickly saw his point, she half scolded him for essentially saying she smelled like an old man. It was cute.

After we got back, Ursula called us to the office to brief us on the next step in the investigation.

She will have to wait a while. I had started to reconfigure my gear while on the job and I’m not quite done yet. Also, I decided try on a different outfit I made for a change of pace. It’s beautiful and functional, but for some reason it reminds me of my ex. I’ll just have to not think about it.

With Emilia back safe and sound, I can now fully concentrate. I have a lot of work to do. I already decided to fix up my loudout for a bit. There was a lot of unnecessary stuff I wasn’t using. I should be back up to speed soon, but it can’t hurt to get some training in while I’m at it.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 44.

Metis is now Force Lv. 7.

Maya joined the Party.

Lou joined the Party.

Maya has left the Party.

Lou has left the Party.

Emilia has rejoined the Party!

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After taking on some free missions, we met with Kraz and Ursula. They showed us a news report regarding the situation with Inhelt and all their sponsors pulling out. It’s then that our suspicions regarding Inhelt were confirmed. The man in black is the son of the head of Inhelt. He was right there on the news report. Whatever Inhelt is doing, the Ancients are definitely involved.

Kraz then took the time to drop some new information on us. The Guardians and Little Wing have decided to perform a joint operation into the company. As fate would have it, the liaison to work with us was none other than Lumia Waber. This is the third time we’ve crossed paths. I have to admit, I wanted to tease Emilia, grab her cheeks and tell her her best friend had come to play.

However, with the new information we’d given Kraz, there was a change in plans. He decided to do some solo-investigations and sent us to VR training simulation training. Lumia wasn’t happy about it, but I could see where Kraz was going. He wanted us away from danger for a while but still getting some practice in. He’s really changed since I met him. Perhaps I won’t be needing any inventions for to train his behaviour… At least not yet.

As we were exiting to head to the assignment, Ursula. She definitely noticed the change in Kraz’s attitude and asked if I had anything to do with it. I was honest with her and said I felt Emilia was the reason he changed so much. She replied that it was because of me that Emilia changed, which helped Kraz, and even Little Wing as a whole, change as a whole. She even went so far as to say I was the best thing that ever happened to Little Wing. While I admit I did my part, it wasn’t just me. Kraz brought in a lot of good people to help out. Kunoh, Vasque, Tonnio and Liima, Yut, and even Chelsea. If we’re being technical down to the base level, Kraz and Emilia were mainly responsible for their own changes. It just took actually being with others to finally give them that push.

Before we set out, Emilia and Yut were having a conversation. Mainly about Yut’s lineage. Turns out, he’s not a pure-blooded Newman. He’s apparently the child of a Beast father and a Newman mother, and just took after his mother more. Though, like Emilia, he’s an orphan. His parents died during the Seed invasion three years ago along with his brother. Well, he’s officially my child too, in any case.

As soon as we entered the VR site, it started generating a forest. One from long ago in Gurhal’s history. Yut was understandably confused. The simulated environment was clearly making him uncomfortable. Lumia was still rather sour about being sent here. Almost like she took it as a personal offense. I had a theory, but I refrained from commenting. This was something between Emilia and her.

Nevertheless, our task was to take out as many simulated creatures and gain as many points as possible. I was starting to feel my gear was no longer viable for the strength of the creatures we were encountering, not so much in terms of my weapons, but my armour. I was taking severely damaging hits from our marks and it wasn’t particularly helpful to my body’s recovery rate.

Other than that, the traps laid out for us were more of an annoyance than anything actually hard. Particularly a blade trap that ported us back to the start if we got hit. The main headache was colour coded gates that we had to deactivate using the corresponding switches.

The biggest headaches were the the bonus areas. Where we had to fight wave after wave of these creatures within a time limit. We weren’t exactly doing well with them.

Halfway through and Yut was getting frustrated. I could see why. This wasn’t exactly like with Bootcamp in the Guardians, or my training with Laia. While VR isn’t a bad way to get the feel of battle for a newcomer, we were all seasoned in combat at this point. The VR esperience didn’t have the same feel. It’s like when we were fighting those fake Seed. While they could hurt us, striking them down was like striking air. In fact, I’d argue it was less effective than that since the inconsequence of it all prevented us from really going all out. However, Yut took it to a whole new level. He wanted to face danger so he could become stronger and ran off ahead on his own. Lumia was still sour, so her response came off the wrong way and made Emilia mad. Admittedly, if I didn’t know the context of what she meant by ‘if he dies, he dies’, I would’ve been mad myself.

The second area was a volcanic hot zone. Yut ran off again in search of a life-threatening fight. When Lumia made her sour remark, that was the final straw for Emilia. She thrust her against the wall and gave her a stern talk down, admitting things she didn’t want to before, that she rather admired Lumia and wanted to be like her, but wasn’t fond of how she was acting. Her words got through to Lumia rather quickly, and she definitely appreciated it.

It was as I thought. Having a hero for a brother wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for her. She probably spent every day since his sealing off the Seed being compared to him. This created a rather unhealthy obsession with wanting to prove herself and step out of his shadow. She didn’t work well with others as a result.

