A long time ago, I had a particular gaming magazine. I don’t remember if it was recent or old, but probably the latter. Within this magazine was an ad for a game named Valkyrie Profile. I was instantly interested. The game promised sidescrolling platforming action in an RPG. I didn’t know much beyond that, but I began searching the web with a newly created interest in Norse Mythology, and for any information I could find on this game.

What I found were raving reviews and forums where fans were sharing information, one expressing excitement that Valkyrie Profile was set to become a franchise.

Now, if you’re thinking that I hunted down this game with everything I had and got into the series that way… you’d be wrong. Like Darkstalkers before it, I was sort of an outside fan. I knew nothing of it, but I liked the concept of it so much. My initiation into the series didn’t actually happen until I played Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. My best friend had gotten the game for me on my birthday. He knew I wanted it. I returned the favour later, if my memory serves me right.

What I’m talking about now, however, is Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, the port of the original game for PSP released by Square-Enix. I didn’t manage to get this game either until fairly recently. This review was actually planned to be reviewed from emulator, but after replaying it for my journal, I couldn’t STAND not to have it anymore and found a second hand copy. My second and third playthroughs on the journal actually covers my time on the legitimate copy of the game I now own.

For those wondering, Valkyrie Profile is a fantasy RPG made by Enix based on Norse Mythology and, to this day, I consider to be the one true Valkyrie game. Now, what do I mean by that? This isn’t exactly the first game where you play a Valkyrie in some way or form.

Well, this is the one game where you actually play a literal Valkyrie and do what Valkyrie do. Valkyries are the Choosers of the Slain, who choose worthy warriors who die in battle to eat and drink in Valhalla until the time of Ragnarok.

This, my dear readers, is the basic plot of the entire game. Odin has summoned the main character, Lenneth Valkyrie, one of the three goddesses of fate, to collect human souls to join the Einherjar and fight in Ragnarok. You collect warriors and send them to Asgard to participate in the war, all the while experiencing their stories and cleansing the world of undead. However, this is no simple task as you have a limited time to accomplish this, and your every action is being watched by Odin.

The game is seperated into chapters and every action you do cost periods, with a certain amount of periods per chapter. Inbetween chapters, you will be given a report on the progress of the war and be graded on your own actions. Doing what you need to gives you Evaluation. Maintaining Evaluation is crucial to your success. However, that’s not the only thing you need to worry about as you also need to balance your Evaluation with the main characters Seal Value for the best ending possible.

Unlike traditional RPGs, your characters don’t each get a turn to attack. Instead, each character is mapped to a button depending on how you configured your party, with other actions you can take by opening a menu things like using items or certain magic spells.

The world map has you flying above the mortal realm of Midgard, able to go to any town you please. However, it’s important to use Lenneth’s power of Spiritual Concentration to locate recuitable characters and dungeons for you to grind in and advance the plot.

Once in a dungeon, the game turns into a somewhat of a side-scrolling platformer, where getting around is something akin to a Mario level. There are no random encounters, as you will find enemies roaming about in some form or another. You can touch enemies to initiate battle, but you’re capable of brandishing your sword to always ensure a first attack. These enemies, with a few exceptions, are finite and will only respawn upon re-entering a dungeon, so knowing how to use your time is crucial to getting the most out of your dungeon crawling experience. Every dungeon is laid out on a layered map to give certain degree of 3D movement.

In towns, Lenneth will take on a civilian form, and will have no access to any of her normal abilities. Most of the time, this will only result in flavour text. Learning about what’s happening in the world during that specific chapter, but if you have a particular Einherjar with you (They need not be in the party), you can gain a special item related to them. This may not apply to all of them, but there’s a good chance I may not have found them all.

Now we get to the real bread and butter of the game, the Einherjar. When you go to a specific location upon that will normally be pointed out to you in Spiritual Concentration, you will experience a piece of the story surrounding that a character, and often Lenneth’s interactions with them. The scene will end in them dying and joining you as Einherjar. While their portion of the story will end there, you will learn more about them as you gain other characters often related to them.

This is easily one of the best parts of the game. While you COULD get Einherjar in Silmeria, they felt very… lack-luster.. Sure, they had histories and were varied in class, but that’s kinda where it ends. They talked virtually the same, attacked virtually the same and even shared special attacks. They felt more like fillers than actual characters. In Valkyrie Profile 1, however, they ARE your characters. There’s a great deal of characters in this game, and they all were different, with the most similar being the mages, and even then, they FELT like characters. Even after their impact in the story is virtually over, they don’t really stop being characters. They even have traits which greatly determines how well they do in Asgard.

I would also like to note, that Lenneth is easily one of the best protagonists in RPGs, and the game doesn’t try to sell her by sexualizing her in any way. Despite the love story going on in the game, it doesn’t come with a set up for a damsel in distress and doesn’t tell itself by relying on adult elements or jokes. While there ARE some nude-ish scenes within the game… you see them when you KNOW the context and there’s something wrong with you if you get off on it..

Speaking of that, let’s move another amazing thing this game does. The customizability. Each character is capable of learning skills through books. While some skills will be only useful for being send to Valhalla, most of them will either increase a character’s stats, or give them various options in battle, such as a healing your party at the beginning of the turn or inflicting a status ailment while attacking. The more active skills can be equipped once learned. However, that’s not where it ends. When a character has more than one attack in their combo, you have reasonable control over the order of their attacks in said combo. Many character types can also use different weapon types. Lenneth herself is the best example of this as she can use a sword or a bow, changing up, not only her sprite, but her attacks and the skills she can equip. Any mage can learn any spell in the game and given an active spell that they will always cast upon their combo. This is key to finding synergy with your party. Personally, I find the best balance is to have an Archer, a Mage, a Warrior and a Heavy Knight, one from each character class.

Skills can can be activated and upgraded by using CP or Capacity, which is gained by levelling up or by using an item called the Quartz Gem. The amount of CP gained can be increased by equiping certain pieces of equipment.

Furthermore, while your characters attack, every successful attack on an enemy will increase an Energy meter. Once the meter reaches 100, every character who participated in the attack that turn can use their Special Attack, a unique skill that can deal a large amount of damage. If you continue to bring your Energy gauge to 100, you can use multiple Special Attacks by pressing the button of the appropriate character, with the successive attack being stronger as a result, but the gauge dropping by 20 each time.

Another cost to doing this is your character gains a red mark of CT or Charge Turn. Using Special Attacks or casting spells will raise your CT a certain amount depending on the attack or spell. CT decreased by one mark per turn, or by one mark for every Purple Gem gained from attacking an enemy. While they have CT, however, they can’t use Special Attacks or cast magic. This brings me to my next point.

The game’s unique combat style offers three styles of combat. Combat to defeat enemies, to gain experience, or to refresh characters. Unless you’re aiming to defeat certain enemies that’ll be a pain in the neck during the battle, you almost never want to go for the first option.

Attacking with the right combo order can cause them to drop Magic or Purple Gems. As I stated before, Purple Gems are used to decrease CT so a character by use a Special Attack or Spell sooner. Magic Gems are modifiers that give you bonus experience for defeating enemies, and can allow you to earn as much as three times the original experience value of the fight. This is the key to getting characters to level up during the limited time you have. This turns into button mashing into something that needs to be done strategically in order to have the best results, keeping it from being a braindead experience. Some combos may also cause an enemy to drop a chest, which is essentially an item drop.

There is no traditional shop in this game. Instead, your character gains a salary of MP (Materialize Points) after each chapter depending on your performance and how well you fulfilled the need for a specific unit. MP may also be gained by converting items depending on its value, or by using the item Lapus Lazuli. It’s in this shop where you’ll be able to buy armour, weapons and other things. Most of your weapons will come from here if not gained by Odin between chapters, as most weapon you’ll find in dungeons will have a chance of breaking and are best kept for more important fights.

There’s also three specific areas which give you story scenes and are important for getting the best ending. These are generally obvious and take some exploring, but best done at the right times in order to ensure success.

There are three endings to the game, labelled A, B and C. A is the best ending of the game, while B is normal, and C is a glorified game over screen. I won’t mince words, the B ending sucks something fierce, with the only thing of it having any worth is the boss fight that precedes it. It’s so bad and unsatisfying that the game itself outright TELLS you it’s bad and that there IS a better ending waiting for you. The C ending is only better by a margine as it presents some intrigue to the plot, with the A being the most satisfying ending of all. The first time I saw the normal ending, I felt unsatisfied and supremely unfulfilled, and it was intended to be that way. The true ending gave me untold satisfaction, and it was at that point myself, I KNEW I had to have a legitimate copy of this game. Yes, I bought a game I ALREADY had finished multiple times. It happens often.

Now, the game delves even deeper than that. There are three difficulty settings. Easy, Normal and Hard. There is no difference to the difficulty of battle in each of these modes, save for more involved fights in Hard Mode, but content of the game changes. Easy Mode is very short, offering the least content and only giving you access to the bad and true endings. Normal Mode is the regular length of the game, giving you the normal amount of content and length, and granting you the ability to see the true ending. Hard Mode has you earn the least amount of experience and starts all characters you obtain at Level 1, but gives you the most time to level up per chapter. Furthermore, Hard Mode offers one extra optional character and special dungeons offer the most challenging puzzles and fights of the game. Most of these dungeons will also have not only some of the best items after beating the boss, but they also have a particular item that is necessary for making the most of a special optional dungeon.

While the game tells you that Hard Mode should only be taken up for the challenge, I personally found this the best way to play the game. I would only suggest playing Easy Mode once to get a taste and to properly learn the game’s controls and mechanics. Normal Mode is good enough, but I personally felt Hard Mode was the truest experience of what the game has to offer, giving you the best puzzles and the most challenging and memorable boss fights.

Once you near the end of the game, you will be granted the option to enter the Seraphic Gate, a special dungeon that’s full of the toughest enemies in the game, normally those found in the Hard Mode dungeons, and some of the toughest boss fights the game has to offer. Furthermore, if you manage to collect at least one of the aforementioned special items, you will be able to open one of eight doors allowing you access to the best equipment and even extra characters. However, I will note this dungeon is only really worth exploring with a Hard Mode save file, as otherwise, the experience is a little more dry than it should be.

