Tips & Hints Introduction

Welcome to the Tips & Hints page.

Some games can sure put you into really tough spots, huh? What pattern should I against this enemy in Fate/ Extra? How do I make progress in Fury Mode on Muramasa Rebirth? How do I defeat that damn Vale in Deception IV? How do I do ANYTHING in Dark Souls?

Now challenges are part of the game. Playing a game that’s too easy is just boring, right? So these games are expected to give you a certain level of challenge. Keep you from mindlessly mashing that attack button and use your brain to try and get things done. Some games, however, can get overall infuriating when you get stuck and can’t progress.

Well, that’s what this page is for.

I used to be a notorious cheater. Every game I got, I’d cheat the hell out of it. In fact, cheats would be the first thing I’d look up because some games almost seemed to be nigh impossible without them. Nowadays, I’ve calmed down with that. While I do do things like find cheats and look up walkthroughs, I now have a strict set of rules for it. I may not cheat unless:

  1. I’ve accomplished the feat myself and earned the right to cheat the hell out of it. For example: Using invincibility mode or something like that. Or,
  2. I’m really, REALLY stuck and can’t figure it out, thus need a hint or something to carry on.

In doing so, either by watching Let’s Plays, or playing the game myself, I have devised strategies and even some guides to help myself through some tough spots, so I figured, why not share it. Though, this isn’t going to be all me. Just like with my Mythology Facts page, I will get some of this stuff from outside sources. In this case, I will note where I got it from and thus, who deserves credit for the helpful insight.

Not only that, once again, like my Mythology Facts page, I intend for this page to be communal. If you’ve got your own tips for a particular subject on this page, feel free to let us know and I’ll even add it to the page crediting you. If I got something wrong, or something could be done to do better, you make note of that too. Just remember to keep it constructing and non-abusive. You just sound like a jerk and a smartass otherwise.

As always, keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete abusive comments and should they be severe enough, ban the user. Enjoy the page!

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Mythology Facts Introduction

Welcome to the Mythology Facts page.

The point of this page is to provide insight to mythological tales and expand your mind regarding the various monsters and heroes within the world’s mythologies.

If you don’t know by now that I’m a HUGE mythology geek, welcome, you must be new.

We people of the modern age have our minds clouded by popular culture regarding what we learn about mythology. We’re taught things that monsters are evil and heroes are good. We learn demons are horrid creatures wishing to corrupt our souls, while angels try to save and protect us. You’d be surprised how little of that is true.

With this page, I intend to dispell all of those Sunday School versions of myths, most of which will be taken from various sources which I’ll make a note of. Also note, that in some cases, what I may express is more opinion based from what I’ve learned.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Aegis, what does mythology have to do with gaming?” Surprisingly, a lot. In fact, some of the best games, fantasy especially, take influence from mythology. Not all of them, mind you. But tell me if these sound familiar.











Believe it or not, all these elements which occur SO much actually have a mythological basis. As I just mentioned, fantasy especially borrows from mythology when bringing in various races and monsters.

Before anyone says it though, no, I’m not using this as a loophole. This is mainly for aspiring game developers who wish to make a game, but have trouble with certain elements or evenn may not have elements right.

Believe it or not, I was once like everyone else here. I grew up on the Sunday School variations of these mythological tales. I grew up believing Medusa was an evil bitch, that Banshee were shrieking old hags, that Vampires were the undead. But then I was exposed to something that made me question that perception. You’ve all have to have heard the name once before, especially if you read my review of the spin-off game. I’m talking about Fate/ Stay Night.

A friend of mind once brought the anime adaption of the visual novel over. This was before I even knew what a visual novel was. Needless to say, we were enticed by it. I’d known about the series beforehand, but never really new the premise of it. In the end, we were a single episode short and I had to download and watch the final episode myself. After which, I took to Wikipedia like a bullet to learn about more of the Servants.

Now, for those not familiar with it, the Fate series uses D&D based alignments regarding Servants and their behaviour. Lawful Good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, that sort of stuff. I was surprised to learn that Rider, who turned out to be Medusa, turned out to be Chaotic Good, an alignment that’ll do whatever it takes to do what they believe is right. Thinking on it, I realized it actually made sense. Medusa never went out of her way to turn people to stone. Everyone she ever killed came to kill her.

My perceptions were thrown out of whack and I ended up wanting to actually properly learn this stuff whenever it came to be, and before long, my interest in mythology started to turn more towards the monsters. If it wasn’t for that anime, and afterwards the visual novel it came from, I wouldn’t have come up with ideas like Metanauts Arcana.

So that’s what this page is for. To enlighten you all on better informed details, uncorrupted by popular culture, Christian demonisations and the (Alternate) History Channel. Who knows, maybe this page will inspire you just as Fate/ Stay Night inspired me.

Now, I’ve been dumping all this on you all for a while now, so I’ll leave you all with more more thing. While I’m a mythology geek, I don’t consider myself an expert. Far from it. There’s still a LOT I have to learn. That said, I intend for this page to be more communal than the others. If I get something wrong, feel free to correct me. If you have an opinion, feel free to express it. Just don’t be rude or antagonistic about it. Things like ‘Are you stupid or something?’ never encourages people to listen to your opinion.

As always, keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the rights to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user. Enjoy the page!

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News Introduction

Welcome to the News page.

Despite what the name says, the chances of anything referring to release dates or or updates regarding games isn’t that big. That said, it’s not an impossibility either.

The mains purpose of the News page is to inform you guys if something happens if I haven’t, or can’t post for a while. You’re not gonna find much in the way of articles on this page. More often that not, it’ll be just me making excuses for bouts of inactivity.

That said, though, this page isn’t just gonna be me making excuse after excuse. It’ll also be for providing my thoughts on certain subjects. This may be game related or not, but there’ll almost always be something here.

If I ever become bigger, I may start posting things like upcoming cons or give you all the latest and greatest gaming news, but for now, this is mostly just so I don’t mess up articles with explanations and thoughts. It may also be where I bought thoughts on game I reviewed that I forgot to put in the review itself.

As always, please keep comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user.

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My Projects Introduction


Welcome to the My Projects page.

The purpose of this page is to pitch and report progress on game I, myself, want to make or am currently developing.

I remember the day I first got into doing this. When I was young, I was a huge fan of Power Rangers (Keep in mind, this was LONG before I was even aware of the Sentai genre or even the show that spawned it). One day, I got an annual with a competition in it. Create your own Power Ranger. It was exclusively for occupants of the USA, but I did it anyway. I discovered a passion for creating characters.

Originally, the intent was to make characters for whatever I liked and sell them off later while I do other work. However, in my last year of high school, I met my best friend, and we started each other on the path of making our own works. While we don’t always work on things together anymore, he was a major influence in my decision to ultimately become a game designer and has even got me some of the programs I can use to start making my own games. So here we are.

With this, I will give information on various projects I create, which will ultimately be given a page for themselves for greater detail.

Please enjoy this page and keep projects fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete comments I deem absusive or even ban the user.

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Campaigns Introduction


Welcome to the Campaigns Page

The intent of this page is to bring attention to campaigns for games being funded on sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. As well as post updates on said projects. This was sort of a ‘service’ which I provided on Facebook, a sort of attempt to support the project despite being unable donate funds myself.

This page may see more use than either the Reviews or My Project’s pages as I will probably keep my eye on multiple projects throughout my career as a blogger.

As to why I would make such a page? Well, it would be nice to learn about a project your interested in before it’s time is up, yes? And it may be tedious to go back to the page constantly to see how it’s doing. Allow me to take up that tedium for you.

Projects I’ve tried to back this way include:

Mighty No. 9 (Sorta out but delayed)

Night Cry (Out now)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Fully Funded)

CrossCode (Out on Early Access)

Indivisible (On Demand)

I wish to continue this tradition while providing news to my readers about said projects. I hope you will all consider donating to these games and please let me know if there’s a campaign that you wish me to give a shout out too.

Please enjoy this page and please keep comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the rights to delete any abusive comments or ban the user.

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Reviews Introduction


Welcome to the Reviews page

Here you will find the reviews and impressions of all the games and demos I’ve played.

Keep in mind however, that any critic or reviewer worth their salt will acknowledge that these are only opinions. This is merely to give you an idea of the games and if they may grab your attention. My taste in games may not be your taste in games.

For example, while I hold the Shin Megami Tensei series in high regards, you may not feel the same. That being said, I do intend to keep my judgements as fair as possible. I will try to be objective. Tell you what I enjoyed about the game, what I didn’t enjoy. What I thought was perfect, what I thought they could improve upon.

On that note, ultimately the intent is to give you an idea as to whether or not a game is worth your time buying or renting, or if you’ll just give it a pass.

Please enjoy this page, and please keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the rights to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user.

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Phantasy Star Portable – Part 5 – The Truth Revealed

Needless to say, when I met with Headmaster Nav on the Guardian Branch of Parum, I was in a pretty bad mood. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Headmaster Nav. When he’s not being a pervert, which isn’t that often to be honest, he shows his wisdom very well. At the very least, he’s not like Hyuga, who flirts with any member of the opposite sex like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet……. Not to self, flirt-activated shock collar.

To get to the RELICs site we had to pass through Green Green Fields once more. Upon our arrival, Headmaster Nav was particularly keen on showing me he that he was still in top shape… Not that I don’t believe him, but it’s hard to feel like I can rest assured in my safety when last time he let Helga get away because he crashed…

Despite my concerns though, Headmaster Nav and I worked well together. With him covering the front and my taking on support with my spells, including some new healing spells I’d made sure to get a hold of, we pretty much tore our way through the fields rather uneventfully, even with the new creatures that had suddenly shown up. We ran into a mutated Distova while we were there, but he wasn’t too much trouble.

The RELICs site wasn’t too bad either. We could pretty much handle what the beasts that were there. There were those annoying drone tanks that I’ve grown to loath, but they weren’t too hard to crush with my Earth spells. It wasn’t too long before we ran into Helga, though. Of course, she was the one who left those drones.. If I kill someone who’s already dead does it count as murder?

Headmaster Nav then let out the truth of the matter. The item we had came here for didn’t even exist. He apologised for lying to me about it, but in all honesty, I wasn’t mad. He found an information leak and left misleading information to lead the enemy into a trap. Sometimes to fool your enemies, you have to fool your friends. I understood he didn’t make such a decision lightly. I might seem young, but I’m not exactly the chick everyone seems to think I am.

He then started questioning Helga, who she was and what she was after. As it turned out, our suspicions were confirmed. She was killed in the previous encounter with the SEED, but was revived as a SEED-Form. Now, she and her Illuminous buddies want to infect the entire Gurhal System and beyond with the SEED. Just the same old megalomaniacal dribble that’s expected from this kind of situation. As we about to arrest her though, she revived the Statera and ran off. It was almost cute how predictable it was really. That said, it wasn’t as if we could just beat them down and call it a day. These things were well-built. Luckily, they just so happened to not do well with Dark TECHNICs. Headmaster Nav ran distraction while I would fire off my shots, occassionally needing to heal us both up. Like I said, I never had any doubts to his abilities. It’s his sudden crashes that had me worried..

