News Introduction

Welcome to the News page.

Despite what the name says, the chances of anything referring to release dates or or updates regarding games isn’t that big. That said, it’s not an impossibility either.

The mains purpose of the News page is to inform you guys if something happens if I haven’t, or can’t post for a while. You’re not gonna find much in the way of articles on this page. More often that not, it’ll be just me making excuses for bouts of inactivity.

That said, though, this page isn’t just gonna be me making excuse after excuse. It’ll also be for providing my thoughts on certain subjects. This may be game related or not, but there’ll almost always be something here.

If I ever become bigger, I may start posting things like upcoming cons or give you all the latest and greatest gaming news, but for now, this is mostly just so I don’t mess up articles with explanations and thoughts. It may also be where I bought thoughts on game I reviewed that I forgot to put in the review itself.

As always, please keep comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user.

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