Despite how good this game is, I DID run into some problems while playing. Sometimes when doing a Special Attack, one character will just no longer have the option to use it despite having the ability to do so before. Sometimes when I’ve knocked Purple Gems out of an enemy, they either will just disappear or miss the characters that were absorbing them, greatly affecting the CT decrease. While I didn’t experience this one myself, apparently there’s a glitch where if you send the special Hard Mode character to Asgard, she will be unusable in the Seraphic Gate. However, this doesn’t dampen the experience of the game too much. Not enough for me to feel the game is subpar or unfinished.

This is by far one of the most beautiful games ever made, with visuals that have aged well even today, a game that originally came out during the PS1’s life cycle. The visuals remain stunning, scores so memorable that you’ll be open the game up JUST to listen to the soundtracks, and voice acting, while awkard at some points, REALLY hit the mark where it works. This game could stand amoung the likes of Okami or Shadow of the Colossus as a game that counts as artwork.

While the story may seem all over the place and mismatched, it takes a little consideration to understand how it all fits together. It’s a story where many small stories feed into a larger one, with all the trimmings of the mythic tale. I started to realize that while most of these stories tended to end and have no final resolution, or resolution you may not find, it’s about how these characters and their experiences affect Lenneth and her character, how she progresses as they grow close to her. It’s by no means perfect, but it does its narrative well, even if you don’t see all of it.

Furthermore, in the PSP version, these are backed up by new CG scenes which add story elements to the game. While some of them may seem akward and out of place, I personally don’t feel they’re unwelcome. However, I AM saying this never having played the original PS1 version. I’m currently watching a Let’s Play I found on YouTube to make comparisons. However, this is all the PSP version added as the game was fantastic on its own. This was a case where Square-Enix understood the concept of ‘Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke’.

So, despite all this praise I’ve given the game, why did it take me so long to a copy of this game? Well, the Green Scorpion did a list on this. Games that are underrated. Well recieved in the eyes of critics and consumers, but for some reason didn’t sell. His main theory is that marketting was the issue. Like I said at the beginning of this review, I got interested in this game because I HAPPENED to glance at an ad for it in what was VERY likely a VERY old gaming magazine at the time. Furthermore, this game was a PS1 exclusive title that behaved VERY differently to what RPGs did at the time. People aren’t exactly going to buy a whole new system on a game that was a gamble. Top add to the fact, Valkyrie Profile 2 was released and ENTIRE generation of console after and, even then, AFTER Enix had been merged with Squaresoft and I have not even seen the PSP remake on PSN. Despite this, this game is SO impactful, that Lenneth not only made appearances in the Star Ocean series and Lord of Arcana (which I will get to next week), but a 3DS title ‘Covenant of the Plume’ was released even later but there’s even a mobile game marked with Final Fantasy (Which I’ll also get to in due time).

The impact of this game is also seen in the upcoming indie title Indivisible, a game from one of the developers that worked on the smash hit fighting game Skullgirls. Their battle system and world building takes much influence from the title.

This game is rare to find nowadays, but if you can find it and have a passion for any of these sorts of games. I highly recommend this game for RPG fans, especially those who love mythological stories like I do. It’s an experience that I have no doubt you’ll enjoy.

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Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character Lenneth has been replaced with my OC Sigrifa. The rest of the content remains unchanged.

The Eight Flame Jewels have been gathered. All that lay within the Seraphic Gate are now open to us.

The first order of business upon re-entering the Seraphic Gate was to get everyone, including our newest member, Lyseria, to the levels of power they should be. I had neglected many of them during the third time loop. Now was our chance to get them all within a favourable range.

I first started by infusing all of us that hadn’t had intense training with the power I had gathered within the orb, and supplying them with the best equipment I could. Then, with Lucian and myself leading, we took them two by two defeating the Gill-men and the Fire Elementals within the first room. With our collaborative efforts, we had finished strengthening everyone within a mere three days.

With that having gone far better than I expected, I took Lucian, Mystina and Arngrim deeper into the Gate until we had located the first door.. It vanished as I presented the Jewel that had been blocked off by the plants of Salerno Academy, granted to us by the sacrifice of a poor maiden. Behind lay a passage way, the room behind leading to our treasures. Our prizes were a bow named the Razor Shaft and robe called the Eternal Garb. The bow was superb and far superior to my Elven Bow. I wasted no effort in claiming it.

As we couldn’t locate any more doors in the Yellow section of the Gate, we proceeded to Red, where we found the second door. Presenting the Jewel that was found within the stomach of the Dark Tower of Xervah, where many hearts beated and eyes watched, the door gave way, taking us to the teleporter.

To my unpleasant surprise, we had found Lezard waiting in the room before us. He talked about how he had been insulted by people during some ‘development’. Being called a stalker and a pervert. I don’t know what kind of development he was talking about, but I couldn’t help but agree with those people who said as such.

We fought, like we had done in his tower. However, this time, instead of his skeletal dragon warriors, he had those annoying Gazers. We had to take care of them at the same time if we wanted any chance of victory. It took three tries to get it right, Mystina having used Cosmic Spear to knock out one of them, and used a Shadow Crystal to deal with the other. As we had prepared to ensure his power made it difficult to take us out, it was a matter of time before we felled Lezard as well.

He warned me that there was a great power that threatened us here before joining our group. As much as seeing his face makes me ill with disgust, I suppose I do owe him for saving me.. That doesn’t mean I had to like it…

Upon finding the third door, I presented the Jewel we had achieved in a trial by fire in the Citadel of Flame, the hallway was revealed to us. In the room beyond, we had claimed the Soul Sword “Kusanagi”, a katana from Yamato, and the Wand “Mystic Sage”. Mystina could now wield the wand far  greater than the Wand of Apocalypse. The sword was an excellent prize for Suo and Jun to share.

With no doors left for us in Red, we entered Green and happened to literally fall into the location of the fourth door. A teleporter was revealed to us as I presented the Jewel that lay as a lost treasure of the Sunken Shrine. The teleporter lead us to the Vampire King, Brahms. He spoke of how the ‘game’ was nearing completion, he had told one of a man that he would ‘leave and join another company’, but regretted teasing him, and thus sought to face me as a sign of gratitude and apology to him. What in the Three Worlds was he talking about..?

Unlike before, our fight with Brahms was unavoidable. He immediately unleashed his fury upon myself and Lucien, however, our empowered weapons had helped us take down before he could do too much damage. Like Lezard, he mentioned that there was a great power here and he wished to aid us in fighting it. Unlike, Lezard, however, I welcomed him into our group. However, he seemed to expend his power fighting us. His strength had greatly weakened. I will help him reclaim it.

I had backtracked for the fifth door, offering the Jewel that had greeted us at the door in the Tomb of Amenti. The room it revealed to us granted us a great spear, the Ethereal Divide, and the Holy Wand of Telos. Another strong wand that allowed for improved magic, and a quality spear for our spearmen Aelia and Lawfer, even greater than the Crimson Edges I made.

In the series of rooms where I needed to fall to the preasure switch is where I found the sixth. Offering the Jewel that was hidden within the guantlet of the Dead King, our path was opened to a series of rooms. After falling to the bottom a room with a series of chains for climing, I came to meet Freya.

It may have been her grief over what happened to Odin, but she talked about how us fighting together again was ‘determined not to be’ and to prove to her my strength, as she refused to follow anyone weaker than her. Has this place affected their minds.

Freya was just as aggressive as Brahms, letting out an assault of her Ether on Lucian, then myself, than Arngrim. However, while she was strong, we had proven to be well-prepared, and our own power had grown considerably. Our endurance won out as we claimed victory.

Freya seemed pleased by our display and was all the more happy to join us. She expended much of her energy in the fight, but I wonder if perhaps she had taken my words to heart during Ragnarok. Or perhaps, this was apart of her grief?

We returned to continue on, locating the sixth door in the the dire path before us. Offering the Jewel that was lost within the disconnected Arianod Labyrinth, the room revealed to us presented us with the Demon Sword “Nefarious” for our Heavy Knights, and the Bloody-Duster to allow us to reclaim Brahms’ lost strength. Somewhere earlier, which I strangely can’t recall very well, I had also found a powerful sword which Lucian had taken to use.

Blocking our path to Silver, we had met once more with Gabriel Celeste. She didn’t seem to remember us, but we had proven a significant match for her. Our victory was claimed swiftly and with minimal loss of our items and strength. I could almost feel the Iseria Queen fuming as we headed to Silver.

We located the final door in an offbeat path that we had located once before. Offering up the final jewel, claimed from the Celestial Castle of the witch Genevieve, we were lead to a series of rooms that brought us to the final treasures. The god slaying sword Danslief and the Ether Laser to allow Freya to reclaim her power.

Satisfied, we met with the Iseria Queen, and the battle commenced. We expected this to be no easy task, but our endurance was carrying us through the worst of it even more than before, and we were doing far more damage to her than we had ever hoped, occassionally striking with combinations of our most powerful attacks. We eventually claimed victory, not even slowed as she unleashed her true form, and our perserverance was finally rewarded with victory.

I once more reclaimed the Tri-Emblem as our prize.

I was overcome with satisfaction at out achievement. We had over come the most terrible of places hidden across our world:

  • The abandoned Salerno Academy.
  • The treacherous Clockwork Mansion.
  • The living Dark Tower of Xervah.
  • The molten Citadel of Flame.
  • The forgotten Sunken Shrine.
  • The lost Tombs of Amenti.
  • The dark Arianod Labyrinth.
  • The false Celestial Castle.

We had gained allies and claimed power. Now, what may be left? What could a group such as ours do now that we had conquered all challenges in our way?

The answer to that is one I did not need to think about.

To watch over this wonderful new world that as the Lord of Creation and her Almighty Allies.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa obtained Tri-Emblem.