Now that the entire RELICs site had awoken and was after us, we had to chase after Helga with these Statera machines active. It was more of an annoyance than anything in terms of everything else. The Statera were the main problem.

It was a problem worthy of concern too. As much as I wanted to catch that hag and beat her face in, eventually Headmaster Nav and I agreed that we’d it’d be too dangerous to give chase in this situation. The never-ending barrage of enemies would’ve tired us out eventually and beaten us to a pulp.

Unfortunately, the Statera weren’t the only thing in the site. Turns out a De Ragnus made their nest here. Two heads, two tails, and one more reason why I wanted to license that jet-propelled axe.. It was most definitely a tougher cousin of the De Ragna, but in the end, it’s pretty much dealing with the same thing, just with an extra head attached and no particular elemental weakness. We eventually had it down though. It was more a matter of endurance rather than anything.

That said, apparently Headmaster Nav felt that he was holding me back in the end. I suppose he would be a little rusty after being away from the field for so long, but he was still a great help. I think it would’ve been better though if we had someone else accompany us for extra support. I’d even take Hyuga if we couldn’t get ahold of Laia or Maya. Though, again, I would’ve prefered to have my partner. This was another chance to show off!!!

Things took a turn for the worse though, as Lou had told us that Illuminous had kidnapped Vivienne while we were away. It got even worst at headquarters during the debriefing. They discovered that Vivienne was a GRM made CAST made to spy on us by Illuminous, which was why Helga was always conveniently where we had to be to screw things up. She wasn’t aware of it either. The best type of spy. Undercover and yet not noticing they were.

I wasn’t mad at the Headmaster and the President for hiding it from me. They weren’t sure and they had to test the theory. Having anyone else in the loop, especially me, who was so close to Vivienne, could’ve made a mess if they were right. What did make me mad was it was deemed too risky to mount a rescue to save her considering she had been taking to the SEED HIVE. It made me sick to my stomach.. yes, I have one.

During my rounds, I met Maya, and she told me she had a backache and asked if I could give her a massage. She told me after she was joking, but she did admit to having pains because of the size of her chest. She ran around with that thought process for a while…. Was she trying to hit on me? Nah.

I barely had the energy to do missions after that. Truth be told, I didn’t want to. I was just doing it to keep my mind occupied. I normally get everything out of the way before I take care of the call, but this time I just came directly to HQ. The next mission was a joint operation. We, together with the Alliance Military, would attack the HIVE directly and take out the SEED threat directly. It was a logical choice now that they’d found it. Things took a strange turn when Lou started acting wierd. I recognised her behaviour though. Vivienne had hacked into her and was warning us about Helga’s plans. She’d been taken to the HIVE we just found. That would mean infiltrating the HIVE would give me a chance to rescue her.

At least it WOULD’VE. This new informartion left the Headmaster and the President concerned that this was a trap. Truthfully, I was getting annoyed with them at this point, but I could see where they were coming from. Even if Vivienne wasn’t actively working for them, they could’ve let this communication happen to lure us in and take us all out. They were forced to reconsider the plan and told me to just go home and forget about all this until then.

On my way out, I was approached by Lou, who had once again been hacked by Vivienne. She wanted me to come rescue her and take out the HIVE. I think she also understood the situation clearly. We couldn’t involve everyone in the situation, but me alone, no matter what the outcome wouldn’t hurt our forces too much. Funnily enough, she practically read my mind. I would’ve come on my own regardless. It was just a matter of how to get there.

She suggested talking to the Rogues on Moatoob for a lift. Not a bad idea. The Tylor family owe us for coming to their rescue earlier, and even if they still demand pay, I’ve managed to save up a lot with my Salary.

I had my energy back, so now I plan to spend my time wisely. Doing missions for a while is a start. I have time before the deadline before the attack. I plan to use every second to get stronger. This also has the benefit of making it look like I’m being obedient, so the higher-ups won’t suspect anything. While I’m at it, I plan to fish a few things. When I see Helga again, I’ve got an axe that would very much like to meet her face.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 63.

Metis is now Masterforce Lv. 9.

Nav has joined the Party.

Vivienne has left the Party.

Vivienne/ Lou has joined the Party.


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Phantasy Star Portable – Part 4 – Helga the Pain..

It took some time, but after I was fully set thanks to a few missions, it was time for the next special one. I admit, part of me at this point couldn’t wait. Not only because of my reignited motivations, but I couldn’t help but want to show off for Vivienne and show her how much stronger I’d become….. Don’t judge me!

We were told that a research facility owned by the Communion had been invaded and taken over by the terrorists. It appears that they’re after the anti-SEED weaponry being developed there. Makes sense, really. If I was gonna use a weapon to cause chaos and destruction, I’d make a point of targetting facility developing weapons to counteract it. We needed to be covert though, as this information came discreetly from Karen.

After meeting Maya we made or way to the swamp. We had to walk from there to the facility there since we’d be shot down if we got closer by shuttle. Vivienne wasn’t too fond of the idea because she wanted to hurry and help, but it couldn’t be helped. I think she got that quickly enough.

The swamp itself was pretty simple to get through. While there were a few twists and turns that were slightly confusing, there was nothing here we haven’t dealt with before. Especially not since I had come here before on a previous mission. Actually… I’m pretty sure some paths connected last time. Maybe it was my imagination..

The facility was just about as unreasonably decorated as I’d expect from the Communion at this point. Like they somehow considered this place some kind of temple to their Holy Light. The research they were doing here couldn’t possibly have been just prayer… could it..?

Illuminus goons were all over the place though, so there had to be SOMETHING here they felt was worth invading for. They weren’t hard to deal with though, even with their cute little attack drones. Really, I was starting to feel disappointed. I wanted something that I could really get a workout on to impress Vivienne like the creature from before.

It wasn’t long before we found that woman, Helga. She was spouting the same stuff as before basically, saying the Communion had been doing some rather shady stuff. Well… Yeah, they’re a religious faction. Those types are ALWAYS pushing the boundries of the law in the name of whatever they worship. It’s nothing new. Wouldn’t you know it, though? Turns out she jacked some of the mechs that the Communion had been working on. Two long range blits models, and a rushing melee type. Hey, kids, remember when your folks kept telling you ‘Be careful what you wish for’? This is what they meant. One of these things wouldn’t be too much trouble. Two would be a problem. Three was a nightmare in mechanized suits of armour. It was near impossible to just hit one of these things without getting bombarded by the other two and I even started off with an attack from my SUV laser canon. Good thing I did. This would’ve been MUCH harder without it.

I eventually let Vivienne and Maya distract the melee mech while I made an effort to take out the gunners. With some effort, it was down. When my canon was ready, I positioned myself to get a good angle and fired it off again. The melee mech went down in that attack. After that, it didn’t take too long for the three of us to take down the last remaining gunner. I’ll be honest though, it felt like I had a few parts that needed replacing.

All that hard work done and Hegla decided to bow out like a mustache twirling villain. It felt like a landed in a different space-time. Did that woman break into my room and steal my temporal distortion device!?

Nevertheless, we had to give chase back into the swamp. We were all pretty banged up though, and there were so many tank drones and SEED-infected wildlife in our way that it was really pushing us to our limits. Eventually, we chased her down to a long lit-up pathway before a giant do-Oh! For the love of..! It really was some sort of temple to these guys!!

Like the typical villain, she started spewing her thing again, though it annoyed me to no end that she was so focused on Vivienne so much. Forget the hammer on this one.. I wanted the axe…

And just like that, she brought out another mech, this one much bigger and full of cute tech. If those mechs from before were meant to take on something big, this one was built to handle something truly monstrous. I know what you’re thinking though, the genius that designed it had to be me, right? Well, not this time. I prefer things that require user input and even then, mechs feel a little unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

We weren’t really in any condition to take this thing on. I made sure to hit it with another laser cannon straight off and it began rushing at us and teleporting around. You know, all the cute little toys. But all the fancy equipment in the world doesn’t mean anything if the OS is garbage. The thing bugged out and starting continually spinning as we surrounded it because its target was in too many places at once. Normally, I couldn’t complain about a victory given to us by AI clearly programmed by a cross-eyed MORON, but that meant this thing was worth less browny points.

We were about to arrest Helga as she was getting ready to blow up the place, but we were interrupted by the Communion. Typical of their ilk, they seemed more concerned with out tresspassing on the facility than they were about the TERRORIST WHO WAS HIJACKING THEIR TECH!

To make matters worst, Headmaster Nav and Lou were in there behaving like we did this on our own. Neither Vivienne nor Maya caught what was going on and he knocked my partner unconcious. I was mad at that and ready to beat his face in before ripping out that beard of synthetic hair.. but he had a plan and any action I could’ve taken would’ve ruined it. I stood back and let him do his thing.

He made his way to Helga… and then things got confortable. He talked about examining her and stuff but in this really pervy tone. Just as he was about to cop a feel though, we suddenly started moving and talking slowly before stopping.. Seriously!? Instant Crash Syndome at a time like that!?

Helga took him hostage and forced us to let her get away again. At least the Communion let us go..

Maya was naturally worried about what kind of punishment we’d receive for our actions. Headmaster Nav assured her that we weren’t going to be punished at all. That was just an act to keep up appearances. Naturally. Nav may be old, but he’s not senile. I mean, he gave us the mission in the first place.

I was more concerned about Vivienne. He told us she needed maintenance on her so she had to be taken off of active duty. Maya didn’t think much of it but… those were the worst words I ever heard..

I had to perform the next several missions without my partner. I wanted to make sure I got enough money to reforge my equipment. I made some on-the-fly adjustments while on the mission, but that wasn’t enough. After I was up to date, I reported back to Headquarters.

Headmaster Nav told us that we had a way to deal with the SEED. What we needed was in some ruins on Parum. Some ancient tech that could be used to seal them. He told me he’d be personally accompanying me on this mission. He said that the maintenance on Vivienne was taking longer than expected though. He even brought up a communication link, but something about the way he said it all and how Vivienne was talking felt… off…

In any case, here I am on Parum, getting ready to meet with Headmaster Nav. I don’t think he’s the type to try anything while we’re on an important mission, but still.. There was something he wasn’t telling me. Something about this entire situation didn’t feel right. Well.. I suppose it doesn’t matter.. I already make my choice. There was nothing more to be said. I might just take on a few more missions to get stronger before meating with the Headmaster, though.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 39.

Metis is now Masterforce Lv. 3.


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Phantasy Star Portable – Part 3 – Gotta Be LOVE!!