It’s more hindering way of thinking than people give it credit for. The reason organisations such as Little Wing and the Guardians have pair their operatives with a partner is because going alone can only get you so far. It’s important to have someone watching your back. There’s a load of other benefits. Most important of which is your skills compliment each other and you cover each other’s weaknesses that way. And when you’re in perfect synchronization with your partner, a difficult battle becomes a beautiful ballet. Just like with Vivienne and I on that day… Ahhhh… I still tingle with excitement just thinking about it…!

Ahem… Forgive me, I seem to have lost my composure there..

Regardless, now that Lumia had seen how important it is to work with others, we set off to catch up with our wayward Kasch friend. He needed to have some talking to as well. In needed, I had a firm slap to the face for him… Don’t judge me! He’s far too old to be spanked for misbehaving!

This area was much the same as the last, only now there were spike walls and crushing ceilings for the traps blocked off by the same coloured gates. There were the same bonus areas, and we managed to complete the first, the result taking us to an extra area to earn some extra points. It wasn’t really too bad.

When we finally caught up with our runaway, Emilia was quick to scold him. However, that was short lived as we encountered something the VR simulation had unprescedentedly reproduced. A Dragon. Ancestor of creatures like the De Ragan and far tougher. Also, smarter. Instead of just stepping on us, it took all sorts of defensive actions, including a swipe around the entirety of its body, a charge and even digging underground where we couldn’t reach him. It took a good deal of effort to take him down, but at least that gave us some much needed experience, making this whole trip at least worth it.

With that done, the scolding continued. Yut had pretty much the same lesson to learn as Lumia. He was upset that he couldn’t beat the man in black and took it upon himself to get stronger in the dumbest way possible. He was obsessed with what his brother told him about ‘touching death’. As Emilia said though, there’s a fine line between bravery and recklessness. He didn’t have to fight alone. He promised not to do it again when Emilia threatened to never buy him pudding again. She’s become such a big sister to him now. I’m proud.

When we got back, Ursula called Lumia and I to the office and Emilia went to fulfill her earlier promise of buying Yut pudding. When we got there, Kraz was waiting. He wanted to divulge the information he had collected. It was made clear that Inelt and the man in black were involved in the recent disappearances. They wanted the power of the Ancients, but there was something else. They were clearly after Emilia on the day they attacked Clad 6. As such, Kraz wanted to take Emilia off of active duty to keep her safe.

As bad luck would have it, though, Emilia happened to catch the conversation and misunderstood his intentions. She ran off somewhere as a result. Sadly, as Liina said as we were searching, this is a sign she’s growing up. Before today, she would just have sulked in her room. In a way, I would’ve preferred that.. I would at least know where she is then..

So here I am, a mother worried sick about her daughter and searching every possible place I can think off. Kraz also went off in search of her on his own. I’m sure we’ll be able to find her with our combined effort. When we do find her, I’m going to give her a good scolding… after I grab hold of her tightly and cry…

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 39.

Lumia has joined the Party.

Emilia has left the Party..

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Emilia and Mika were talking after the party about age. As it turns out, Emilia isn’t exactly sure what her age is because she doesn’t know her own birthday. It’s only a guess that she would’ve turned 17, but she thinks she may be a couple of years younger. It then turned to Mika’s age, and then it became odd. Apparently, before she lost her physical form, she was 27. She didn’t seem to take well that Emilia commented she seemed older and tried acting younger as a result. I’m afraid I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at her attempt. She was rather offended by that.

Oh, pish posh. After thousands of years, you should be at the age where you should no longer be sensative about it. “It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are when you’re old.” I can proudly announce my own age and not care what anyone thinks… Though, not now. That’s still my secret.

After, I went to talk to Yut. He mentioned that I reminded him of someone called the Traveller in White, a Cast that had come to their village a few times. I felt my heart sink. He could only have been talking about Vivienne. He said she always seemed lonely and was waiting for someone. Was the person she was waiting for.. me? What happened to us? I wish I could remember.

We went on several missions to Neudaiz after that. Taking on some Omnigougs, which meant more rocks being thrown at me… and similar assignments, including having to fight another Alteragoug, which meant more getting stepped on..

The next morning, Emilia came into my room practically skipping. Her bonding experience with Kraz put her in a really good mood. She was just jumping to get back to work. It’s around that time Yut came running in in a sort of panic. We had an assignment and it was important.

Arriving at the office, Kraz quickly directed us to the news. There had been missing persons cases popping up all over Gurhal. It’s the same kind of case as the incident with the Kasch. Everyone they’ve found don’t remember a thing. Kraz and Ursula further add that not only were the people behind the attack on Clad 6 also some of those that went missing, but some of our own people have gone missing trying to investigate the matter. He clearly didn’t want to send us because of the possible danger, not that I blame him. He told us to keep in regular contact with him.