Lezard Valeth has joined the Party (Yay….).

Brahms has joined the Party.

Freya has joined the Party.

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Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Lenneth, has been replaced with an OC of mine named Sigrifa. Nothing else has been changed.

From fire to water, our quest took us to the Sunken Shrine next.

As the name would imply, most of the shrine is purposefully underwater and inhabited by all manner of sea monsters. Our first enemy right at the gate was a Kraken. The room after brought us to a pool with dragon statues on either side, statues firing ice beams at regular intervals. It was a matter of using the switches targeted by the beams to get to the other side. How curious that it did not freeze the pool.

The room after lead to a balancing mechanism that manupulated the doors of the next room. It took some positioning to do what was needed to be done. Importantly to start off with them roughly on the same level, and then the left switch to be pulled down. The room after had a two-switch mechanism that flooded the area when the switches were pulled out, and caused the water to recede when pushed in.

While the water did hinder our movements, for the most part, we were capable of launching ourselves up to great heights. This brought us to a room with a second switch that blocked us off unless the water had receded. This lead to another room with a switch at the bottom that lowered the ceiling to create a floor to lead into the doors. However, it only worked when the room was filled with water and the second door out was blocked by a floating slab. I had to make my way back to the long room with the water receded and moved it out of the way. This allowed us to pass into the next part of the shrine.

The room after had a part of it submerged underwater with a locked door on the other side. The switch was on the roof in the sunken part. I created as crystal above water, then shattered it, took the shard under water, and then let it float to activate the switch and open the door.

A dragon with an ice beam lay in the next room, and by the exit was an orb infront of a door. Utilising what I had learned in the tomb of Kashell’s killer, I used a crystale to reflect the beam and hit the orb, opening the door. The next room was a large pool, virtually impassible on its own, but I made platforms with crystals shards to allow myself to cross.

The next room had a door that could only open with two topside switched. Once more shards were useful. It lead to a room where the walls started to close on me. I dashed up as quickly as I could to avoid being closed off. I found the Flame Jewel shortly after. Time for the Defiler within.

This time, I had to utilise Crystals and Crystal Dust to manipulate the ice beam to hit three orbs, after which, I was met with the Wraith. He had been waiting for me. A peculiar action. He had even been counting.

His power was strong, but we had used similar tactics to the one we used to fight Bloodbane in the past couple of runs. We were victorious in the end and the sword and armour we had gotten for our efforts proved most useful.

Curiously enough, Odin decided to speak to me personally during this timeline. He told me of a great sorceress named Lyseria who comitted suicide out of fear of her own power. However, her power, apparently given to her by Mimir, was so great that she couldn’t be vanquished, but sealed her within a magic crystal in the Arkdain Ruins where I had found Grey. I feel embarrassed for having confused her for my sister. Perhaps, I was confused.

Nevertheless, Odin asked that I personally recruit her. So I ventured into the ruins after repairing the Accursed Flame Gem. As I reached the room where she rested, I called to her and her spirit answered me. She told me she sought someone to obliterate her and hoped that I would be the one. We had easily defeated her. Perhaps she had not fully awakened? Yet, I did not grant her wish of death. I wished to save this woman. I made her a new member of my Einherjar. I can teach her how to use her power.

Continuing our quest, we arrived at the Tombs of Amenti, a relic of a forgotten kingdom.

Mummified Undead guarded the chests spread out across the tombs and they were full of traps. In particular were spike slabs and fire spouts that lingered for far too long. However, I was surprised to find a Flame Jewel so close to the entrance, just placed above a door.

Further in, we found a Blue Gem with a door that closed on us once removed. It was a simple matter of using a crystal shard to open up the door once more.

A strange set of rooms soon followed with doors strewn within. Jun, Suo and Nanami had likened it to a Yamato game known as ‘Pachinko’. However, the ‘pegs’ in this case were triangle instead of round. This meant they could act as floors with little room for error. We managed to eventually manipulate it to our favour to press on. We had to deal with the Basilisks, wizards and Dullahan that were strewn about.

We soon came to another room where a Red Gem lay. Using the same trick was easy and we just needed to use crystals to reach the door. While running a gauntlet full of teleportation traps and fire, we found a second Flame Jewel. The end is near.

We answered a riddle to open the kings tomb and placed both gems to summon the king Akhetamet to us. He wanted to return his kingdom to its former glory, aware that repetition had caused his failure. Like Barbarossa, he appeared to be a noble king, but was driven mad by his desires.

Despite having two guards, he took a lot of punishment and spent most of the battle casting a Great Magic spell. Thrugh endurance, we had managed to defeat him and claimed our prize of better armour, a mask and a bracelet.

Next up, came the Aionod Labyrinth.

Unlike the previous dungeons we had been two, the labyrinth was completely disconnected, instead using a numbered teleportation system to get around. I found it rather confusing, and it was filled to the brim with powerful demons. Our amassed power at this point had made them less of a threat, helped by my fashioning a Unicorn Horn I had found into a wand to help Mystina cast Great Magic, which we had later replaced with a more powerful wand of a similar effect.

However, after getting annoyingly turned around, we returned to the entrance to gain our bearings. The teleporters worked on a number system for each room. Doing so, we went along the path that took us across the entire dungeon.


We found the seventh Flame Jewel in Room 11 before meeting the Dark Lord in Room 15. He had a strong thirst for human souls, and was eager to try out my own. Taking our his demon support didn’t weaken him very much, as he proved quite powerful, but we had won out in the end, claiming another Unicorn Horn wand ad a sword for our troubles.

After picking up Gandar, the final jewel lay our us in a familiar place. The Celestial Castle. Either myself or Hrist had been here before.

We found the final Flame Jewel past a Chimera. Now it was a matter of meeting the witch of the castle.

the bottom of the castle had no floor and there were many trapped chests. A mistep meat falling out of the dungeon annd wasting time. After falling out a couple of times, I decided to leave them and go for the top, but found nothing of any real value, nevermind the path to the top. The way forward lay at the bottom.

After a couple more times of falling out of the castle, I had eventually deemed none of the treasure in the area worth my time and made for the solid footing past that section. This took me to a garden with a vine wall and strange bee creatures flying about. I thought I had missed something, but in trying to cut down the wall, I had struck one of the creatures and it seemed to weaken. Taking down all the creatures caused the wall to die and open up.

Another garden lay after, protected by two orbs shooting ice beams. Killing the bee creatures was tougher as a result. Once that was done, however, it was just monsters between us and the goal. We were taken right to the top, where I finally came face to face with the witch.

As it turned out, it was Genevieve. I’d be lying if I were to say I was disappointed. I was rather eager to pay her back for what she did to Jayle. It seemed it was Hrist that sealed her away the first time.

She was considerably stronger than when we had fought before. Either she hadn’t fully awakened then, or her power was restricted by the man who summoned her. It took considerable effort to take out her vampire guards and Mystina was almost constantly on the defensive keeping us in good health. However, it was a simple matter of endurance like the others, and we crushed her at the earliest opportunity. I claimed the armour she kept there as my prize.

Now, here we are in Ragnarok, about to face Loki once more. The Seraphic Gate awaited us beyond, and the doors that these Flame Jewels unlock. What awaits us as we prepare to enter the world’s end?

Status Summery:

Lyseria is now Einherjar.

All Flame Jewels obtained.

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Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Lenneth, has been replaced with my OC, Sigrifa. Nothing has changed beyond that.

While revisiting and discovering new things throughout the my time slip experiments was all well and good, it didn’t particularly help me get into those doors within the Gate. I needed some sort of key, but I wasn’t sure what. I had to make another pass. Just one more.

From the begining, things seemed rather.. different.. about this particular slip. I began to notice it as I picked up Arngrim and Jelanda. Somehow, my runes had been weakened severely. Our growth had been rather stunted, even hindered. This was it.

I quickly adapted to this new situation. I needed to make use of the power I had been collecting in my orb. As much as I liked to keep all my Einherjar on equal footing, I had to prioritise those I fight along side, as well as those I will be sending to Odin. I’ll have to catch everyone up once we meet again at the gate.

As time passed though, it turned out there were more differences to this particular run. My Spiritual Concentration had suddenly drawn me to a place called Salerno Academy, long abandoned after the experiments conducted there.

I head in with Arngrim, Jelanda and Llewelyn.

The ruins of the academy were naturally infested with monsters. However, moreso, there was an othergrowth of plants. The thin vine walls were simple to dispatch with my sword, albeit they had the annoying habit of growing back. On a straight path, I found a journal. Apparently the sorcerer hear bad been engineering plants that react to smells.

Yellow flowers react to sweet smells.

Red flowers react to rotten smells.

Blue flowers react to odd smells.

Acid can temporarily disable the regrowth process.

We soon found out how crucial this information was. There were thick vines covered in the previously mentioned flowers. My sword was unable to cut through them. We had to make use of the information we were given.

I came across the acid in a room nearby. Then afterwards I found a foul smelling pool. Not far from it was the corpse of a woman with an odd smelling perfume.

While exploring around, with this new information, found a jewel with a flame within it. It was much like the Accursed Flame Jewel that I had been asked to repair before, but within, I could see what looked like the Iseria Queen, or perhaps Gabriel Celeste? Whoever it was, it was like one of them was pointing out this was the key.

It seems they were eager for a rematch.

After passing through the red flowers, I found a room with a sweet smell that stuck with me. It took a while for me to figure out the pattern. First, use the perfume to weaken the blue flowers and the acid to stunt their growth. Then, head to the pool to get past the red flowers to the sweet smelling room, and quickly make it past the yellow flowers beyond the blue.

There was another pool of rotten smell not far in after that, but a fountain had forced us to go from the top to get past the red flowers there.

We found a Harpy awaiting us at the end, but thanks to some skills we picked up, particularly one I had missed twice before in the Solde Catacombs, we were able to defeat it with little trouble. We claimed the treasures within afterwards.