I wish I could even begin to describe the stuff I’ve been seeing while I’ve been completing missions on Neudaiz. It’s like was like some sort of wierd sitcom. First Karen runs up to be and hides behind me, asking me to hide her, then another member of the Communion asks me where she went. I kindly pointed him towards the woods. That had to have kept him busy for a while. Karen thanked me and told me that she wished she could be a Guardian again, then had to head back. Why did she insist I hide her in the first place then? Being the Divine Maiden must be driving her nuts. Can’t blame her, though.

Rutsu also came to me and told me to stay away from her. He was practically spitting venom, saying that the Communion was far more important than the Guardians and the usual religious dribble. You know the kind: ‘Without us, people wouldn’t have a moral compass’, ‘We are the true path to peace’. All that garbage. The sad thing is, I think he truly believes it. The sad fact is, he’s only partially right. Laws would exist with or without any sort of religion. Entire civilizations would collapse quickly without them. As such, the cycle of war and peace is also inconsequential of one’s beliefs. If fact, I’d go so far to say that the closed-minded religious are the ones who are the main perpatrators of war and lawlessness because they’re unable to see things any other way. I’ve seen those events first hand. That said, I don’t believe Rutsu is the type of person that would instegate such carnage. I think his venomous words come from a different place. Pain? Love? I’m not sure. It’s clear that Karen’s role as the Divine Maiden is something important to him. Well, if I happen to run into her and she makes contact with me, I can’t really help that, can I?

The missions themselves aren’t all that taxing. Just another fight with that flying jerk of a monster and heading into sacred ground to take care of SEED-infected Statue guardians. Again, I’m getting sick of having rocks thrown at me…

On my return, I met with Maya and she told she asked me if I had someone I was in love with. I was taken aback by the question. She apparently drew the conclusion because of her own experience with love and she thought that might be why I was so quiet. She wasn’t really right. I’m not exactly an innocent maiden. I mean, I did go out, even sleep with a guy. Sure, he was a womanizer, but I’d be lying if said I hated him, even now. Lately though, my thoughts have been more preoccupied with Vivienne. Every time we’re together, I feel… I should stop. I’m only making myself hot and bothered.. I can already feel my core overheating…

In any case, our next mission was taking us back to Moatoob. A Beast representative had gone missing and as it turns out, he was in the escort of the Tylor family. They must’ve run into something nasty. It was our job to find and rescue them.

We met up with out confidante on Moatoob, this time a different Guardian by the name of Tonnio. Vivienne handled Mana’s attitude better this time, but Tonnio was a bit of a different story. I think she was taken aback by how his exactly how much of an attitude he had given his small size. He was clearly in a hurry to get this done.

Vivienne asked the natural question as we arrived to the Ice Caves, if he had a connection with the Tylor family. He said that his ‘sister’, a girl he grew up with in the orphanage they lived in, was a member of the Tylors. I asked the next natural question, if he was in love with her. He gave the typical kid response. ‘Ew, gross’, ‘We’re just friends.’ He easily got more agitated as Vivienne continued the train of thought. Yep. He was head over heals for her and it was clear that, to him, Tylor was competition. It seems Tonnio takes advantage of looking like a little kid when it suits him, even if it’s a fully grown adult. Plenty of Beasts grow into become adults while still looking like children. I suppose childlike tendacies are apart of that. I had to take a snap of it. It was something to tease him with later.

It wasn’t too long before we meet up with the Goon Trio. They told us that Liina, Tylor and the representative have been kidnapped and were taken to some facility. They tried to follow, but there was a dangerous creature standing in their way, apparetly more dangerous than a Dommogulus. You know, the kind of creature that likes throwing rocks at me. I swear if I have to deal with that again, I’m gonna design a weapon specifically to wipe those things out..

Vivienne had calculated that our chances of survival were low. Tonnio and I were more optomistic. He said that we had to take risks or we’d get nothing done, but I’m sure part of the reason was he thought it would earn browny points with Liina. I hade my own reasons, one of which I had just developed a new bow I was itching to use, though I have to admit, another was really no better than Tonnio’s. I was hoping if I took it down, it’d earn me some points with Vivienne….. Wow… I’m sounding less like an innocent maiden and more like my ex-boyfriend..

Getting to the deepest part of the caves was rather easy. We soon found ourselves on a large raft, and then it showed. It seemed to be a rather serpentine aquatic creature, with the ability to fly… and spit out parasites…. Okay, gross, but at least it’s not rocks. Luckily, I equipped my bow with fire Photon Arts, so we had a more even playing field despite the creatures mobility. I mainly focused on fighting at its head whenever possible and left Vivienne and Tonnio focus on support. Before long, its head broke off… and it was still going. The thing had a second head! However, it only took a little more to break off its mandables and take it down for good.

I was disappointed Vivienne didn’t react exactly as I was hoping, but it was worth it to see her smile and come to the conclusion that statistics aren’t everything. She also deduced that the creature fought matched the fossil of an ancient creature that was found some time ago. The SEED must’ve revived it.

We arrived at a facility where we descovered a rival rogue family. In all honesty, navigating the place took more effort than beating them down. Truth be told, I was disappointed. They must’ve been fighting unfairly, because there was no way these weaklings could’ve beaten Tylor. I’m pretty sure I could’ve taken them all down by myself… with my my visual AND audio censors turned off. These guys weren’t worthy of MY weapons. It took barely any time to find out targets and free them.

Tylor and Liina confirmed my suspicions. They took her and the representative hostage and pretty much forced Tylor to surrender. Tonnio was understandably furious and began questioning one of the rogues. He told us they were working for a woman and then he started to behave strangely and turned into a SEED monster. It looked like a twisted form of the lycanthrope forms that Beasts take when they get their tattoos. I had my SUV ready, so I immediately activated it and started throwing the punches. It wasn’t too long before he was down after that, though we did get out of their with a few scratches.

Helga showed up afterwords and confirmed my earlier suspicions. She also revealed her rather prejudiced views, that she believed the non-Human races were mere copies of Humans and were just tools to be used. She practically had her eyes on Vivienne as she was explaining all this. Tylor got angry and tried to attack her, but she avoided him as if it was nothing. Those weren’t mere human reflexes. She then dropped the bomb that she rigged the place to blow since she didn’t need it anymore…. ARGH! That WASN’T supposed to be a pun!

We got away with time to spare on the Lindeel, Tylor’s ship. As it turned out though, the Baffoon Squad found out that Helga rigged the ship to blow as soon as we were scanned on return. I was prepared for such a trick, I mean, who does terrorism halfway? I was ready with countermeasures, but Vivienne beat me to the punch on this one. She tapped into the bomb’s frequency and deactivated it in record time. I have to admit, I swooned. I took a snapshot of Vivienne’s moment of heroism for my collection.

We reported to Headmaster Nav and the President and they confirmed Helga’s identity. She was a member of a group of Human Supremists known as the Illuminus. Apparently, in some way or form, she retained her youth and had surfaced to get their plan going again, using the SEED.

I couldn’t help but think maybe it was our faults in the first place, that we created such a group. The CASTs of Parum had a superiority complex because they were perfect machines. The Beasts of Moatoob were practically secular and weren’t much for asking for help to the point where they even trust rogues more than the Guardians. The Newmans on Neudaiz were all stuck in their religion and close-minded about anything else, looking to a Maiden that is no longer even their for hope. Was I right to be stopping this myself? I certainly had times when I looked at those around me and felt I’d known better, bearing the literal name of Knowledge.

The answer came to be as I was taking on missions. On Parum, I met with Curtz, the leader of the Alliance Military. He said he had heard that I was the one who brought the threat of the remnant SEED to their attention and he was thankful. Since the incident, they had been in constant contact with the Guardians, sharing information with each other despite their rather strenuous relationship. He also believed that in times like this, we should band together, to one day truly work towards the safety and peace of all races, regardless of race or religion. I saw this CAST for what he truly was. He had long cast away the superiority complex of the CAST race. Everyone was equal in his eyes and deserved to be protected as equals.

I also ran into Hyuga a couple of times. Once again, he was hitting on a girl. It sickened me that she fell for it. I mean, seriously, even my EX had limits when it came to women.. The second time he tried to hit on me again too, mentioned something about sparring and how that he was no slacker with a sword. I could’ve taken him up on his offer, but I needed to get myself away before I got the urge to make a hammer specifically to beat in his pretty boy face.. Finally, I happened to catch him talking to Ethan and teasing him about wanting to get with his sister…. I’m not sure it was 100% teasing..

After I took missions to clean out facilities taken by rogue squadrons of CASTs, I made rounds through the Guardians Colony and Neudaiz so I can work on my equipment.

On Neudaiz, I happened to come across Karen as she was making her rounds as the Maiden. The people looked so excited to see her. They were so excited and full of hope. One of the Communion members was shouting for them to move out the way, but she gently scolded him. He calmed down a bit afterward. Vivienne commented on how she was acting so differently from the normal strict person she was with us. I remembered the earlier incident. Pretending to be Mirei must’ve been driving Karen mad all this time. She didn’t have time to grieve for her own twin and she was away from the sister she had always known at all times. Yet she was smiling for these people, giving them every ounce of hope that she could muster. Maya seemed to confirm for me that she was unhappy. The happiness of the people must’ve been so important to her. It didn’t matter if they were Newman, CAST, Beast or Human.

While I was on the Colony, I ended up talking a couple of times with Vivienne. Earlier, she had talked to me about wishing we CASTs could dream (Now, that I bring it up: Not to self: Dream modulator). Later, she talked about how other races were lucky to be babies because they learn they have someone to protect them. I felt myself flutter when she said that she felt I would protect her.

In any case, the latest conversation was about how she found it hard to smile for people. I assured her that smiling had to come from the heart and she had to spread the happiness. She quickly turned it on me, saying how she wants to be able to smile for me all the time and make me happy. The second, she spoke about her curiosity of songs and how people can sing. When I told her they sing from the heart, she wondered if she could one day sing like that…. She’s… just… so… CUTE!!! I was suddenly hit with a sense of motivation like I never felt before! My core was overloading! I was on full overdrive! I wanted to make her happy! I wanted to hear her sing! If there’s any reason for me to stop the SEED it’s so Vivienne can live in a world where that’s a reality! I’ll crush the entire SEED threat myself! I’m a genius, dammit! I’ll make something! ….. Not to self, try to recreate the hammer I used in training and see how it affects SEED..

As if I needed anymore motivation, as I went to Maotoob, I found the Vol Brotherhood of Idiots and they tried to intimidate me… Very poorly. They were trying to talk about how great the rogues were, but the ended up talking themselves into corners constantly. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I found their baffoonery amusing. I couldn’t help snapping a shot.

