Tips & Hints Introduction

Welcome to the Tips & Hints page.

Some games can sure put you into really tough spots, huh? What pattern should I against this enemy in Fate/ Extra? How do I make progress in Fury Mode on Muramasa Rebirth? How do I defeat that damn Vale in Deception IV? How do I do ANYTHING in Dark Souls?

Now challenges are part of the game. Playing a game that’s too easy is just boring, right? So these games are expected to give you a certain level of challenge. Keep you from mindlessly mashing that attack button and use your brain to try and get things done. Some games, however, can get overall infuriating when you get stuck and can’t progress.

Well, that’s what this page is for.

I used to be a notorious cheater. Every game I got, I’d cheat the hell out of it. In fact, cheats would be the first thing I’d look up because some games almost seemed to be nigh impossible without them. Nowadays, I’ve calmed down with that. While I do do things like find cheats and look up walkthroughs, I now have a strict set of rules for it. I may not cheat unless:

  1. I’ve accomplished the feat myself and earned the right to cheat the hell out of it. For example: Using invincibility mode or something like that. Or,
  2. I’m really, REALLY stuck and can’t figure it out, thus need a hint or something to carry on.

In doing so, either by watching Let’s Plays, or playing the game myself, I have devised strategies and even some guides to help myself through some tough spots, so I figured, why not share it. Though, this isn’t going to be all me. Just like with my Mythology Facts page, I will get some of this stuff from outside sources. In this case, I will note where I got it from and thus, who deserves credit for the helpful insight.

Not only that, once again, like my Mythology Facts page, I intend for this page to be communal. If you’ve got your own tips for a particular subject on this page, feel free to let us know and I’ll even add it to the page crediting you. If I got something wrong, or something could be done to do better, you make note of that too. Just remember to keep it constructing and non-abusive. You just sound like a jerk and a smartass otherwise.

As always, keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete abusive comments and should they be severe enough, ban the user. Enjoy the page!

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Mythology Facts Introduction

Welcome to the Mythology Facts page.

The point of this page is to provide insight to mythological tales and expand your mind regarding the various monsters and heroes within the world’s mythologies.

If you don’t know by now that I’m a HUGE mythology geek, welcome, you must be new.

We people of the modern age have our minds clouded by popular culture regarding what we learn about mythology. We’re taught things that monsters are evil and heroes are good. We learn demons are horrid creatures wishing to corrupt our souls, while angels try to save and protect us. You’d be surprised how little of that is true.

With this page, I intend to dispell all of those Sunday School versions of myths, most of which will be taken from various sources which I’ll make a note of. Also note, that in some cases, what I may express is more opinion based from what I’ve learned.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Aegis, what does mythology have to do with gaming?” Surprisingly, a lot. In fact, some of the best games, fantasy especially, take influence from mythology. Not all of them, mind you. But tell me if these sound familiar.











Believe it or not, all these elements which occur SO much actually have a mythological basis. As I just mentioned, fantasy especially borrows from mythology when bringing in various races and monsters.

Before anyone says it though, no, I’m not using this as a loophole. This is mainly for aspiring game developers who wish to make a game, but have trouble with certain elements or evenn may not have elements right.

Believe it or not, I was once like everyone else here. I grew up on the Sunday School variations of these mythological tales. I grew up believing Medusa was an evil bitch, that Banshee were shrieking old hags, that Vampires were the undead. But then I was exposed to something that made me question that perception. You’ve all have to have heard the name once before, especially if you read my review of the spin-off game. I’m talking about Fate/ Stay Night.

A friend of mind once brought the anime adaption of the visual novel over. This was before I even knew what a visual novel was. Needless to say, we were enticed by it. I’d known about the series beforehand, but never really new the premise of it. In the end, we were a single episode short and I had to download and watch the final episode myself. After which, I took to Wikipedia like a bullet to learn about more of the Servants.

Now, for those not familiar with it, the Fate series uses D&D based alignments regarding Servants and their behaviour. Lawful Good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, that sort of stuff. I was surprised to learn that Rider, who turned out to be Medusa, turned out to be Chaotic Good, an alignment that’ll do whatever it takes to do what they believe is right. Thinking on it, I realized it actually made sense. Medusa never went out of her way to turn people to stone. Everyone she ever killed came to kill her.

My perceptions were thrown out of whack and I ended up wanting to actually properly learn this stuff whenever it came to be, and before long, my interest in mythology started to turn more towards the monsters. If it wasn’t for that anime, and afterwards the visual novel it came from, I wouldn’t have come up with ideas like Metanauts Arcana.