The path before us had been laid clear. There were eight doors. The Flame Jewel we obtained was a key that would allow us to open one of them. We had seven more Jewels to collect. I had gone to the Clockwork Mansion in the hopes that one would be there as well.

The same team would partake in the expedition.

The Yamato-style mansion had long been without an owner, but the undead had clearly decided to move in as the aged mechanisms within still worked as night fell. It had a simple layout, but within it lay an annoyance like no other.

A labyrinth that constantly moved around as we passed through it, but would return to proper configuration as we left. It became infuriating to pass through and we’d often get stuck, awaiting for a benevolent spirit to come and pull us back out.

Every part would move as we passed into the next room except for rooms we were going to and the room we were in. However, eventually the pattern became simple to remember.

Down, right, right, right, up, left, left, up, up, right, right, down, down and right.

At the end, we found a Chimera still guarding the place. Like the Harpy before, it wasn’t difficult to defeat it. However, the treasures within proved invaluable, including the Mirror of Plaeides. A power mirror that I decided to use to shield myself from magic, reflecting it back to the user and increasing its power. It only works half the time, but it’s nothing short of useful.

Alas, we there was no Flame Jewel within the Mansion, but quelling the undead haunting it proved to be good exercise as I sent Llewelyn off to Asgard and Jun taking his place.

Jun did not remain on active duty for long as we had soon picked up Aelia. Getting her up to speed as well as I could, we took on Lezard’s tower. It was almost amusing how this tower had troubled us twice in the past, but now these monsters weren’t nearly as threatening.

Our next stop became the Dark Tower of Xervah.

Anrgrim, Aelia, Jelanda.

While the Tower looked normal on the outside, it was quickly apparent that it wasn’t. The inside felt like the tower was alive, with eyes, flesh and even bone. The undead were infesting this place too, however, they were different from those who roamed Brahms’ Castle.

We found ourselves blocked by a fleshy barrier. Unlike those in Camille, we couldn’t just freeze them. Some exploration yielded a room with a heart. Striking it caused it to beat and the barrier stopping us was gone. Another barrier stopped us soon after.

It wasn’t long before I fell into a hole that was like a jaw full of sharp teeth. It swallowed me and spat me out in a different room. I then stepped onto a ventrical in this supposed stomach and was spat out back into the main part of the tower again. The barrier was gone after that.

Passed that barrier lay yet another, but it was malfunctioning, opening for only a split second as the eye on the wall lit up, then closing again for long periods as it went dark. After looking for ways to try and keep it open, it became apparent that positioning and timing was necessary.

A few rooms in, and some more exploration after, we had come to a series of fleshy platforms with more of those jaws awaiting below. It became annoyingly clear that those platforms would drop us into the pit to deposit us to that stomach again. It took a matter of quick and precise jumps to get past them.

We came into a new room and found another heart nearby, striking it once more to bring it to life. We found an Iron Golem in the process. It may have been left here by a past victim, or even the one whom this tower used to belong.

Moving deeper in, the heart had opened up a series of barriers keeping us from the final room. We had the unpleasant suprise of seeing servants of Hel. Floating eyeballs lidded by rock and topped with snakes for hair. This was an annoying enemy to be sure. We couldn’t just defeat one and take care of the other in our own time, as the living one would retrieve the dead. We wore them down instead before aiming to finishing them off with our Holy Crystals, not given them time to revive.

While we claimed our victory, and our treasure, I wasn’t satisfied. I searched every nook and cranny of the tower I could before I began to notice there was something suspicious about the stomach room. Hidden away from us were two treasure chests, including one of the Flame Jewels I had sought.

After picking up Mystina and Lucian, we had were taken to a trial by fire at the Citadel of Flame.

Arngrim, Mystina and Lucian.

Whoever designed this place was clearly having fun. Pools of lava around arrow passageways of stone, some of the stone unnaturally on fire itself, and to top it all off, right at the entrance, we were met with raining fire that had the annoying tendancy to push us back on impact.

It didn’t help that despite my best efforts to strengthen Lucian and Mystina, they were still on the weak side. Despite this, I haphazardly decided to press on with them rather than bring Aelia and Jelanda back in. I dashed through the raining fire and eventually came to a hole, down witch was a switch. Turning it on opened a path deeper.

This lead us to a chamber with platforms hung annoyingly close to the ceiling and a river of lava below us. After some thought, I found using my Crystal to propel us to each platform was the safest way through.

This lead us to a room fool of steam slops. Once more Crystals were the key, mostly as footing. This lead to a ladder with some nonthreatening flamethrower traps.

Onto the next room, it was mostly about footing again. However, we were starting to get worn down. The strong enemies had made it difficult to keep Mystina and Lucian on the front and we were starting to run low on supplies. I shortly decided that running from the more dangerous fights were the best option. However, it was in this room we had once again obtained a Flame Jewel after hitting a switch to open the final path.

The last trap became more troublesome. An unavoidable pressure switch that started another rain of fire. It took a while before it became clear that the pot at the beginning of the room was our solution, catching the flames within. We were badly hurt as our foe was revealed to us.

It was a Fire Elemental, like the ones we had encountered in the Seraphic Gate. Thankfully, we had been able to restock beforehand, so it was a matter of keeping Lucian and Mystina alive as we wore him down. Simply put, Mystina was healing us while the rest of us made a point to attack whenever possible.

It was rough, but we won out in the end with Lucian and Mystina benefiting greatly. However, I feel I may need to enfuse more power from the orb into them.

With three of the eight Flame Jewels in hand, we had made significant progress in just a few months. These new areas are also fruitful for growing stronger. For now, though, I feel we’ve earned a bit of rest.

Status Summery:

Obtained 3 of 8 Flame Jewels.

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Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the regular main character Lenneth, is written as my own OC Sigrifa. Nothing else is changed.

The following happened before the events that lead to Ragnarok.

Now that the time was crucial, it was time to see what we had missed in the Palace of the Dragon. While my conscious memories on the matter were sealed as to not taint the flow of time, now that I think about it, it reminded me a little of the Seraphic Gate in how it was sectioned off.

In various rooms there were paintings of the Tarot cards that mortals were so fond of at the time. A couple of them were guarded by large monsters. However, we were significantly powerful enough to fend them off. The true treasure was what the monsters were guarding. Various stones that acted as keys to the teleportation room.

Unlike the Seraphic Gate, the teleportation rooms had statues which would react to these stones and transport us to a different area depending on the stone used. Each section is a hub to every other.

One said stone was hidden behind a room with various statues in the Eclipse section. It was a simple matter of making the satues face the same way of their counterparts in the Full Moon section. One room mimics the other.

We found an mechanism in the Darkspot section that was offline. There was no switch to be seen. It’s probably in another section, I thought to myself.

Going to the Crescent Moon section, we found a hall of Tarot paintings, and along the corresponding Darkpath section, we found a hall with a section of doors. The two were clearly related. The statue nearby had given us a clue. Youngest first, save for the fool.

The path was clear:

The Emperor, The Chariot, Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man, Death, The Tower, The World, The Fool.

The door opened to yield the painting with the stone.

In the New Moon section, we found the same mechanism as the one in Darkpath. After activating the switch and returning to the mechanism from before, it came to life and revealed a door to us. We were getting close.

The next challenge had us face Guardian statues. We were warned not to get caught. However, in my testing the waters, I did. It brought us to an endless labyrinth where we fought a Dullahan Lord, and had to find the way statue to take us out while it was draining us.

The first Guardian was easy enough. it was simply a matter of trailing behind him slowly, then running off as it spotted us. It stopped once it reached the door and revealed it before going through. We followed and claimed some prizes within.

The second Guardian, however, was more bothersome. It had to be ‘tired’ out before we could get the final stone from it. I got caught by it so many times before I finally decided to lure it into chasing my while using my Crystals to jump over it. After around four times, it ‘fell asleep’ allowing us to take the stone.

The final, Blood-Red section was where things got interesting. Who was it we found there but Gandar, the rotten human who murdered Aelia while searching for the Dragon Orb. He had come here for it, but found it missing. It’s then an ancient Golem awakened, the power exuding from it more than they could handle. Yet, who should it be but Freya that would save them.

It was not done out of the good of her heart. She ordered me to slay Gandar and take his soul. Given how this human acted, I wasn’t in any mood to take him. I would have rather left him to Hel. Unfortunately, orders are orders.

We prove too strong for the sorcerer and crush him underfoot. He takes a superior tone with me, as if he had the upper hand in the matter. As I lay his options before him, he is quickly humbled. He was to face his forced repentance, or face an eternity of torture in Niflheim.

Personally, I would have dragged him all the way to Niflheim myself and thrown him at Hel’s feet. Unlike Badrach, who had shown to have hope for redemption, or Mystina, who was more passionate and caring than she let on despite her narcissism, Gandar had not shown me anything worth a second chance. I’ll be forcing repentance on him for a long time to see if he’s worthy being my Einherjar.

Status Summery:

Sigrida is now Level 41.

Arngrim is now Level 41.

Aelia is now Level 37.

Mystina is now Level 40.

Gandar is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Dragoon Faith. Kept.

Sigrifa obtained Scroll of Golem. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Hourglass of the Gods. Kept.

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Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character, Lenneth, has been replaced with my OC Sigrifa. Other than that, nothing else has been changed.

The following events had occured after restoring the Accursed Flame Gem to its former glory during a Rune Magic experiment.

I will admit, this time around, I found myself keeping Odin’s artifacts as I obtained them, with intention to send them back to him if I had no more need, or if, if I was desperate, to convert them into into funs to keep my Einherjar well equipped. For the most part it helped keep us ahead of the game longer.

Before I recount the latest developments, however, I would like to note that I had made a mistake earlier when I found Grey. I assumed I was to achieve a different Soul, but was lead into the wrong direction. In truth, I had mistakenly delved too deep into his memories, perhaps as a result of his state at the time.

The girl pouring the tea was Lemia, and she was doing so in the hopes of capturing the attention of Grey himself.