And with that, it was back to Moatoob. To the snowy mountains. I’ve never been here on an actual mission during my time with the Guardians, but I did come for survival training once with Laia. If I recall, it was when I just started my training. “Bootcamp starts here.” she said. I think she was disappointed when she saw I wasn’t finding this as torturous an experience as she thought I would. In fact, I found it a pleasurable time to reflect upon myself. I bet she never expected me to be able to meditate for five days straight given the reputation I had. I came up with some of my best ideas on that mountain. Jet-powered axe included.

We weren’t the only ones here though. We met up with Lumia again. Naturally, the second they meet, they’re at each other’s throats. Turns out they’re missing some operatives. Emilia jumped at the chance to insult them, saying it’s like the Guardians not to publically announce when they’re missing people.. I refrained from pointing out that we were in the exact same situation. Thankfully, Lumia started to realize that it couldn’t have been a coincidence and that we should work together. I accepted her offer, even though Emilia objected. Sometimes, you have to shove two people in a room together to realize their friendship.

What we didn’t expect to find here though, were Seed. Despite the tight seal on their nest, they were here. But as someone who personally made contact with them, something felt… off. Even as I swang my sword at them, and even though the hits landed, it felt like I was hitting air. There was definitely mass, but it felt like nothing was holding that mass together. I don’t think the others noticed.

Other than that, the path was barely treacherous, aside from the couple of snowball traps. We soon came to what appeared to be a dead end. At least to the untrained eye. Emilia was the one that pointed it out. I’m glad she noticed. We were before a fake wall, a hologram to be precise. I could tell Lumia was genuinely impressed, especially when she pointed out that it was Inhelt technology.

We passed through it and found outselves in a facility. Suddenly, we went from fighting Seed to Synths. If anything, it was a clear indication that someone didn’t want us here. These things were aiming to kill. They were a bit of trouble, but nothing we couldn’t handle before.

The facility lead to an underground cave system and that’s where we found the missing Guardians and Little Wing operatives. They weren’t hurt, but they were extremely confused. They mistook us for Seed right off the bat and tried to attack us. We had to knock them unconscious in order to rescue them. To be on the safe side, I readjusted my body’s output.

So, we took to running through these caves to incapacitate the operatives in order to rescue them, and take out any Seed we came across. We also had to blow open a couple of walls to find more operatives to incapacitate.

Eventually, we found the last three stragglers who appeared to be terrified of nothing. However, it’s then a large Seed appeared out of nowhere. That confirmed it for me. Last I checked, Seed didn’t have stealth capabilities. Taking it out didn’t come as too hard a challenge, but the thing did hit hard.

We discussed the situation soon after. We’d all drawn the same conclusion. There was technology here set for controlling minds and it was subsequently causing these Seed from appearing out of nowhere. Then Yut felt something. He said his Land-Mother was close and ran off. Lumia assured us she would take care of the people we rescued so we could go after him.

When we arrived, we found the man in black fighting Yut. Or rather, we found him beating Yut. Mika and I stepped in after that. I was ready to unleash the full extent of my core if need be, but there was no physical confrontation. Instead, the Mika and the man had a talk. Or rather, he spoke as if she was a traitor and she put in her thoughts on what happened back then. It’s pretty much the same thing she told me. He retreated shortly after. He apparently saw no need to engage us any further.

Emilia was rather dejected, so was Yut for that matter, though when Lumia caught up to us, I think she ended up giving them the pep talk they needed. She gave us her thanks for our help before leaving. She realized that she couldn’t have made it as far as she did without help.

Once we got back, Kraz was livid. He was upset that Emilia hadn’t contacted him in so long. He must’ve been worried sick. I admit, now was when he finally started to look like a father to me… one still smelling of booze, but still..

After his snapping, Emilia gave our report, as well as out suspicions about Inhelt. She was unwilling to at first, but I encouraged her to do it. She handled herself better than last time she tried, and that’s when Kraz and Ursula brought up some interesting information. Apparently, all other companies that were working with Inhelt on the subspace project, including Skyclad, had pulled out of the project. They were reporting everything we had experienced. Local wildlife going berserk, thoughts coming to life, the whole package. While we had no hard evidence just yet, there was now reason to suspect that Inhelt may not be as clean as we thought.

The end of the day took a rather interesting turn of events. Aside from Ursula talking about her business arrangements, particularly for her fashion project, Chelsea got news that she had recieved a certification for some new venture. Apparently, she had collected a lot of them as a hobby, whether or not she inteded to use them. She expressed a desire to make use of the certification in midwivery though, and made it clear she wanted to be Emilia’s midwife when the time comes. Both Kraz and Emilia were taken aback, but Kraz in particular was practically choking. I, myself, couldn’t keep myself from laughing. Welcome to parenthood, Kraz!

So, now Inhelt is officially under investigation. We have reason to believe that the Ancients are using the company to accomplish their goals. With this in mind, I’ll be sure to document everything I see and hear regarding them. And if I know the Guardians, I suspect we’ll surely be seeing Lumia a lot more in future assignments.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 35.

Metis is now Force Lv. 6.

Lumia has rejoined the Party.

Lumia has left the Party.

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