It was then I had a thought though. The Vols were literally as close as brothers. They practically adopted each other, but none of them blood related. There they were, a Newman, a Beast and a Human, talking to each other like it was no big deal. Supporting each other like it was the most natural thing in the world. If that wasn’t proof that Helga was wrong, nothing was. I think they misunderstood as I walked away with a spring in my step, so to speak. I made a note to give them my gratitude once that voice modulator is finished.

Today was emotionally exhausting for me. All this talk of love, and then my needless self doubt. I suppose I was behaving more like a CAST that I’d like to admit. Overthinking everything. It’s kinda embarrassing. Now, though, my thoughts are in order and I’m determined to save the Gurhal System and the rest of the universe if I have to.

If anything, one thing has become clear to me about my own thoughts. I’ve fallen in love with my dear partner, Vivienne.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 31.

Tonnio has joined the Party.

Metis is now Masterforce Lv. 2.

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Phantasy Star Portable – Part 2 – Rogues and Zealots

With some practice under my belt, I arrived at the conference room with Vivienne on our new mission. We recieved news that there’d been an increased amount of trasporter crashes on Moatoob. It was suspected that this may have been the work one of the rogue families. It was our job to investigate.

Vivienne didn’t have a good first impression of Moatoob. She seemed to think it wasn’t as beautiful as Parum or the Guardian Colony. I had to disagree. I’d been here many times with Laia during my training. It was a good place. Though, I did notice reports saying that one of the major reasons was they thought the harsh environment would make put me in line and as a result and as a result there’d be less collatoral damage. Again, it’s not like I go out to destroy everything.. It’s just the things I make sometimes work TOO well..

At the Guardian branch, we met with a rather rude and disinterested Beast working reception. Vivienne scolded her on her lack of professionalism and I think she took it the wrong way. The receptionist named Mana went to inform her coworkers of our arrival spitting venom that we think we’re smarter than they are. Can’t say I blame her, but it gave Vivienne a bad impression. She somehow got the idea from that that all Beasts were rude and brutish. She even seemed set on it as I tried to explain that that’s not the case.

I have to admit though, it was kinda worth it to see her reaction next. We met our confidante on this mission, Leo, and she was taken aback by how well-mannered and polite he was. I admit, I could’t help myself and broke out into laughter. If I had my voice modulator done, I surely would’ve been heard by the entire town. It got better when Leo started getting embarrassed by her shock. I secretly snapped a picture for my memory banks with my visual sensors. It’s a keeper.

After I had my fill, we got back to business. He told us that he recieved a distress signal from one of the crashed transporters and he wanted us to go with him on a rescue mission. Vivienne objected at first, since it wasn’t in our mission objective, but she agreed since he’d help with the investigation afterwards. I think she understood what he was saying about saving people being part of what we’re about.

We tracked the distress signal to the wrecked transporter, but there was no one there. Neither Vivienne nor I could pick up life readings in the area aside from the SEED-infected wildlife. Vivienne speculated that perhaps the person who sent the distress signal may have died after sending it, but we found tracks. We followed them to a cave where we found three rogues pining over loot they stole from the shuttle.

Vivienne suspected immediately that they had attacked the shuttle and stole the goods, even murdering the passangers. They denied her accusation, saying that the passangers were alive and well and they were even taking care of them. Vivienne took that as an abduction. I wasn’t convinced. Rogues or not, these guys were clearly baffoons, untainted by the smell of blood. They might have the muscle to attack the shuttle, but they clearly didn’t have the brains to follow through with such an operation. They were obviously rather angry and attacked us. We beat them down fairly easily though.

However, we shortly met their leader Tylor. He assured us that they weren’t behind the attacks and that they were looking into it too since it was on their territory. Vivienne was rather suspicious, but I believed him. I’ve read the reports on the Tylors. They’re not really the kind to attack civilians. This kind of senseless violence would be below them. As odd as it sounds, even the lawless have laws. It took some persuading, but he agreed to team up with us in order to investigate. Hopefully his goon gallery can keep themselves busy while we search the caves.

It really brought back memories being here again. Laia once brought me here for some survival training. The caverns were a little smaller then. I made a couple of experimental mines that would do minimal damage to the surrounding area. They worked like a charm. What actually did the damage was this huge sword I made. It was supposed to be an easy heavy weapon for Force classes to use like myself, but one of the big beasts got rather testy ad next thing I knew, there the rooms were much bigger… They still refuse to give it back. The animals seem to like the extra space!

Getting back to the subject, it seemed the rogues utilized the mines I created. They were all over the place in the middle of the passage. I’m not really upset about that so much as Mr. Tylor here didn’t particularly WARN us about where they were! Who puts explosive devices RIGHT in the MIDDLE of their supply crates!? WHO!?

To be fair, I don’t think he particularly remembered where they were. He kept getting hit my them too. He was smelling of singed hair.

In any case, we made our way deep into the cave system and the place was hot. We were probably directly over an active lava zone. Our suspicions were confirmed.The attacks on the shuttles were due to the SEED-infected wildlife. The rogues were completely innocent. We weren’t alone though. That woman from before was there too. She introduced herself as Helga and then she brought a friend..

It looked like a De Ragan, but it had been mutated beyond just being a mere infected. It was an all-new species and it was clear it was going to hurt us. Fighting it was similar to fighting the De Ragan as a result, except it made that mission look cute. Between the tougher scales of its tail crashing into us and the molten beams it was firing, it was a wonder any of us survived.

Oh yeah, and if that wasn’t bad enough, after it was over, Tylor REFUSED to aid in the further investigations unless there was money involved.. Jerk.. If I still had that sword…. It’s not like we could force him though. He’s only looking out for his family. I think Vivienne understood that in the end… kinda..

When we reported back to HQ, we recieved a rather shocking revelation. Crossreferencing everything about Helga, from scans to voice recognition, turned up results of a woman who should’ve died just over 20 years ago. This raised a whole new set of questions. It’s clear she’s behind this, but what is she?

These thoughts were kinda in my head as I ran through some of the smaller detail missions on Moatoob with Vivienne, first exterminating a large beast in the desert and then a fire creature that had residence in a nearby ice cave….. Didn’t this place have a lot of water and ponds last time I was here?… Maybe I’m remembering wrong.

After we cleaned up there, we got a new mission. This time, we were headed to Neudaiz, the Newman homeworld. Apparently the Communion has been rather slow in responding to requests to investigate the remnant SEEDs that had been popping up our mission was to find something to blackmail them with so they’d stop their nonsense. As much as I dislike having to do the dirty work, a religious faction by any name who sits back in idleness needs a swift kick in the rear. I just so happened to have finished working on a nice new SUV for myself too. Can’t wait to test it out.

Naturally Vivienne was amazed by the spectacle of the main city of Neudaiz. Can’t say I blame her, either. This place had a natural beauty that wasn’t present on Parum. Though she did get suspicious when we met up with our confidante, Maya Shidow. She told us we were to meet with our inside informant but refused to divulge any details about her. I understand her concerns, but I was sure there was a reason for it. We were attempting blackmail. It wasn’t like we particularly had the moral high ground in this case.

I took the time to refurbish my gear before we set off. My loadout needed some work. Twin daggers, a whip, bow, staff and spear. Everything I could make I did. I also have a handgun on me, much to my displeasure… The entire shop was stairing at me though… Maybe it’s because I was using their workshop and paying them for the materials I used instead of just buying new weapons. Nothing against their quality. It just doesn’t feel right if it’s not my own stuff.

We took to the nearby mountains afterward and after meeting with our informant, Maya decided to run a distraction. Our informant introduced herself as Karen Erra, and she had a surprise guest with her. None other than famed saviour of the galaxy Ethan Waber. We were going to be fighting along side a legend… and he was wearing sneakers and a hoody. You know, classic gear. Well, whatever makes you comfortable.

Needless to say, he may not look like much, but the guy can fight every bit as good as his stories say. Karen wasn’t too shabby either. We had to fight one of those flying beasts like the one we tackled on Moatoob and their support realy helped. Because of them, I could focus on shooting the beast’s wings whenever he took to the sky and not have to worry too much about my condition. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still a pain in the rear. As fun as it sounds, one does get sick of being used as a bull’s eye for boulders.

We found ourselves overlooking a GRM facility. This was the motherload of dirty secrets. A religious communion leasing land illegally to a arms manufacturing company. Vivienne was broadcasting everything and I was taking some rather incriminating shots myself when the rather snooty priest arrived. He was rather troubled, especially since the Holy Maiden was travelling with us. Vivienne was surprised to hear the news. I wasn’t though. While official records said nothing about it, Karen Erra had suddenly dropped off the map and the Holy Maiden Mirei just happened to look like her. It didn’t take too long for me to figure out that something happened to Mirai and Karen, her twin, took her place. Rutsu was about to have us arrested when we presented him with the incriminating evidence. Apparently he wasn’t aware what GRM was doing, but he let us go and even let Karen escort us.

Naturally, afterwards, Vivienne had a rather poor opinion of the Newmans. It’s understandable. A lot of Newmans tend to come across as arrogant and closed-minded like she said, but she fumbled when Karen and Maya explained the difficulty of Rutsu’s stiation to her. I think she realised she hurt their feelings by mistake. She’s so cute. I couldn’t help snapping that one for my private collection.

Afterwards, as I met Vivienne in HQ, she told me she started meeting a lot of Communion members and she was curious about the subject of prayer. A tough subject to be sure.

Nowadays, prayer is used by the religious as just a mantra or a way of asking some greater power for something you want. To me, there’s no uglier way to do it. To me, prayer is communication. Talking to some being that does not exist within the same plane in some form or manner. Offering something for what they’ve done for you, promising something to repay them in return, or even asking for something you’d like or need. Simply put, prayer is about opening her heart to the divine and finding mutual companionship with them. I tried to convey that as best I could. I think she got the message, even if she was initially confused. Her response made me smile.

Also, earlier today I went to change my license so I could advance to the Masterforce class and Lou started talking wierdly about increasing my salary. That turned out to be a rather odd attempt of humour. I suppose if you’ve gotta practice, anyone will do.

I made myself a new experimental SUV too. It’ll be interesting to see how a powerful arm weapon will do in combat.

There are still so many things yet to peace together. That woman Helga is most definitely our terrorist spreading the SEED remnants, but the fact that she’s supposed to be dead concerns me. Is it the real Helga? A clone? Infected? A copy cat who was obsessed? There’s still so much we don’t know. I have a feeling I’m gonna be working overtime to keep up-to-date. I really wanted to finish off that voice modulator so I could talk to Vivienne properly.. Guess that’s not happening any time soon.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 21.

The Party may now travel to Moatoob.

Leo has joined the Party.

Metis changed Class to Masterforce.

The Party may now travel to Neudaiz.

Maya has joined the Party.


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Phantasy Star Portable – Part 1 – She’s So CUTE!!!

My name is Metis and I’m a CAST… At least that’s what I want everyone to believe. While my body is definitely a mechanical one typical of the androids and gynoids known as CASTs, I’m a tad different. What am I then, if I’m not a CAST, yet not organic like the the other three races? That’s my little secret.