Furthermore, it seemed that he might not have betrayed his allies at all. That was due to misunderstanding, as well as his own guilt. Lemia had used Soul Transfer to save his life. His attempt was to try and save her life in return. Once again, with the lovers.

It seems only half of me understood the situation. I’m embarrassed for not listening that closely.

In any case, this time around, I had decided to borrow the Accursed Flame Gem before giving it back to Odin. I thought might’ve needed it to get past the flesh walls in the crypt within Camille Village… Well… there was one more thing I was going there for..

As we make our way to the church, Badrach asks me what we’re doing here. I choose not to answer as I fade away, and a young woman runs up to him. She recognises him, she recognises her. He is in shock. The girl from back then had grown up so much. He tries to leave, but she bids him to wait and hands him a bandana, handwoven. As she leaves, Badrach is speechless. He has seen what his actions back then had accomplished.

In all honesty, the bandana’s worth isn’t much. It was made by an ordinary girl after all. But it something I want Badrach to keep with him always. The love she put into making it made it priceless and infused it with power. This was the one thing that made me consider giving him a second chance.

With that done, we had entered the crypt where the demon that had killed Kashell was imprisoned. It seemed it still could not leave. Defeating the monsters infecting the place, even the Zombie Dragons, were pretty easy at this point.

Then came the obsticle that had halted my presence last time I was there. The flesh walls. The Accursed Flame Gem wouldn’t burn it away, regretably, but I ended up find out how to get past them anyway. With the freezing beam traps right before the door, I had an idea: To use my Crystals to reflect the beam onto the wall.

It was such an obvious answer, I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of it last time. It worked like a charm. The beams froze the walls and made them easy to destroy. With those annoying barriers down, we could finally make our way to the end and meet the demon. Revenge for Kashell.

Yes, this place was the sight of a great tragedy last time I was here. Kashell met his end here. Celia had suffered her second loss. Now was finally time to face his killer.

The demon had scoffed at me as we met. He thought he was greater than I was for relying on the power of humans. It proved to be his undoing. Just like everything else here, we were far too strong. His ability to dodge meant nothing and he was soon falling to pieces before us. Kashell had finally been avenged. The Elven Bow I had picked up from the Forest of Spirits earlier had made the fight even more laughable.

After his defeat, I recovered the Golden Fowl and the sword that kept him sealed, the Grand Sting. Celia must’ve left it in his chambers to keep him from escaping. She no longer needs to cry.

I had recieved the news of Lucian’s supposed death and execution by Loki after. Ragnarok is quickly approaching once more. Our efforts were rewarded with the Gram as one of our powerful items. This is good. It’ll make a fine sword to aid in our efforts.

The Path of the Dragon awaits next. I’m interested to see what we accomplish while there.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 34.

Arngrim is now Level 34.

Aelia is now Level 29.

Mystina is now Level 34.

Sigrifa obtained a Handwoven Bandana from the girl Badrach had saved.

Sigrifa obtained Golden Fowl. Kept.

Sigrida obtained Grand Sing. Sent to Odin.

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Disclaimer: For the purposes of this journal, the main character Lenneth has been replaced with an OC of mine. Nothing else has been changed.

This is a short story about what happened after our battle with Loki.

As I returned to the new world, I came across a large tower. Large amounts of magic power were seeping threw it, practically forcing the door open. Looking at it I knew, this was a place of no return. Upon entry, we would not be able to leave without conquering the powers that lay inside. My head screamed with danger.

I had claimed the rest of my Einherjar, so upon entry, the first thing we needed to do was get them up to the rest of us. To learn every skill they had yet to learn, to improve beyond measures. While I had trained many on the path of Asgard Hills, many more still haven’t learned all the new tricks we had attained after they had been sent.

The enemies presented merely at the main entryway were sufficient enough from the task. A bunch of legged fish called Gill-Men of sufficient strength, and even stronger, a pair of Fire Elementals. Thus, our training had begun. We were going to make our presence well known.

First came Kashell the Blade Warrior, Jun the Lost Ronin and Nanami the Priestess.

Next was Lawfer the Halberd of Justice, Belenus the Noble Swordsman and Lorenta the Caring Sorceress.

After came Jayle the Whirling Blade and Yumei the Tidal Sorceress with Arngrim the Black Swordsman returning to my side.

As my Beloved Lucian returned to my side as well, we began training our archers. Llewelyn the Platoon of One, Janus the Unyielding Fallen One, and Badrach the Thick-Shelled Scoundrel.

With them all trained up and their equipment updated, we could make our way further in. The enemies were strong, and provided further growth with our party. The expedition team was settled to be Arngrim, Lucian, Yumei and myself. Lucian and I would both use swords, but I would switch to a bow when needed.

The monsters we encountered were all strong, but we faired well against them. We ran from those who were a bit too much at the time, but for the most part, we did battle, collecting treasures along the way.

We found Golden Eggs that would be shared between Lucian and myself, then we found a teleporter that sent us to a new area with large  red rooms. From down below, we went on high to crawl along chains. Amoung the treasures we had collected was a Dimension Slip, which we could use to disconnect from the space we were in and avoid the monsters when needed.

After climing a high-up room filled with chanis, we entered a rooms of green, at the center being an even larger room with sprawling chains. We eventually found a switch before a door. We had found many such doors while searching around, but they were all sealed, the keys unknown. However, this one one had a switch on the floor before it., Above, stretching for several rooms, was a glass floors. It became immediately apparent what we had to do. The switch was stuck.

Along the path to break the glass, we saw two dragons that resembled Bloodbane. I decided we best not encounter them. Not after the last fight..

After gaining decent height, I plummeted down for several feet and landed on the switch, the impact enough to move it and cause the door to open. Within lay a portal that took us to rooms of silver. The magical energy was strongest around here.

Journeying a little inward, we encountered a strange being. She looked similar to a god, but she had strange wings of blue-light that resembled that of the sprites of Alfheim. Also, she sounded like a man…

She (?) looked at me and practically laughed. Apparently to her (?) I was just some mundane thing that was only called a god because my supernatural power made mortals see me as such. She (?) seemed quite irritated at the notion and was talking down on me rather severely.

Who are they? They’re extremely annoying..

We broke into a fight rather quickly. This creature named Gabriel Celeste was quite formidable. She was bring us on the brink of death several times. If we were mere mortals, she could’ve snuffed us out with just a wave, that much was clear. However, her downfall was underestimating us. Our persistance refused to let us go down and whenever we did, there was always someone to bring us back.

As Gabriel was vanishing into the aether, she swore we would meet again in another time and place.

Travelling further in, we soon found another one. She looked similar to to Gabriel, but her wings were glowing a deep red. She wasn’t so quick to underestimate us. In fact, the creature known as Iseria Queen seemed rather interested in the fact we had gotten past her comrade. Her voice was particularly screechy and jarring…

If fighting Gabriel was like fighting Bloodbane, fighting Iseria was like fighting Loki without my powers of Creation. Much like with Bloodbane, we had to forgo healing and rely on our perserverance and unity to keep us in the fight. Yumei would strike with some dark magic she had learned, then Lucian would strike to get her spells, followed my Arngrim’s wielding Levantine, which I had loaned to him, and myself using the bow to keep her off-balance and unable to defend. Whenever we got the chance we would combine our efforts and strike with our most powerful techniques.

The battle was already hard and going long, not helped by the fact she had something akin to a Gungnir that would strike at us all, apparently with the intent of tearing our bonds apart. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t that simple.

That said, she really starting to turn ugly when we had made progress halfway through the fight. She suddenly unleashed a large, vampire looking form above her. Was this… her true body..?

In fact, was that body actually belonging to Gabriel and she was some other creature lurking within her?

The fight got tougher from there. She would use all sorts of techniques to whipe us out, including a stronger version of Gabriel’s technique and an even stronger spear. We were starting to become more desperate, attacking whenever possible and hitting as hard as we could.

Our perserverance once again shone threw and Iseria was soon defeated, vanishing into the aether herself. With that done, all the magic within the Seraphic Gate began to discipate, along with the monsters that wandered in. We claimed our prize. An emblem in the shape of a triangle. It was certainly a poweful item and guarded heavily against fire.

With our path clear we left, however, I couldn’t help wondering what would be behind the doors I hadn’t opened. I felt my chance to open them had gone long ago. Our adventure was over for now, but I pledged one thing.

“I shall return.”

It was then I decided to perform a few experiments using a combination of the power of Creation and my Runic Magic.

It shall prove most interesting.

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 99. She can grow no further.

Arngrim is now Level 81+.

Lucian is now Level 53+.

Yumei is now Level 36+.

Lawfer is now Level 30.

Belenus is now Level 32.

Llewelyn is now Level 33.

Kashell is now Level 32.

Janus is now Level 28.

Nanami is now Level 36.

Jun is now Level 32.

Badrach is now Level 35.

Lorenta is now Level 36.

Jayle is now Level 34.

Sigrifa obtained Tri-Emblem.


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Disclaimer: The main character Lenneth has been replaced with an OC of mine for the purpose of this journal. Other than that, nothing’s changed.

My latest Spirit Concentration pulled me to the Path of the Dragon far off of the map, but I found myself unable to think of that. Instead I went immediately to the Weeping Lilly Meadow.

“This earring goes with another. I know you can find it.”

Those were the words Lucian told me before I was overcome by that horrid vision. As I dug, I started to remember everything. The dream of the boy Lucian, and the girl Rosilda, our parting as I sent him to Asgard, the fight with Loki. It was like a fog had been lifted from my mind. However, I suddenly feel a pain unlike any other I’ve felt before fill my body.

Lord Odin and Freya become aware of my seal coming undone. They start to panic, however..

There’s a hidden failsafe. I’m forced upwards into stillness and out of my body. I was being… switched out? My armour is suddenly replaced with one of jet black. Next thing I know, I’m staring at myself, but.. It’s not me..

