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This page explains to you the various features of the blog and what I do with it.


Game Reviews and Demo Impressions

This is something I’ve always done on Facebook or on a site I buy my games from. When I play a game, I tend to note what was done well, what wasn’t. What could’ve been improved on and, if part of a series, how it compares. At the same time, I do something similar for demos.


What’s the difference?

So what’s the difference between a review and an impression? Why do I not call the demo impressions reviews? Well, there’s a reason why. Demos are just that. Demonstrations. They’re there to essentially advertise the game, allow you to sample it and see if you want to buy it. Therefor, I feel it is inaccurate to call it a review. Just because I liked the demo, it does not mean I’ll like the actual game. I don’t actually review something until I actually finish it. And with a demo, which is just a small piece of what the game has to offer, I can’t do that. That’s why I refer to them as impressions. Because I’m noting the impressions the demo gives me about the game


What platforms will these be in?


At the moment, platforms the games I review on will be limited, but I intend to expland into other platforms as much as possible. I can only do this though, with your support. The platforms I’m currently able to play on are:

  1. Playstation 3
  2. Plastation Vita
  3. Playstation Portable

Platforms I intend to do reviews for, but at the moment can, plus reasons why.

  1. Playstation 4 – The Playstation 4 is very expensive where I live, therefor, I need to save up to get one.
  2. PC – While I obviously DO have a PC, it’s not sufficient for gaming. I really need to save up to get myself a proper gaming PC so I can play games without danger of lags. Right now I’m using my laptop, and it’s been lagging games like crazy, probably due to its age.
  3. Wii U – It’s been a long time since I’ve played the Nintendo scene and there are many games on these platforms I want to play. I intend to save up for a Wii U to once again get back into the Nintendo scene.
  4. Nintendo 2DS – Once again, I haven’t been on the Nintendo scene for a long time. If I want to get those handheld titles, a 2DS is not only cheaper, but essential.
  5. X-Box One – Yes, if I’m serious about doing this, I have to go all the way. I will even get an the lovingly nicknamed X-Bone to expland into the Microsoft market of gaming.
  6. Pre-PS3 (PS1 and PS2) – I have a crapton of PS2 games I’m no longer able to play due to the fact that my PS3 is a newer model, so I will have to play them on an emulator or get a Playstation Plus Membership in order to play these games. PS1 games however, are virtually a lost cause because I’ve lost almost all of the ones I own.

What will I play?

Keep in mind, I will NOT play games that don’t interest me. If you like those games, that’s fine, but if I don’t particularly care about it, I won’t be drawn to play it to completion and even if I did, I’d probably pass very unfair judgement if it’s a particular genre I don’t like.


On Campaigns

Essentially, the idea of the Compaigns section is to loan support to campaign projects from sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo that I find particular interest in. My goal here is to try and spread the word so that they may reach their goals sooner. However, this will only be limited to games, and only those that I find particular interests in. However, I may give a shoutout to suggested campaigns.


Why don’t I just do it myself?

I would be more than happy to with proper income, but for now that’s an impossibility. The best I can do is try and spread the word and keep you up to date. Once proper income is established, I’ll be more than happy to make donations to these campaigns myself.


Can you suggest a campaign for me to back?

Yes. I have no problem backing campaigns of games you’re interested in. However, whether or not I’ll donate myself when it’s possible is another matter. At least when it comes to large sums. I know the minimum is $5, but over here that’s MUCH more expensive and donating to every little campaign may, in fact, cripple me being able to accomplish my other stuff.


On My own Projects

While this blog will mostly focus on reviews and backing, I actually have my own game projects I want to someday create. Maybe my own ideas will get put up on Kickstarter or Indiegogo one day. But the purpose of this section will be to pitch my own game ideas and report on their progress.


What will I put them on?

Right now, I can only focus on making games in RPGMaker VX Ace. However, I want to encompass most as many platforms as I can when the time comes. This is why this blog is called Aegis Games. It’s one path to eventually doing what I want to do, making my own games.


Why so round about?

That’s not a simple question to answer. First of all, getting work in this country hasn’t been very fruitful, especially in anything I want to do related to my goal. Not only that, but issues with my health for the past few years have put me in a position where just going out of country to get a job or putting me in a place with crowds of people is actually a bad idea. So this is something to get me out there while still doing something I love.


Can you help?

If you wish to volunteer or even join Aegis Games, just message me via the Contact Me page and we can set up a meeting. I will accept anything from:

  1. Reports on cons or gaming news that I may not be able to attend or acquire on my own.
  2. Artwork meant to improve the page and give it it’s own unique style.
  3. Corrections on any mistakes I may have made concerning report accuracy.
  4. Temporary or permanent membership into the Aegis Games development team to help me build my own games.

I hope this page has been informative on the goals I wish to achieve for this site. Keep in mind, this page IS subject to change so be sure to check back every so often.

Note: All images and character featured belong to their respective owners.

My thanks,

Aegis Telos

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