Oh yeah. I should talk about the races, huh? There are four of them, each inhabiting a planet in this system known as the Gurhal System. The first where the Humans, commonly capable of specialising in anything. They manufactured three other races. The Newmans, which are like Humans, but have pointy ears and specially designed to wield TECHNICS. Then there are the Beasts, a race of, well, beast people, who are specially tuned for hard labour. Finally are the CASTs, robotic lifeforms that are made for military purposes and normally specialise if firearms.

There was once a war between the four races, the latter three having broken free from their Human masters. It was a complete stalemate from beginning to end. Practically endless bloodshed. Eventually, all four of them realised this was just a matter of testosterone (Men, am I right?) and settled into an era of peace, which solidified after the attack of an alien race called the SEED.

Now, I mentioned that CASTs were specialised in wielding firearms. That’s not my style. I’m a genius with the talent and prowess to build anything I want. I’m an artist and guns are too gouche and unsightly for my tastes. I prefer the elegance of things like the sword or even a bow, and who can forget the beauty that is TECHNICS. Yes, all of these things are so elegant that you could create a deadly dance with just one of them. It’s for that reason I’ve decided to rather the class of Force.

However, I’m not stupid, I am aware I need to still use those uncultured things. Hmm… Note to self, find a way to make guns elegant.

With that out of the way, I had just completed my training as a Guardian. Apparently, my instructor, Laia Martinez, is known for being a devilish instructor who doesn’t let up…. Really? I didn’t find it difficult to keep up with her training. I think she was just being sensable. She wanted to make sure I could take care of myself under any circumstance.

In any case, she tells me that I’d be teamed up with a partner. A CAST ‘just like me’. Apparently she’s one of the newer models, able to express emotions without having to learn them. Rude. I’ve been able to do that from the start. And my body is FAR from out of date, thank you very much. I build it my self and I keep it upgraded every day. I won’t deny that she’s cute though. Her name is Vivienne and she’s a prototype with all the latest in facial technology. Probably based off of my work, but hey, I’m not gonna complain about it. I don’t go inventing stuff for fame and glory anyway. It’s about advancement and self-improvement.

Laia scolded me when I merely bowed as my greeting, making a comment about me being shy. Well… To be fair, she has every reason to think as much. I haven’t gotten aroound to creating a voice modulator system for my body yet. Every time I try I keep getting other ideas and get to work on those. One day the world will known the glory of a jet-propelled axe!

Sorry, I got lost in my own thoughts. We were given our first mission by the Guardian’s information CAST, Lou. She’s so extremely straightforward and cold. She’s too cute for that. Too bad I couldn’t say as much..

In any case, we were told that the machines in the base had gone haywire and attacking innocent civilians. Our mission was to find out what’s going on and destroy the machines if needed. Laia was to come with us, just in case. It had to be pretty dangerous. The area was even shut off.

Needless to say, there was a foul stench in the air as we entered. I had this strange feeling that this kind of thing had happened before. My olfactory sensors were in overdrive. Along the way we found a woman who appeared to be a civilian. I indicated to Vivienne to tell her to get to safety, but she seemed to have caught something I missed. She tried to detain the woman under suspicion that she might have been the terrorist responsible for this incident. Thinking back on it, I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t caught it myself. It was pretty obvious.

However, the woman got away using a smokescreen. I felt annoyed. My body should’ve been able to detect her presense, even in pitchblackness, but I couldn’t find her. We had to continue with the mission.

We found the cause of the distubance deep within the area too, a tactical missile that was fine tuned for espionage and becomes almost like a giant parasite as it’s planted within an area. Combat, however, is not its strong suit. Vivienne or I alone would’ve been more than enough to take it on. Together with Laia, it was just sad. It was ugly and outdated anyway.

We made our report back to HQ, where we met the president of the Guardians, Lucaim Nav. I wasn’t surprised to find out he was just as Laia had decribed him, an old pervert of a CAST, but he has his head where it counts. The situation seemed rather concerning to him. He congratulated us on a job well done and told us we should complete missions like normal.

When we exited, Laia told me my room was prepared and there was something waiting for me there, and who should I find but Drakien! Wow! I didn’t know Laia managed to get her back! She was a Partner Machine I made back in basic training on a whim and they confiscated her from me before I could even turn her on! They thought she could’ve been dangerous. Can you believe it? Just because I happened to demolish the training room ONE time. How was I supposed to know the hammer I made would hit a 3.5 on the Richter Scale!? That’s what TESTING is for!

In any case, after I sorted myself out, I met with Vivienne again. She seemed to think she was bothering me since I didn’t say much. I gave her a bow of apology and she seemed rather embarrassed about it. She’s too cute!

I did some shopping for parts before I we went on a mission to clean sweep the area on any remaining rogue machines. I was hoping to get some parts that I could examine, maybe even tap into the codes or algorithms the terrorist was using. It’s still a work in progress.

Afterwards, I got a notification that there was a special mission available. This one seemed to be urgent. I soke at the front desk and they quickly drew my attention to this white-haired pretty boy who was hitting on Vivienne. Remember, that hammer I mentioned? I wanted to bring it down on his head… His name was Hyuga and apparently he likes to hit on anything that moves. He even had the nerve to hit on me! The annoying thing was, I couldn’t truly say I hate him. He reminded my of my ex.

In the council room, President Nav told us that apparently some creatures on a farm on Parum, the CAST homeworld, became SEED infected and were running amok. We got a distress call from a CAST living on the farm. I could practically see sweat form on Hyuga’s brow. As much as I didn’t like him talking to Vivienne earlier, I could say this was a pleasure to see.

When we arrived on Parum, Laia made a note that she couldn’t be as proud as she normally was on this world because of the predominant CAST population and told Vivienne about the general CAST superiority complex. She seemed confused by it, I did what I could to reassure her on it. It seemed to bother her.

Nevertheless, after picking up the mission, we went to Green Green Farm, where the distress call was. We were soon met by a kid named Kalaam. He seemed rather upset, saying his mom was missing and had gone deeper into the farm. Hyuga confirmed that Kalaam meant the CAST that had become his guardian after the a similar incident during invasion of the SEED, a woman named Remlia Norphe. We promised to look for her.

It didn’t take too long for us to find her. She didn’t appear to be hurt, but she told us she couldn’t wait while Kalaam was in danger. I couldn’t really scold her for wanting to protect her child. I would’ve done the same thing. A love for a family is a valuable thing. It seemed to give Vivienne something to really think about. She’s so cute. I think she’s hit me with a rather different sort of love.

Hyuga offered to escort her back to safety while we continued the mission. He didn’t even try to hit on her like he did with us. I think he took it that seriously. I gained a little more respect for him….. I’ll still beat his face in if he tries anything with Vivienne though.

As we exterminated creatures, we heard a roar unlike any of the other beasts around. I had bad feeling as Vivienne requested we’d investigate and my fears were confirmed. The roar belonged to a De Ragan! Long neck, horns, two tails, a bad attitude and breathing fire! I hadn’t even had the change to fine tune my body yet after my training and we already had to fight a De Ragan!

It was about as rough as you’d expect. We focused our attention on staying behind him while avoiding his fire breath and his tails. Somehow, though, we managed to survive and drive it off. Well, at least now I know the pain sensors work…

Kalaam seemed rather upset when we made it back. He pushed Norphe away for a couple of seconds before he jumped into her arms and started crying. The poor kid must’ve been so scared for her. Norphe quickly got the message and promised never to do something that dangerous again. I think Vivienne learned a lot by watching them bond like that.

When we got back, Hyuga tried to flirt with us. I was rather thorough in my decline. No holds barred. Vivienne seemed to misunderstood what the meaning was though. She’s adorable.

We reported back to Nav and he spoke to the general of the Alliance Military. He didn’t seem to take the news well. I would think he seemed rather disbelieving of the situation, certain that their bombings of the area before were extremely thorough. He did say he would look into it.

Vivienne practically spat poison after that, saying he sounded rather arrogant and trying to push the blame off the Alliance Military. It seemed this was coming back from the discussion about the CAST superiority complex. Nav and Laia corrected her on the situation, saying he was definitely being fair and that he was taking the best course of action. She felt bad afterwards, realising she was the one being prejeduced in the situation. I could only offer a gentle smile. It’s good that she learned from the experience.

After I had done some shopping for parts and equipment, I found myself in HQ to find President Nav suddenly seeking shelter behind me, then Laia telling me to grab him. Apparently, he’d been getting himself into trouble again. He tried to get us to excuse his actions by telling us a story about his youth about 1oo years ago. When he realised it wasn’t working, he made a bolt for a the door. I have a feeling he’ll be coming back with lumps or a pike. Depends on how far he pushed my former instructor.

After that, we took a couple of extra missions. A clean up of the farm and taking back a train from some bandits that had hacked into it. I used the pay from both missions to improve my gear and learn some new skills.

Needless to say, my first day on the job was interesting. However, there are things about it that are bothering me. Why were the SEED back after so long? There’s a number of explanations flying about, but I’m not convinced. Also, there’s that woman from before. Who was she and how did she tie into all this?

One thing was certain: Whatever it was, it had only just begun.

Status Summery:

Metis is now Level 11.

Vivienne joined the Party. She’s so cute!!

Laia Martinez joined the Party.

Drakien (PM) joined the Party.

Hyuga has joined the Party. Keep an eye on him!!

The Party may now travel to Parum.

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Dark Souls Priscilla – Final Part – What Was Left

Realization hit me like a wave as I was working to build up Humanity and kindle bonfires. I met a Hollow when I traveled into New Londo. I completely blacked out on it, but it was clearly the crestfallen knight who had disappeared. I was stricken with a deep regret. I probably couldn’t have stopped it from happening, but still…

I also found the corpse of a witch when I happened to go back to the Valley of the Drakes. I could only pray for them both.

I also took the time to visit Quelana and learn all the pryomancy she could teach me. As she was teaching me, she asked me a favour. To kill her sisters and mother, who had become demons and were writing in agony. I could feel Quelaag’s sorrow as she said this. How must it feel to ask someone to kill your family.

With my work done, it was now time for me to enter the Demon Ruins that were nearby. I fought demons in the surface world, without a doubt, but now I was in their world. Where they were once scant and few, they were now plentiful. Capra and Taurus demons were plenty.

That wasn’t where my first challenge lay though. Along a side path, I found a giant fiery mass of flesh and tendrils. At first he didn’t do anything, but that quickly changed as I touched the corpse on the far end that was wearing the same robes as Quelana. It was clear doing so had upset it as it started attacking visciously. It was hard to hit him from land by whatever means. I had to wait for it to strike before taking shots with my spells. It was finished pretty soon after though. Quelana must’ve been a special person to him. It’s rather sad. However, I noticed that with it gone, the lava below had receeded, allowing me to pass further in.