Yet, this ‘me’ is the one whom Arngrim and Mystina find when they came running, concerned about the screaming. The Valkyrie they find is Hrist. She told them that I have been seen no longer fit for carrying out the task. Now, they were to serve her, however they refused. This woman appeared to them to be cold and uncaring. They wanted the Valkyrie they had always known. Stoic, yet kind.

Hrist sees this as reason enough to destroy them. She lets out a huge energy blast, however, using the earring as a vessel, I jump in the way and protect them. My soul is torn apart in the process. My existance had begun to fade. Hrist gave passing pity as she readied herself to face off against Brahms. I can barely hear them.

It is only through echoes and recollections that I can recall what happened next.

Arngrim and Mystina were in a panic. Fragments of my soul were floating all over the meadow. A voice I recognise then told Mystina to remain calm. It was Lezard. He instructed her to gather my fragments and freeze them. Sure enough, I felt her using her magic to pull me together and incase me in a crystal. It was.. a strange sensation… It felt like I was in the womb once more, but at the same time, I was fading away. Between life and death.. I suppose for me, that would be fitting.

Lezard meets them shortly after and they head back to Mystina’s room in Flenceburg. The plan was to put my soul inside the remaining homonculus. He did tell me when we first met with him that ‘he intended to make me as of a human’. I could only wonder if he did this because he truly cared, or if he merely saw this as an opportunity to do so.

He told them it was dangerous, that I was in danger of being destroyed in the process, but that it was the only way to save me. He said this with a straight face. He neither boasted, nor did he try to belittle them. Furthermore, he knew this was something he couldn’t do alone.

Mystina joined with him to perform the Soul Transfusion, placing me within the homonculus. I came out of the tube as a result, though I was still barely conscious. They took me to bed to lie there. He was quick to inform him that this was not enough.

The condition of my soul had left me in a critical state. They needed to retrieve my vessel from Hrist in order to ensure my safety. They left for Brahms’ Castle.

They find Hrist, her sword pointed to Brahms as to challenge him, as I had done before. They’re quick to order her to give my body back to me. Brahms found this particularly interesting, replying that it was as he thought, that Hrist wasn’t the ‘real Valkyrie’. Hrist replied that the three of us were all part of the same psyche, that there is no ‘fake Valkyrie’. Nevertheless, this was all Brahms needed to know. He was quick to side with Lezard and my Einherjar.

“If you can hear me, I beg of you! DON’T DIE!” I remember crying out those words as the battle began.

Hrist was by no means inexperienced when it came to fighting. All three of us have great ability when it comes to combat, however, she had overestimated herself. She was far from awakened. Between the Lord of the Undead’s viscious clawings, the combined magicks of Mystina and Lezard, as well as Arngrim’s formidable skills and large slab of metal that he calls a sword, she was easily vanquished in one viscious assault.

Hrist screams as she’s forced out of the vessel and Mystina is quick to capture it in another crystal. Brahms congratulates them on doing so. He tells Arngrim that it had been a long time since they had fought together. Arngrim is confused as he leaves.

As I’m made whole, I’m conflicted and confused. I could remember my Einherjar, each as I met them. I heard Belenus’ words which he had spoken to Asaka. Lucian as he died wishing to no longer be alone. Arngrim calling me a Death Goddess.

Was I merely picking people like a flower? Am I merely just a Goddess of Death?

Questions like this rang through my mind as I cried out in despair. I ran back to the meadow to desperately search from the earring, to find some way to save it. However, there was no trace of it left. It was all I had left of him..

Loki meets with Surt, the King of the Vanir, able to cross to Muspelheim due to his nature of being half Aesir and half Vanir. He bargains with the fire giant, offering the Dragon Orb to even the odds againnst the fight against the Aesir. That is not all he offers. Be brings with him the Dire Wolf Fenrir, and the Dragon Bloodbane, who had been rumoured to have swallowed the cursed sword Levantine. Despite the edge this would give the Vanir, Surt refuses. He had no desire to use the power of demons. Loki laughs at his foolishness and destroys him, taking over the Vanir army.

With the Vanir army now under his control, Loki destroys Asgard. He meets with Odin, who has with him the spear of power Gungnir. The spear is rumoured to ensure victory by sucking in all power like a vacuum and take it into itself. However, despite this…

I stood on the edge, looking upon the ruins of Asgard. I am met by Frei and she tells me that Odin had wanted the Dragon Orb to destabilise Midgard and send it into Chaos in order to make my job easier. I knew she meant well, so I tried not to be too harsh when telling her to be silent. I somewhat listened to her when she told me to go to him. I think she took well to the fact my seal had been destroyed.

I arrive to find Odin’s body with Freya crying over it. This was no mere sorrow over failure of duty. She truly cared for him. She noticed my seal had been broken.

“I thought sealing your memories away was for the best.”

“Why care about humans when their lives are so fleeting? It’s only natural they serve us.”

As I faced her like this, I had this feeling she truly regretted what she and Odin did to me. I had no plan to take vengeance on her. What was important for me was to face Loki and end this madness. I fear the Path of the Dragons was an opportunity missed.

She begged for me not to go, that Loki was too powerful. I responded that I had no reason not to at this point. She began crying again as I started to leave. I briefly turned to her.

“I only wish you could show such compassion to the mortals.”

I make my way to the Asgard Hills.

Ragnorok: The final war between the Aesir and the Vanir. “The Twilight of the Gods”. I war so devistating it was to destroy Yggrasil and all the worlds that were held together by it.

Odin: A half-elf god with the ability to grow, yet shunned by the gods beforehand. He fought long and hard to grip the throne he had claimed as their king.

Loki: Half Aesir, half Vanir, yet accepted by neither. A notorious trickster who grew up in the shadow of his brothers Thor and Tyr.

Valkyrie: A god living between life and death, Asgard and Midgard. Composed of three aspects and born continuously on Midgard to be reborn again in Asgard and claim the souls of mortals to become Einherjar. The ‘Chooser of the Slain’.

With three gods with such conflict with identity and belong, perhaps such a end was unavoidable.

I arrived in Asgard Hills, climbing upwards along what was left of it. Occassionally, we encountered Vanir soliders, the last scramblers of those following Loki. Always one strong solider hidden behind several regular ones. It took a while to get into a procedure for them. Using a bow, I fought with Arngrim, Suo and Shiho. It didn’t take too long for us to reach a checkpoint, past which lay Bloodbane.

We took the time to train, using the stragglers behind us to prepare for the monster before us. It was not going to be an easy fight. The final team had become Arngrim, Shiho, Aelia and I.

For this fight, we had forgone all healing, but prepared a number of safety measures. The fallen would be revived by who was left if we had lost the initial barriers. Shiho started us off with a Might Reinforcement spell and I used my bow to break off pieces of soul so she may be able to cast again.

It took us a while, and we fumbled a bit in the beginning, but after a full on assault with Shiho’s Sacred Javelin spell, we caused a severe blow. It sent Bloodbane into a rage and he went all out to try and kill us, but are guards did not fail in protecting us each time. It only took a little more perserverance to take him down. In doing so, we had sliced open his gut and claimed Levantine. Its power was immence.

We resumed up the hill, taking on the Phantom Knights. The stragglers must have run after seeing us kill the dreaded dragon. It probably didn’t help their morale to see Aelia’s dragon form being one of the main instraments in taking the beast down. Only ghosts had remained.

We soon came to another checkpoint, and beyond it, the Dire Wolf Fenrir. We wasted no time in taking him on.

While not as troublesome as the dragon, the wolf was nothing to scoff at. Every attack he did not only hurt, but was in danger of freezing us. He occassionally took one or two of us out, but with swift use of our undented security procedures against the dragon, it was merely a matter of wearing him down. We were heavily injured, but Fenrir fell before he could sink his fangs into any of us.

We started climbing again. The ghosts were getting stronger, and eventually we encountered Mind Flayers and possessed monsters. We fought on, though retreated from a single fight that was proving to be a bit much.

We finally reached the top and encounter Loki. He laughs at his percieved superiority over us. I was angry with him. I wanted to make him pay for what he did to Lucian. I could not forgive him, but most of all…

I could not forgive myself…

We fought hard against him, but he proved to strong. We were barely doing anything to him and he was crushing our bodies like it was nothing. It took only a few attacks for him to take out Shiho and leave the rest of us on the ground.

He took the time to mock me. That I was holding back because I didn’t want to unleash my power and kill everything in its wake, including my own Einherjar. He told me I should be like him, and only fight for myself. I did not agree, but I lost control of myself.

And in that brief moment… everything… the world… came to an end…

The power I had unleashed had clearly shook Loki to the core. He was impressed by it. However, he had underestimated me. Odin is not the only one with the power to grow.

I heard the souls crying out. They had reached to me. I had gained the power Odin had attained before me. The power of creation. I connect with the souls and unleash them into the world, breathing into it new life. Alone? Fight for myself? Surely not. I fight amoung millions, even billions, of souls. I fight with the world.

Loki is naturally stunned, but he remained steadfast in his convictions. He intended to end everything, so he merely needed to crush it again. As I forge a new blade out of the aether, I stand before him with my Einherjar appearing once more at my side.

I am fortunate to have such amazing heroes as my Einherjar. My troops. My comrades. My friends.

We took to battle once more. In terms of damage, only my blade could harm him, but it was only in working together that we could be victorious. The Prismatic Missile and Healing spells from Shiho were of great help. Arngrim’s sword swinging down and Aelia’s spear thrust forward. He could do little to stop the build of power between us. It was only fitting that I take him down with my newfound power.

Several swings of my blade. He is thrust up, etherial spears impale him and lock him in place. I fly into the air and hold out my hand. I pull my mighty spear from the aether, my very own, Gungnir, as I had done many times before. I throw it forth. It impacts, the soul energies surround Loki, and implodes inward before exploding outwards. He falls.

Loki could not understand what had happened. He cries to see the reason as he breaks up and I claim his soul. I bid he sees the world as I see it.

I wish I could understand your soul, Loki. Perhaps, I never will.” I speak this words only to myself. I did not expect an answer.

“You already do.”

The voice was familiar, warm and welcome. I turned to see Lucian. He had survived! I ran to him and grabbed hold of him tight. Our lips met in the excitement.

“Let us go back.” I tell him, and we go into the reborn world.

Perhaps, you wonder why I recount such a fantastic story in this manner, and on my wedding day of all days?

The answer is simple. The past must never be forgotten. At the best of times, at the worst of times. Even if it seems like another era, everything becomes part of who we all our. Gods, mortals, elves, even undead. Took to the past, and head towards the future.

Though, more realistic about it, I simply just wanted to recall it. The twilight that I had been apart of and how my Einherjar and I brought things anew. That is all apart of who I am.

I am the Rolilda, the childhood friend of Lucian.

I am Sigrifa, the Valkyrie who had gathered Souls and remet him.

I am also, Brunhild, who now lives amoung Midgard to be his wife.

I am Valkyrie, proud warrior and one of the three Goddesses of Fate.

Together, we shall look after this new world and

“I think together, we will be able to find Happiness.”

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 87.

Shiho is now Level 49.

Arngrim is now Level 67.

Suo is now Level 38.

Grey is now Level 50.

Mystina is now Level 38.

Jelanda is now Level 36.

Aelia is now Level 39.

Sigrifa obtained Demon Sword “Levantine”.

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Disclaimer: For this journal, the main character Lenneth has been replaced with an OC. Nothing else has changed.

A fire wages. The war goes on. His sins are declared to him. He makes a desperate defense. He cries to Shiho for help.

This would be the fifth time I’ve come to Hai-Lan to clame a soul. I suppose it would make sense for areas engaged in war to have the most deaths, but of all people, him?

Suo is conflicted with himself. The darkness in his soul accusses him of loving blood, and that he dons his red armour to hide it. However, his conscious soul tries to deny it. It all comes down to his recent encounter with his beloved Shiho.

A comrade asks him if he’s okay. He doesn’t properly find the words. He didn’t want to go on this mission. The intelligence they recieved tells them that there’s a village filled with warriors disguised as non-combatants. Lies.. His comrade claims the information is reliable. They just want an excuse to spill innocent blood..

Before long, the village is raised to the ground. Their commander has ordered occupation of the village and to kill everyone they find. His heart is stained black like coal.. As he is left alone, he spotted a man holding a sword, shivering as the samurai approaches. He is afraid.. He has clearly never seen battle.. Suo raised his own blade to the villager, but notices the crying woman and children behind him. The man pleads for them to run. He is sacrificing himself for their safety.. Suo froze in place.

He remembers Shiho. Rescuing her from her cruel allies. How his commander murders her in cold blood. He asks her, Shiho, what do I do?

It took only that moment for the man to take advantage and strike Suo with a fatal blow. The samurai collapses to the ground as his life fades away.

“Why didn’t you fight?” I ask.

I was thinking. He replies.

“This wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to fight to protect these people. Yet now I am being orders to cut those very same people down.”

His answer was enough for me. As we left, his commander found his corpse and draped a cloth over his face. He made a comment that he was too soft. You’re wrong. He just hadn’t given into the sins of killing.

In a sense, Grey and Suo are very similar. They commited grievous sins. However, the difference in this case, was Grey chose to betray his allies in order to save himself. Suo, on the other hand betrayed himself in order to save others. Yet neither of them accomplished this. They finally shall.

With Suo as part of the Einherjar now, I take to the Forest of Spirits to seek the aid of the elves in fixing the Accursed Flame Gem. There were many elves strewn around the forest as guard, but there was one who I found before a wall of fog. She guides us through it to her home and I showed her the cracked gem. She told me that she didn’t currently have the materials to repair it, but I could get them for her in the forest itself.

She needed the Silver thread of a Giant Spider, A Charm Feather from a Cockatrice and Polar Drops from the local Polar Fountain, a mysterious spring that empties and fills at different times. She also required a Golden Candlestick that had been stolen by a rather troublesome Apeman.

Getting through the forest itself wasn’t so much of a problem as it was annoying. The animated flora walking around had a tendancy to poison us. The craps were virtually invulnerable to physical attacks and we had to completely rely on Nanami’s magic. The wasps were just a severe annoyance in how they buzzed, and so were the slimes. However, we had to avoid the Mandragoras as they were too strong for us to handle.

The first thing we found was the Giant Spider. It proved pretty vulnerable to out all-out assault. Getting the thread was a simple task.

Next we found the Cockatrice. The petrification wasn’t as much as a bother as it should’ve been, but it was irritatingly resiliant. Still, it provived to just be a tougher obstacle. We clamed the feather we earned rather swiftly.

Next came the Apeman, who was high in the trees. He wasn’t as tought as the Cockatrice, but resiliant nonetheless. Still, he didn’t pose much of a danger. Retrieving the candlestick wasn’t very hard at all. As the elves themselves said, the beast was stupid.

The final item was the easiest to obtain. We found the spring after just a little effort of navigation. He didn’t even have to fight for the drops we needed. We just had to be there at the right time.

We returned to the elf and handed the items over to her. Once her work was done, she handed us back the repaired gem. I sent it to Lord Odin.

With the job done, we went to another Cave of Oblivion ad found minor treasures there. After, we returned to the forest to train. We traversed the fog and found some Harpies, tougher, but still not too much of a threat. As we made our way to a clearing he found a second Cockatrice. It was about as troublesome as the first, but we claimed the artifacts it was guarding easily enough.

Afterwards, I sent Nanami to Asgard and took a rest.

However, Freya had come to me baring bad news. She told me Lucian had stolen the Dragon Orb and was executed by Loki. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Yes, Lucian had made his carreer as a thief in Gerabellum, but he was a warrior above all else. He had no reason to steal anything. He didn’t do it.. Loki lies..

Freya suspects he may have hid the Dragon Orb on Midgard. She instructed me to find it.

Again, I find this part to be rarther cloudy, but I’ll recount as best I can.

Lucian fights Loki valiently, but is defeated, being flung from the mirror, but… I can’t see his fate… What… happened?

Freya tells Lord Odin about the Dragon Orb, and Loki presents his ‘evidence’ of Lucian’s guilt. The proof that he used the Water Mirrior. LIAR!

Loki leaves to deal with his business. Lord Odin could find no proof that he was lying. However, Freya has her doubts. She believes there’s a distinct lack of motive for Lucian to steal the Orb. Of course, he doesn’t have one..

Lord Odin doesn’t completely trust Loki’s words. He swears to punish Loki if he finds he was lying. He will be punished severely…

I was angry at Lucian for using the mirror, but he didn’t transfer the orb… What he sent me was… the earring…

I need to find the other earring!

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 39.

Nanami is now Level 33.

Arngrim is now Level 33.

Suo is now Level 30.

Shiho is now Level 22.

Suo is now Einherjar.

Sigrifa obtained Accursed Flame Gem. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Arectarius. Sent to Odin.

Sigrifa obtained Elven Bow. Sent to Odin.

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Disclaimer: The main character Lenneth has been replaced with an OC of mine for the purposes of this journal. Other than that, nothing else has changed.

Tea is served. A girl speaks nervously. She asks if she would make a fine bride. The man doesn’t get her intentions. Witnesses roll their eyes at his cluelessness.

My Spirit Concentration seems to be suffering a few hiccups. This was certainly not about to happen in the Arkdain Ruins of all places. It seems this was the event of an earlier echo.

Celia wandered through the ruins, remembering old times with her allies.

She wonders if she can defeat Grey on her own.

She remembers the times she spent with her comrades, her friends. Those good times. Those times that may not come again.

Celia’s memories remained strong as she entered the ruins and confronts the heavy knight, Grey. They were before my sister. She was angry with him, she couldn’t forgive him. She wanted an answer. She asked if he killed their friend, Lemia and set of the events that that killed the others. He hugged him. She couldn’t kill him or she would be truly alone. Grey spent many moments in silence before giving an apology. His armour fell apart to the floor. He had lost his body long ago, and he cold no longer hold in the armour that was now him. Celia let out a cry of despair.

I stand before him now, he expects judgement. He wants to be punished for his sins. I tell him that he couldn’t have been saved, even with a Soul Transfer. He takes this as further proof for how he deserves to be in the hands of Hel. I offer him a different solution. Salvation as one of my Einherjar.

Despite his sins, Grey is easily one of the most capable heroes. I have no doubt he’ll be a valuable asset.

I was then brought to the lost city of Dipan. It was the head of a kingdom that had long been destroyed by the gods for messing with the natural balance. I met the soul of the deceased king, King Barbarossa, standing infrong ot the guillotine. Her curses three men, and once he notices my existance, he curses me. He blades me for the destruction of his kingdom. I had no memory of this incident. It would’ve been ludicrous to expect me to apologise for something I had no memory of. What if it wasn’t me?

A battle broke out as the king grew into a large suit of armour missing its head and wielding a large blade that puts Arngrim’s sword to shame. It was a tough fight. He knew magic, he was tough to damage and his attacks were powerful. We had to power through a lot of the fight, especially since I neglected to sortie Arngrim back in after sorting out Grey. We had to fight him twice too. He could not be purified.

He was bound to this place by his vindictive nature. We had to search the castle for clues to free him. As we set foot in the castle, we found it to be infested with monsters. They wandered around the ruins like they owned it.

The harpies and knights weren’t too bad, and we could handle the wizards with relative ease between Nanami and me. The big problem, however, was the Life Stealers. They couldn’t do much to the rest of us, but they kept aiming at Lucian, since he wasn’t as accustomed to his new abilities yet. They had to pay.

Deep in the basement, we found some sort of time machine. As I stepped into it, there were echoes of voices and it activated. I found ourselves in the castle now made pristine. I went up, searched around. It looked brand new, but all the guards were dead.

I exit to find myself in the restored town. I was confused, but as I heard voices, I entered my human guise and hid. A Valkyrie in black armour, who looks similar to me, came in just then. She was with… Llewelyn… and Mystina? How? They talk about how King Barbarossa had been caught, but they were still searching for the three mages. The king was to be executed and the preperations were made by… Arngrim?