Last time I had fought them, the Demons were tough and almost too much for me to handle. Now, however, I’d become much stronger, so they weren’t too bad to fight. Some careful planning with the Taurus demons and some retaliation with the Capras and it wasn’t hard to disperse them.

They were the least of my problems though. Descending further down, I found a demon centipede gaurding the bonfire. I made a point of defeating them from long range however. There were also these miniature legless demons breathing fire everywhere. They weren’t too tough to deal with. A mere swing of the sword was enough to deal with them.

There was a temple before me before long, but I took a slight detour. After taking out the Taurus and some centipedes, I found another ember. I didn’t think Andre could use this one. This seemed to be the specialty of the blacksmith I found in the Catacombs, Vamos, I believe his name was.

I headed back to the temple, whereI found a side path. I was being pulled in that direction. Going down it, I found a door surrounded by a lot of demon bugs. I opened it and found one that wasn’t like the others. I felt at ease when I killed it. This was something that was going to end Solaire’s life. I felt it deep within my soul. With him safe, I now had to make sure to protect Siegmeyer.

Entering the temple, I found something I was hoping not to see. A demon with the same body type as the ones in the Asylum. Even now, they come back to haunt me. This one was much stronger though. He was practically bathed in the life fire of this world. I prepared a lot for fire defense, but still, it was pretty cumbersome to fight him between his powerful melee attacks and fire. Still, it only took a few spell shots to take it down. Logan’s spells once again proved invaluable to me.

Further in, I found a path that lead back to Quelaag’s domain. Though further in was another bonfire, followed by another fog gate. Through it, I found the source of those demon centipedes. There was lava all over the place. I was quite thoroughly boxed in. I had to wait for it to come to me to fire off attacks just like the creature in the beginning. Once I killed it, it coughed up a ring. This ring would allow me to walk in the lava. I was rather lucky. I made my way into the Lost Izaleth.

I found Solaire there. He seemed rather depressed. He didn’t seem to even notice I was there. He just kept talking about how he couldn’t find his sun. I wanted to comfort him, but I couldn’t find the words. I could only carry on. There weren’t much in the way of enemies now. Just more of those legless demons and these demons without tops. They must be what makes those asylum demons. After I got to the next bonfire, I made of point of killing all the large demons that were in my path while carefully managing myself. They were strong, so it was a matter of managing my spells.

There was a temple further within, larger than the last, but in even worse shape. Ontop of those legless demons there were these strange jelly-fish looking ones. I could already tell they were dangerous, so I rather opted to fight them with my spells rather than my gear.

I found another pyromancer dressed the same as Quelana guarding the entrance to the main temple. I took her out quickly, but she was powerful. Was this a vision left by the Witch of Izalith?

I also found the other side of that door. After taking out the Titanite Demon, I found Solaire again, sitting where the demon bugs were. He seemed even more depressed, but at least he’s alive. He can find a new reason to live once we were both out of here.

Heading back, I fell into a trap where I found Seigmeyer before a pit filled with more of those jellyfish demons. He offered to help me after everything I’ve done for him and told me a rather alarming plan. He would distract those demons while I got away. I wasn’t about to let him do that. I jumped into the fight with him and backed him up.

However, my help wasn’t enough. Siegmeyer was hurt too badly and he died, calling for his daughter as he did. I wanted to scream. I succeeded in protecting a friend, but failed to do the same for another.. I don’t know how I even could begin to tell Seiglinde about what happened.

I could no longer keep putting it off. I had to face the Witch of Izalith. I returned to the entrance of the temple and found her. She was now a tree creature…. It’s… ironic.. Doesn’t she hurt herself, being the origin of Pyromancy and all?

She clearly wasn’t happy to see me. She started to attack as soon as she could move. All I could do was guard and try to avoid her, but even that was taxing because every strike felt like it could rip my arm off… I seem to be getting that a lot…

I quickly noticed two glowing points on either side. I made my way to one and cut away at the bramble before striking it. Doing so seemed to unleash some spirit form. She seemed to be upset after that. I quickly made my way to the other point, but I had to be careful because the floor was collapsing around me. She knocked me into one of the resulting holes soon after. On my second try, I made it to the second point, but then she crushed my body. The third, I was more diligent and finally cut my way to it, unleashing more of the spirit form… Like I needed her to get stronger..

She crushed me again as I got out, but on my third try, I ran towards her as a path had opened up in the tree body. The floor collapsed to bar my entry, but I found a stray root and made my way inside. I cut through bramble after bramble while she was pelting me with fire. I finally cut my way to the center and found the true demon.. a slug… Not exactly what I was expecting… I easilly killed it and claimed her soul. It was a sad state, but she was clearly powerful. She used the entire tree as a puppet with that massive amount of mana.

With that done, I made preparations for our final trip. I got a ring in order to talk to Quelaan but.. I didn’t have the heart to. I think Quelaag was more hesitant to talk to her than I was. I didn’t have the heart to talk to Anastacia either, nor Laurentius or Griggs. Part of me wish I had. I knew I wouldn’t be coming back.

I made my way to the Firelink Chamber and offered the souls I had collected to the Lordvessel. The door before me opened and as I entered, I could see the spirits of knights walking around. This was the true nature of the Black Knights. Spirits trapped between worlds, unable to die. Just as undead as I am, but on a different level. As I entered the Kiln of the First Flame, it was apparent what had happened. A huge catastrophy, a blast that couldn’t have possibly left a single being alive. Runs of broken and even deformed stone, as if they had been melted and quickly frozen again. A floor covered in ash like nothing ever seen before, and in the middle was a sort of Colosseum. The knights were still stronge, but I was now far stronger and I could take care of them easily. I even managed to collect some of their gear.

As I entered the gate at the end of the road, the truth had become very clear. While he was engulfed in flame, this man, Lord Gwyn, was no longer a god. I instantly knew why he never returned to Anor Londo. He was a Hollow now. That wasn’t to say that he was on the calibur of the Hollows I had fought up until that point. He was fast, viscious, and yet somehow still managed to be graceful while he was at it. I couldn’t fire spells at him as he seemed to see my telegraphed castings and every time I tried to heal up, he took the opportunity to charge at me. He defeated me time and time again, but I couldn’t fall now.

I decided my spells wouldn’t work, so instead I kept both my Rapier and my Greatsword. My best option was to avoid most of his attacks and counter the one particular combo. It took a lot of patience, but soon enough, his body was crumbling. It’s ironic. I was cast away by the gods for my ability to hunt them. I could rip through them like they were nothing. If I were allowed to stay, it might not have turned out like this, yet now, here I stood, the Godslayer everyone accused me of being. I had no time to think of that, though. I held my hand out to the fire, and took the flames into myself.

I write this now for any adventurer who finds it. I am now at the center of the flame. Neither God, nor Dragon, but both. I stand with a soul strong enough to keep the flames burning. However, I don’t know if my dual nature can keep me from meeting the same fate as Lord Gwyn. For this, I pray to you, find me. If I am still sane, I will welcome you with open arms. If I become Hollow, however, do not hesitate to kill me and take everything I’ve accomplished as an inheretance.

Know, however, that you stand no chance of making this journey unless you are strong, for Lord Gwyn’s Knights now serve me. One last time, I shall cry out my name.

I am Priscilla, Dragon God of the First Flame.

Status Summery:

Priscilla obtained Large Flame Ember.

Priscilla obtained Demon’s Catalyst.

Priscilla obtained Izalith Catalyst.

Priscilla obtained Spiked Shield.

Priscilla obtained Barbed Straight Sword.

Priscilla learned Chaos Fire Whip.

Priscilla obtained Titanite Catchpole.

Priscilla obtained Speckled Stoneplate Ring.

Priscilla obtained Lord Soul.

Quelaag’s Furysword levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Darkmoon Bow levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Priscilla obtained Old Witch’s Ring.

Priscilla obtained Chaos Flame Ember.

Priscilla obtained Black Knight Shield.

Black Knight Shield levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Priscilla obtained Soul of Gwyn, Lord of the Cinder.

Priscilla linked the Fire.

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Dark Souls Priscilla – Part 13 – Fateful Encounters

After a long while of training, I felt I’ve grown as strong as I needed to be. It was now time for me to awaken Gwyndolin from his dream.

It’s hard to describe it, but I felt that he had been living in denial. His sister had long left Anor Londo, his father hadn’t returned since the Age of Fire. I didn’t want to kill him, but I felt this was a less cruel fate than letting him live out his days in this delusion he had created.

Naturally, he did not take kindly to me passing the fog gate. I was rather surprised though by how…. pretty he was. He was adorned in rather feminine looking robes, he had a rather feminine-looking figure. I dare say he almost looked more like a woman than Gwynevere.

I had no time to think of that though. Before my eyes, the hallway where he lay stretched on endlessly. He then teleported to the far side of the room and started throwing spells at me. Even with all the magic defense I had placed on myself, taking a direct hit from them proved disastrous. Even moreso, he would occassionally fire barbs at me. This often happened just as I got to him, so I was left defenseless while he crushed me.

Eventually, though, I got into the rhythm of his attacks to avoid the seriousness of them. I could avoid his spells by rolling through them and every time he would lift himself up, it meant he was about to attack with his barbs in a pattern of three barbs, three times. Whenever he shot the barbs, I blocked it with my shield, making whatever progression I could in the gaps. As soon as I was close enough I could fire my spells at him. It took two or three shots to take him down completely.

He cursed me with his dying breath as he faded and I claimed his soul. He seemed to calm down once it was in my hands though. I think he understood who I was. Unfortunately, his Firekeeper wasn’t so understanding. She attacked me as soon as I appeared before her. However, she wasn’t that hard to fight. I had her down in seconds. I held my hands in prayer for both of them. Their long dream was finally over.

Oddly enough, Gwynevere was still here in the city. The castor of the illusion had died, so the illusion itself should’ve faded away into obscurity. Was she simply automomous or was the illusion actually being cast from something else? I dare not try to think about it. I’ll just keep running in circles.

It was now finally time to rid the asylum of the second demon. As I returned, I prepare myself, cast Fall Control, and then fell down to the floor below where he once again waited for me. I immediately began casting Crystal Soul Spears and once I ran out, I started striking at him with the Moonlight Greatsword. Before long, he was dead too. The demons would no longer plague the asylum that once imprisoned me. What this meant for the undead here, I do not know.

Next, I went back to the Undead Burg to take care of the red Dragon. I saw no reason to switch out my fire resistant gear. After using Hidden Body to run past the Hollows and ready myself, I hid in a corner to provoke him into coming down. Once he did, I fired my spells at him whenever I got the chance while he would blanket the bridge in his fire. There were a few close calls, but I soon had him down as well, thanks in no small part to the spells Logan had taught me.

With all three of these foes defeated, it was time to enter New Londo. I heard it was inhabited by ghosts, so I made an effort to buy some Transient Curses before heading down there. It was a good thing too. I wouldn’t have been able to touch them otherwise, and even then blocking proved to be ineffective. I needed to strike them as quickly as possible.

On my journey, I met a man named Ingward, who was guarding the place. Once he noticed I obtained the Lordvessel, he gave me a key to unlock the seal imprisoning the Four Kings. After heading in further, I opened a shortcut to the entrance of the area and drained the water. So many lives were sacrificed here, and they were all angry.

However, making my way deeper within, I noticed I was right outside the Valley of Drakes. The Drakes didn’t really bother me, but something else was here. Darkwraiths. They seemed to be rather unappreciative of my being there. They must be guarding the Kings too.

They weren’t too tough compared to my weaponry though, but they were too strong to risk a direct hit either. There were also these strange blob things, presumably another form of ghost that would spew some strange, sticky substance. One of them hit me with it… it was gross…

Exploring around, however, I found another Ember to give to Andre and another bow. I found myself before a long descending tower afterward. I put on the ring I got from Sif and dropped down. I found myself in the Abyss below. The battle with the Four Kings had now begun.

I took out one easily enough with a single Crystal Soul Spear, however, I missed with a couple of spells on the second. With the Tin Crystalization Catalyst limitting my castings, I soon had to rely on the Moonlight Greatsword because my spells wouldn’t reach, and the White Dragon Breath wouldn’t travel in the Abyss. I should’ve prepared more spells just in case.

I was doing fine with the shockwave of the Moonlight Greatsword though, but it did leave me open to several attacks. I depleted a lot of Estus Flasks before I finally defeated them and took their soul. Strange. Why was there only one soul here? Were their really four Kings to begin with? In fact, I had this strange suspicion that I couldn’t even trust my eyes. It was almost like there were just three, maybe even just one king. I wasn’t sure which, though.

After I left, I made some routes, including fusing Gwyndolin with my Long Bow to create a new, more powerful bow. Strangely enough, it was his idea. I guess he wanted to fight with me like Quelaag did.

I spent a lot of Humanity though, kindling all the bonfires around, and I still haven’t hit them all. I decided I needed to collect more.

My path lies past Quelana now, deep in Demon territory. The Witch of Izalith lies somewhere there. It seems Quelaag has been waiting for this moment. She’s very restless all of a sudden. The end of my journey is getting close. I’ve come far from when I was trapped in that painted world. Where I intend to go, I may not return. At the very least, I’ve left Lordran with nothing left to plague the outer world. Hopefully, this will make the future a little brighter in this dying world.

Also, Solaire and Seigmeyer. The events that threaten them are about to come to pass. I feel it in my being. Can I save them in time?

Status Summery:

Priscilla is now Soul Level 163. Her soul resonates.

Heal proficiency increased.

Great Heal Excerpt proficiency increased.

Priscilla obtained Soul of Gwyndolin.

Priscilla learned Sunlight Blade.

Priscilla obtained Moonlight Gear.

Estus Flask levelled up to +5.

Priscilla learned Karmic Justice.

Priscilla obtained Cursebite Ring.

Piscilla obtained Very Large Ember.

Priscilla obtained Bequeathed Lord Soul.

Long Bow ascended to Darkmoon Bow. It’s singing.

Quelaag’s Furysword levelled up to +13.

Balder Shield levelled up to +15. It cries Triumphant!

Effigy Shield levelled up to +11.

Bloodshield levelled up to +13.

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Voting Call – What Game Should I Do Next?

I realised that it won’t be too long before I finish my playthrough of Dark Souls using the Priscilla build, and with the current status on when I’ll have a PS4 uncertain, I will be getting to other games I have yet to complete, and in some cases, have already beaten, in order to present more material for my readers to enjoy. This may also include games I’ve already reviewed, even if it’s not it’s an old review for Facebook. I’ll include descriptions of the games for those who may not know them. However, due to problems with my Vita, Vita games will currently not be included.

The structure of the poll is currently as follows: One RPG, One Monster Hunter-style game, and one game I have via emulator for one reason or another.

The descriptions of the games in this list are as follows:

Lord of Arcana: A Monster Hunter style RPG developed by Square-Enix. The player is thrust into a world where they are set to conquer the monsters within it. It combines Monster Hunter gameplay with RPG elements, including being able to summon bosses.

Phantasy Star Portable: The PSP sequel to Phantasy Star Universe, an entry to the Phantasy Star series on PS2. Phantasy Star is a sci-fi RPG with fantasy elements, including spells and even lightsaber-like weapons. This entry into the series also adds a race of beast people to the already existing races.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth: A remake of the original PS1 game Valkyrie Profile. Valkyrie Profile is an RPG set in a fantasy world based on Norse Mythology where the player takes control of Lenneth, one of the three goddesses of Fate in the game.

Of the three here, I’ve actually beaten Valkyrie Profile, but I’ve yet to achieve the True Ending to the game.

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Dark Souls Priscilla – Part 12 – Rescue in the Catacombs

I first spent a lot of time preparing. Gathering materials, and a bit of training. After all that was done, it was time to enter the Catacombs.

The graveyard was near Firelink from the start, but I wasn’t crazy enough to do go in there anymore than I had to. I wasn’t equipped to combat the undead. Now, it was a different story. With Yulia now specially crafted to take on the Undead, as well as the Moonlight Greatsword I got from Seath, I was now capable of taking out those undead skeletons easily.

The greatsword was enough to tear through eve the large skeletons, but as I entered the actual Catacombs, I switched to Yulia. I could tell the skeletons within there weren’t going to stay down if I used the Greatsword, at least not at first. It wasn’t too long before I found out why.

With the path forward shut, I had to made an alternate route, but I came to a deadend with a Necromancer. It was obvious that he was the one keeping the skeletons from staying down. I quickly dispatched him but there were likely more. I needed to keep Yulia with me until I made sure every Necromancer had been dealt with.

There was a switch nearby. After activating it, I rested at the bonfire right next to it. My path had now opened up. I made it deeper into the catacombs.

Needless to say, I had a more than skeletons to worry about. There were also ghosts that would explode if they came close to me. I had to watch out for them as well. The Necromancers also seemed to be able to communicate with each other, as the ones I encountered after knew I was there and would run further in, forcing me to chase after them, as well as fight through all the hordes of skeletons blocking my path. There were also traps all over the place. Statues with spikes, pitfalls, bridges that were impassible before switches where activated. It was a rather tiring mix of complications, to be sure. Just getting to the next bonfire was exhausting. I had to keep going though. Reah was here somewhere.

Deeper within, I had found a unique ring. I felt I needed it to meet with someone in Anor Londo. Another path lead me to where a Titanite Demon lay. It didn’t take much effort to dispatch it, despite the narrow corridor I was in. However, my body had become weary from all the fighting and traps up until that point. I needed a place to close my eyes for even a little bit. It wasn’t really my first choice, but I found a free sarcophogus that I could rest in. I hoped the dead around me didn’t take offense.

I was suddenly awoken shortly after by something moving the coffin. The lid was close on me and I was trapped before I could even see what it was. I blacked out as a result… I didn’t expect to really have a nap in that way.. When I finally got out, I was in some place completely different. I took a look around, and found myself before Gravelord Nito, resting in a large sarcophogus several times my size. I’d argue it was around the size of my previous body, maybe even bigger than that. I was allowed to join his covenant, and he gave me a sword and taught me a miracle of his.

I think he understood that I was going to have to fight him though. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he was expecting me.

I returned to the sarcophogus I was dragged into and was returned to the Catacombs. I couldn’t have fought him there. I had to present a formal challenge.

After I was sure all the Necromancers were taken care off, I got out the Moonlight Greatsword again. However, I did encounter a Black Knight before doing so. Now that I was stronger, he wasn’t too tough to take care of, and I got an axe off of him.

Eventually, I made my way to a strange sight. A skeletal demon. He smashed open the wall and told me to leave because I was a distraction… I don’t know if I should take that as an insult or a compliment.. He appeared to be a blacksmith given all his tools. I could probably make fire elemental weapons with him.

After fighting my way to more skeletons on broken wheels and trying to avoid ghosts, I made my way to a sarcophogus big enough to hold a god. It seemed someone had turned it into a study.. and he was still there. With six arms and three masked faces. He wasn’t happy to see me. However, he wasn’t all that strong, I had him down in a couple of shots of my Crystal Soul Arrow. That strange Catalyst Logan had created was already coming in handy. I obtained a Rite from him. It seems with this, I can make bonfires stronger and give myself more Estus Flasks than ever before.

I climbed out of the sarcophogus and I found myself in a place blanketted in an all-consuming darkness. This was the same vibe as the area I had found Nito in earlier. I cast the Cast Light spell, and the path was shown to me. This was the origin of those giant skeletons, the Tomb of Giants, the final resting place of Gravelord Nito.

I had to still be careful while going around the place, but it was mostly a matter of defending and attacking at the right time. The power of the Moonlight Greatsword was enough to crush each of these creatures in two strikes. I needed to save my spells as much as possible, but there were no Necromancers I needed to be concerned about.

Near the first bonfire, I found a strange bald man. He asked me if I were a cleric. While I was versed in Miracles, I didn’t exactly count and I told him as much. He told me in a rather suspicious tone that we were now friends and he would share the treasure at the bottom of the pit with me. He obviously thought I was an idiot.. but I pretended to play his game nonetheless. Naturally, he shoved me down the pit and told me he intended to rob me once I was dead. Should I feel stupid for falling for this on purpose…?

Ironically, this turn of events lead me to what I had been searching for. I found Reah hiding behind a pillar and she warned me that her bodyguards had become Hollow. I approached the two guarding the exit and they attacked me. I was more than ready though. I didn’t have to expend much effort to take them out. I held my hands together in prayer as they vanished into the aether. I went to tell Reah the knews and she thanked me for setting them free. She taught me another Miracle as a result.

With her safe, I exited the pit and after a small detour to find an ember, I found that no good graverobber. It was undoubtably his fault Reah was in trouble. He was naturally shocked I was alive, blaming his actions on being undead and begged forgiveness. I could only let out a dejected sigh as I forgave him. I think he knew it was a bad idea to try and kill me again.

I quickly made a detour to the Chapel to drop off that Ember at Andre, then met Reah within. She offered to teach me more Miracles and I accepted. I learned everything I could from her, then went back.

With that done, I could progress deeper, where I fought another Black Knight. He went down easily enough, but I was annoyed that I failed to get his shield.

After searching around and obtaining another ring, I rested at the next bonfire and found I a path beyond the all-consuming darkness covered in light. A Black Phantom then attacked me, but I appeared to have moved out of his summon range and failed to get his club.

Deeper within, I found more of those strange wizards guarding a gate. Gravelord Nito had to be through there. I took them all out before proceeding. I had made my formal challenge. Dropping into the area I came to face him, Nito woke up from his slumber. The challenge was met.