They leave to take care of their duties, but the Black Valkyrie senses my presence. It was then I recognised who she was. It was Hrist. She was the one who carried judgement on Dipan all those years ago. She paid me no more mind and went off, thinking it was just her imagination.

Those mages had sent me back in time. I tried to go back, but found the machine in ruins. They intended to keep me trapped here. I had no choice but to search the city and talk to its people.

The king is innocent. It was the fault of the mages.

The queen is nowhere to be seen.

Only evil gods would punish the king.

The time machine was the idea of the mages.

These were amoung the thoughts of the people as I travelled around. I was aimless for a good while. Then I found woman who used to work at the castle.

There is a secret room in the castle. I have never seen it, but the queen must be there.

I had found a bookcase earlier that seemed rather suspicious. I went back and checked it. There, I found the queen. She introduced herself as Malabeth and confirmed what the townspeaple had said. The three mages had tricked her husband and ended up angering the gods. She then gave me his crown and asked me to deliver it to him so he could die as a king.

The execution is taking place.  Hrist calls the attention of the crowd. Why is Lawfer there too? She passes her judgement. The king and the town will pay the price. A girl, close to the king, runs towards the square as Hrist passes her judgement. She screams as the Guillotine comes down on his head.

I couldn’t get there in time. The sun had set and before me was the severed head of the king. I picked up his head to apologise, only to find I’m being pulled back in time. The queen’s final wishes and the king’s crown. They transcended time and sent be back. I was again before the ghost. I could still keep my promise.

I lept to the platform he stood on and offered the crown to him, allowing him to transform back. He told me he’s to blame for the time machine, that the mages were just following his orders. I knew he was mistaken, but I didn’t correct him. It was long past time for him to pass on.

He disappeared as he placed the crown on his head. That was when three voices, the mages, decided to make a mockery of him. They were using him so they could transcend time and be able to defeat the gods. They will pay.

I scowered the entire castle, but I couldn’t find them. I had to reluctantly leave, but not before I sword they would pay for their crime even if I had to rip them out of whatever time they had hid themselves in.

A war rages. A woman asks about the colour red. A child cries for her mother. She asks for what purpose she had been born. The world curses her for existing.

This would be the fourth visit to Hai-Lan for a soul. It’s almost like death circles the place. Yumei, Nanami, Jun and now her.

A woman named Shiho stands before a crowd of people. She apologises to them that her power was not enough to save the lives of their loved ones. She is met with scorn as a housewife yells at her that they’re better off without her, calling her a witch. The soldiers with her assure her that she is wrong. That they’d be dead if it wasn’t for her songs.

This woman is an instrament of war to the Hai-Lan military. A tool to turn their soldiers into ferocious berserkers. She sings and they stop fearing death. They become formidable, even nigh undefeatable.

The invading forces can’t even keep up. Until… the singing stops..

Her commanding officer demands that she start singing again, and beats her when she remains silent. Scum..

One such enemy soldier broke through the lines and stood before her. He asked why she stopped singing. His question is met with another. Do you know what red looks like? She is blind.

She was destined to be a song maiden from birth, but in return for her voice, she claimed the gods took away her light.. or had no light to give. He asked her what she’d want in return for ceasing to be the song maiden. She told him. Death.

He lifted lifted his sword to stike her down, but lowers it once more. Instead, he picks her up like a bride and takes her to his commanding officer. Did I find yet another lover?

However, his commander looks at her for only a moment before striking her down. She calls out his name before she’s silenced completely. Suo.

He is not pleased with his superior’s decision, but could do nothing. I decided to take that time to give her something. My own eyes to be hers.

Whether she uses her powers or not is her decision, but I have no doubt in my mind she’s a superior Einherjar.

We then went to a Cave of Oblivion and found some minor treasures. The real work was to come though.

A girl begs her secret be kept. A scoundrel speaks from a superior position A plan is hatched behind the scenes during a rite of blessing.

Crell Monferaign is another place I seem to be visiting alot. First Llewelyn, then Janus. My third time for a soul now.

A young knight named Jayle begs her superior, Fahn, to keep her gender secret, having entered under pretence of being a man. He noted she was different from the other recruits. Fahn agreed, but on condition he tell him her real name and why she wanted to become a knight.

He praised Jayle for the remarkable progress she had made as a knight, saying she was far better than any of the men. She gets upset. He did it on purpose. They take it lightly. Their bond clearly shows.

They sought after a criminal named Magnus, but they hde no evidence of his deeds, despite having stopped his connections. She was very frustrated with the situation, but he told her they just needed patience.

She’s feeling guilty. She hates herself, feeling as if she was using him. She admits if he was a normal soldier, she had ignored him. She proclaims he must hate her for being a decietful woman. He tells her he does not and wants to her stay with him. How is it I keep finding these people?

They concocted a plan to take down Magnus during a ceremony called the Right of Blessing. She asked if it were true he followed a devil god. He answered an affirmative.

They later stood before Magnus, ready to finally take him. However, he used a magic barrier to keep them before summoning a monster. The monsted cast her own spell of bewitchment, causing all but Jayle to fall to the ground. Magnus was perplexed, but he figured it out, mocking her for being a woman in a knight ‘brotherhood’.

The monster began to read her thoughts. That she had someone she loved and be her supposed ‘Cupid’. I intervened then, unable to sit away from this any longer. I’m being more active that I should be..

The monster named Genevieve seemed to recognise who I was. However, she can’t remember if the last time I saw her I was in black armour or blue. She was certain it wasn’t light blue. She must’ve been confusing me with my sisters. I easily defeat her, but she turns my attention to my back.

Fahn was attacking Jayle, actively killing her. She begged for him to wake up, but he makes the fatal blow. I find myself incredibly frustrated as I’m forced to retreate. When Fahn came to, her saw what he had done. He calls Jayle by her true name. Luticia. He took hold of her, and she tried to confess her feelings, but she fades before can. The newly enraged Fahn then kills Magnus, who Genevieve had abandoned. I found myself holding onto Jayle’s soul.

I have no doubts that Jayle has all the qualities to be a fine Einherjar, but I can’t say that that was why I claimed her. I supposed I was angry that I had let her die like that.

After some training, I had to make plans to send Einherjar to Asgard. I had planned send Lucian and Lorenta. Before I could, however, I needed to talk to Lucian.

He couldn’t accept his death without letting go of this world. He had things to get off his chest. I spoke with him about it. He recounted a familiar story. Rather, I was surprised how familiar it was. The dream I had. Bit by bit, every single detail.

The girl named Rosilda. Her cruel parents. Her best friend. Being sold into slavery. Running away to be safe together.

He even grabbed my hand and showed me exactly how they ran to the Weeping Lilly Meadow. It was an all too surreal experience. That dream was still so vivid to me, but, I had simply forgotten the boy was named Lucian.

We faced each other in the meadow, and he admitted how absurd it was for him to have those kinds of feelings for me simply because I looked like Rosilda. I moved closer and pressed my lips against his to give him peace of mind. That’s all it was, right?

As I sent him and Lorenta off, I watched from below. It was on my mind for some reason.

Love between humans and Gods is simply impossible. It’s best to forget such a thing.

Even so… I pray for his safety..

Time once again for Freya’s visit. Are there simply more criticisms about my chosen souls…?

We still held the battlefield strongly.

Lawfer had recieved more recognition from Thor for subjigating a demon Hel had in the Mooran Caves. He still cautioned him though. I dare say he’s being overprotective.

Belenus, Llewelyn, Lorenta and Lucian had all played pivitol roles in a group effort to defeat Fafnir and retrieving a needed artifact called the Accursed Flame Gem. We had experience fighting dragons, so they were prepared well.

Belenus himself is still rather favoured by Thor. Llewelyn had achieved the level of 12th Rank god for doing so, earning more praise for Vidar. I had no doubts on the matter.

Kashell had become a 10th Rank god, having improved much after training with Vidar and defeated enemies at Fort Ursur while guarding artifacts. Thor is quite partial to him. He was always capable.

Yumei had also become 10th Rank, being recognised by Vidar after she managed to defend and complete the transfer of a prisoner during a surprise attack. She didn’t need a sword, either.

Lorenta had achieved 15th Rank from the operation, but had proven herself to be a good mediator between arguing Aesir and taking care of her wounded comrades on her own. It’s good to have someone who can be accomplished even off the battlefield.

Lucian had also been working hard, having captured an escaping enemy as well as fighting Fafnir. But.. Is he seriously still thinking about me and Rosila..?

Freya wants a high level sorcerer next with knowledge of the undead. I’ll send a third.. However, she also asks that I repair the Accursed Flame Gem that was damaged in the fight with Fafnir.

This is where it gets a little foggy… It almost felt like something was trying to block me, but I’ll recount as best I can..

Lucian stands in the fields before Valhalla, still contemplating how similar I look to his Rosilda. He is met by Frei and Loki, and they begin talking. Frei seems unsurprised, but Loki just shrugs it off. Then.. Freya… what did Freya do to my memories…? To make me.. more effiecient…? Why…? Who… am I…?

Once Frei leaves, Loki tells him of a way to contact me and leads him to it..

He contacted me through the Water Mirror. It was a foolish move, even if he was one of my Einherjar. He told me he wanted to give me an earring and asked that I find the other. I was angry at the time. I just yelled at him for such an act. To demand such a thing of me. It was Unfrogivable. I did recieve the earring, though.


I sense danger… Loki transformed.. The Dragon Orb… He attacks him… They fight…

….. Lucian!

Status Summery:

Sigrifa is now Level 31.

Arngrim is now Level 27.

Lucien is now Level 26.

Nanami is now Level 27.

Aelia is now Level 16.

Grey is now Einherjar.

Shiho is now Einherhar.

Jayle is now Einherjar.

Lucian is now in Asgard.

Lorenta is now in Asgard.

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