It was hard to focus on Nito with all his skeletal minions coming to life around me, and he used a strange Miracle like the one he taught me to get a hit in, but I was quick to recover from it. Once I had a bead on him, I fired my Crystal Soul Arrows, and a normal Soul Arrow until he was defeated. I could’ve sworn that he seemed pleased at the results as I claimed a piece of his soul. It was only a small piece, but it was still immensely powerful.

Afterward, I returned to Anor Londo, to the tomb hidden underneath and used the ring I found in the catacombs to reveal a passage. I found a fog gate and a voice stopped me. It asked to prove I was a member of the Darkmoon Blades. The voice called himself Gwyndolin, Lord Gwyn’s youngest son. I joined his covenant for the time being, but this won’t be for long.

I’ll need to fight him as well. He’s living in a world of falsehoods. His beloved sister and father no longer reside in the city and I’m free from the confines of my isolated world. I’ll also need to take care of that demon in the asylum once and for all, as well as the dragon in the Undead Burg. First though, I need to complete my training.

After all this, two more lords remain. The Four Kings of New Londo, and the Witch of Izalith. It seems Quelaag is eager to go after the latter.

Status Summery:

Priscilla is now Soul Level 152.

Antiquated Gloves levelled up to +5. They cry Triumphant!

Moonlight Greatsword levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Priscilla obtained Winged Spear.

Priscilla obtained Zweinhander.

Priscilla obtained Caduceus Round Shield.

Priscilla obtained Lucerne.

Priscilla obtained Great Scythe.

Priscilla obtained Falchion.

Priscilla obtained Darkmoon Seance Ring.

Priscilla learned Tanquil Walk of Peace.

Priscilla obtained Gravelord Sword,

Priscilla learned Gravelord Sword Dance.

Priscilla obtained Black Knight Greataxe.

Priscilla obtained Rite of Kindling.

Priscilla learned Replenishment.

Priscilla obtained Large Divine Ember.

Heal proficiency increased.

Great Heal Excerpt proficiency increased.

Homeward proficiency increased.

Force proficiency increased.

Priscilla learned Great Heal.

Priscilla learned Wrath of the Gods.

Seek Guidance proficiency increased.

Priscilla learned Magic Barrier.

Priscilla obtained Effigy Shield.

Priscilla obtained Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

Priscilla obtained Lord Soul.

Priscilla obtained Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring.

Divine Uchigatana levelled up to +7.

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Dark Souls Priscilla – Part 11 – Sword of Moonlight

Before I entered the Archives again, I felt it was necessary to get stronger. However, while I did so, I felt it was necessary to head back to Sen’s Fortress a few times to collect a few things.  I also bought the other ring off of Griggs.

After I had done training, I felt I needed to head to the bonfire in the gate leading to the Parish. I met Solaire and he offered to let me join his covenant because of how strong I’d grown. I learned a new Miracle for doing so.

There was a place I needed to go to once more. In Blighttown, there was a path I needed find. Along the way, I found Seigmeyer. He was sleeping standing up like it was the most natural thing in the world. In a poisonous swamp of all places. Can you believe that?

When he woke up, he told me he was in trouble. Naturally. This man always seems to be hitting brick walls everywhere. Why not here too? He told me he was out of moss to cure poison and asked if I could spare some. I happily gave him some and he thanked me by giving me a spare shield he had.

It wasn’t too long before I found the path. It led to an apparent dead end. For a moment, I thought my senses were utterly confused by the swamp’s toxic gas, but no. As I struck, the wall before me vanished. It lead to a lone chest. I wasn’t convinced this was the end. Another strike at the wall behind it revealed yet ANOTHER path. Someone REALLY didn’t want you going this way.

I found my way to a deep descent of roots and rotten bark. Along the path were Basilisks. I used the Hidden Body spell to sneak up on them. At the bottom lay more of those mushroom people that were in the forest. These ones seemed a little more hostile, so I had to take them down. Eventually, I made my way out of the tree to Ash Lake, where I had the misfortune of seeing there was a second Hydra. I used Hidden Body to run all the way to the end of the path where I found another Dragon. Unlike the others I’ve met, this one was a Firekeeper. Not only that, it was offering its tail to me. I got a greatsword for slicing it off….. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I couldn’t use it. I hope his tail grows back soon..

Now I needed to take care of the Hydra. I lured him over to me so he was closer, then started firing spells at him. It didn’t take too long for him to go down. He was easier than the Hydra I fought in Darkroot because I didn’t have to wait for him to attack to get a clear shot.

After I did that, it was time to head into the Archives. After taking an elevator up, I found a long narrow passage and found a warrior covered in crystal. I lured him to the open area before taking him out. Carrying onto the end of the passage, I found the Duke whom the Archives belong. Seath the Scaleless, the traitor of the dragons. I tried to fight him, but nothing I did worked. He was healing far too fast. He utterly defeated me and threw me in a makeshift prison in the far off reaches of the archives.

I have to be honest, for a dragon who put a lot of effort into learning so much… he didn’t make the smartest move letting me keep my weapons.. I mean, HE may be practically invulnerable, but his minions aren’t. I struck the guard he was asleep at my cell and took his key. As soon as I left, they sounded an alarm, and strange creatures were unleashed on me. I took each of them out from afar as I made my way down. Two of them had miracles I could learn. They must’ve been Lady Gwynevere’s handmaidens. Poor things..

However, who should be there other than Logan. Trapped again. It seems he tried to take on Seath too.. or he was caught trying to peruse the archives. Yeah.. that’s the more likely scenario here.. I made a note to keep an eye out for the key to his cell.

First though, I needed to deal with the alarm. I used Hidden Body to sneak up on the serpent men guarding the area. I turned off the alarm and found the key to exit this prison. I made it back to an entirely different section of the Archives, taking out the channelers and the crystalized Hallows as I went.I almost got lost trying to work the mechanisms within it, but I quickly found my way to a hidden sideroom that opened into the main area. Nearby, I found the key to Logan’s cell. I ran all the way back to free him, then found him in one of the hidden siderooms. He learned new spells that he could teach me. I took a breather to learn from him and Griggs on back at Firelink thanks to the Bonfire warp.

Logan told that deep in the forest behind the Archives was a crystal that was the secret to Seath’s immortality. I needed to reach it, if I wanted to defeat him. Naturally, said forest was littered with crystal golems. There was a golden one though. I took it out and it released… Seigmeyer? No, she wore the same armour, but she introduced herself as Seiglinde. She told me she was Seigmeyer’s daughter and she was searching for him. She asked me if I’d seen him and I did. She seemed rather happy to hear it.

I used Hidden Body to get past most of the Crystal Golems, going into a cave. It had a few butterflies similar to the one I fought in Darkroot. They didn’t seem openly hostile, so I left them alone. Navigating this cave was difficult enough with the invisible passages, the two strong golems and the clams like the ones at Ash Lake.

I made my way into the chamber to find the crystal Logan had told me about. Seath arrived just then. He obviously wasn’t pleased with me. Now, though, I could hear it clearly. Something in his tail was calling me to me. I tried to attack the tail several times, but it wouldn’t come off. I left myself unguarded several times trying to get at his tail and he kept killing me as a result.

Since attacking the base of his tail wasn’t working, I decided that I needed to attack the tip. Getting to it was easier said than done.. Seath kept turning towards me, making it hard to reach his back, and often when I did, the top of his tail was near impossible to reach. Eventually, though, with Yulia’s help, I sliced off his tail and a greatsword came flying out into my hands. Now that I didn’t need to worry about that, I could fight Seath properly. He caused me to use many of my Estus Flasks as I was trying to get that sword, but now I could pay him back for every bit of pain he caused me. I fired off my new Crystal Soul Spear spell at him and when it ran out, I fired off the many Soul Spears I had. It wasn’t long before I his body was crumbling and I claimed the last remaining shard of his soul.

I left to tell Logan the good news, but.. he didn’t recognise me. Something was wrong. I left for Firelink to see if I could find some help, but I found Seiglinde waiting for me. She still hadn’t found Seigmeyer, so I pointed her in the right direction.

I returned to the Archives to find Logan had gone. Not only that, he had left his clothes and his catalyst behind. I had a bad feeling and returned to the room where I first fought Seath. There, my fears were realised. He had gone Hallow. He was attacking me furociously with his spells, but one shot from one a Crystal Soul Spear put an end to him. It was sad, and rather ironic. I ended his life with a spell that he, himself, taught me. He left me with another spell and a powerful catalyst covered in Crystal. I also found another Ember nearby.

Now was the time to improve my gear. I upgraded the Moonlight Greatsword with all the Dragon Scales I had obtained, then went and reverted Yulia back into a normal sword before I had her transformed into a Divine weapon. I had a feeling I needed it. I took the rest of the time to gather materials so I could improve my other weapons and shields.

I had forgotten in my attempts to defeat Seath that I had intended to return to the Asylum to vanquish that demon. I must make a note to take care of him after I deal with the Catacombs. I need to find Reah now. If I leave her be too much longer, she might die. I’ll head in after I’ve finished replenishing my Humanity sprites. I’m sure her guardians have no intention of letting anything happen to her.

Status Summery:

Priscilla is now Soul Level 138.

Priscilla obtained Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.

Priscilla obtained Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring.

Priscilla learned Hush.

Priscilla learned Lightning Spear. Praise the Sun!

Priscilla obtained Pierce Shield.

Priscilla obtained Plank Shield.

Priscilla obtained Cloranthy Ring.

Priscilla obtained Dragon Greatsword.

Priscilla learned Soothing Sunlight.

Priscilla learned Bountiful Sunlight.

Priscilla learned Strong Magic Shield.

Priscilla obtained Symbol of Avarice.

Priscilla obtained Crystal Ember.

Estus Flask levelled up to +3.

Soul Spear proficiency increased.

Homing Soulmass proficiency increased.

Priscilla learned Crystal Soul Spear.

Priscilla learned Crystal Magic Weapon.

Priscilla learned Homing Crystal Soulmass.

Priscilla obtained Moonlight Greatsword. It’s crying out.

Priscilla obtained Bequethed Lord Souls Shard.

Moonlight Greatsword levelled up to +4.

Priscilla obtained Logan’s Catalyst.

Priscilla learned White Dragon Breath.

Priscilla obtained Tin Crystalization Catalyst.

Priscilla obtained Large Magic Ember.

Uchigatana ascended to Divine Uchigata. It’s singing.

Divine Uchigatana levelled up to +5. It’s singing.

Lifehunt Scythe levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Crest Shield levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Dragon Crest Shield levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Silver Knight Shield levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Velka’s Rapier levelled up to +5. It cries Triumphant!

Longbow levelled up to +10. It’s singing.

Bloodshield levelled up to +10. It’s singing.

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