So that’s what this page is for. To enlighten you all on better informed details, uncorrupted by popular culture, Christian demonisations and the (Alternate) History Channel. Who knows, maybe this page will inspire you just as Fate/ Stay Night inspired me.

Now, I’ve been dumping all this on you all for a while now, so I’ll leave you all with more more thing. While I’m a mythology geek, I don’t consider myself an expert. Far from it. There’s still a LOT I have to learn. That said, I intend for this page to be more communal than the others. If I get something wrong, feel free to correct me. If you have an opinion, feel free to express it. Just don’t be rude or antagonistic about it. Things like ‘Are you stupid or something?’ never encourages people to listen to your opinion.

As always, keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the rights to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user. Enjoy the page!

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News Introduction

Welcome to the News page.

Despite what the name says, the chances of anything referring to release dates or or updates regarding games isn’t that big. That said, it’s not an impossibility either.

The mains purpose of the News page is to inform you guys if something happens if I haven’t, or can’t post for a while. You’re not gonna find much in the way of articles on this page. More often that not, it’ll be just me making excuses for bouts of inactivity.

That said, though, this page isn’t just gonna be me making excuse after excuse. It’ll also be for providing my thoughts on certain subjects. This may be game related or not, but there’ll almost always be something here.

If I ever become bigger, I may start posting things like upcoming cons or give you all the latest and greatest gaming news, but for now, this is mostly just so I don’t mess up articles with explanations and thoughts. It may also be where I bought thoughts on game I reviewed that I forgot to put in the review itself.

As always, please keep comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user.

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My Projects Introduction


Welcome to the My Projects page.

The purpose of this page is to pitch and report progress on game I, myself, want to make or am currently developing.

I remember the day I first got into doing this. When I was young, I was a huge fan of Power Rangers (Keep in mind, this was LONG before I was even aware of the Sentai genre or even the show that spawned it). One day, I got an annual with a competition in it. Create your own Power Ranger. It was exclusively for occupants of the USA, but I did it anyway. I discovered a passion for creating characters.

Originally, the intent was to make characters for whatever I liked and sell them off later while I do other work. However, in my last year of high school, I met my best friend, and we started each other on the path of making our own works. While we don’t always work on things together anymore, he was a major influence in my decision to ultimately become a game designer and has even got me some of the programs I can use to start making my own games. So here we are.

With this, I will give information on various projects I create, which will ultimately be given a page for themselves for greater detail.

Please enjoy this page and keep projects fair and abuse free. I reserve the right to delete comments I deem absusive or even ban the user.

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Campaigns Introduction


Welcome to the Campaigns Page

The intent of this page is to bring attention to campaigns for games being funded on sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. As well as post updates on said projects. This was sort of a ‘service’ which I provided on Facebook, a sort of attempt to support the project despite being unable donate funds myself.

This page may see more use than either the Reviews or My Project’s pages as I will probably keep my eye on multiple projects throughout my career as a blogger.

As to why I would make such a page? Well, it would be nice to learn about a project your interested in before it’s time is up, yes? And it may be tedious to go back to the page constantly to see how it’s doing. Allow me to take up that tedium for you.

Projects I’ve tried to back this way include:

Mighty No. 9 (Sorta out but delayed)

Night Cry (Out now)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Fully Funded)

CrossCode (Out on Early Access)

Indivisible (On Demand)

I wish to continue this tradition while providing news to my readers about said projects. I hope you will all consider donating to these games and please let me know if there’s a campaign that you wish me to give a shout out too.

Please enjoy this page and please keep comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the rights to delete any abusive comments or ban the user.

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Reviews Introduction


Welcome to the Reviews page

Here you will find the reviews and impressions of all the games and demos I’ve played.

Keep in mind however, that any critic or reviewer worth their salt will acknowledge that these are only opinions. This is merely to give you an idea of the games and if they may grab your attention. My taste in games may not be your taste in games.

For example, while I hold the Shin Megami Tensei series in high regards, you may not feel the same. That being said, I do intend to keep my judgements as fair as possible. I will try to be objective. Tell you what I enjoyed about the game, what I didn’t enjoy. What I thought was perfect, what I thought they could improve upon.

On that note, ultimately the intent is to give you an idea as to whether or not a game is worth your time buying or renting, or if you’ll just give it a pass.

Please enjoy this page, and please keep the comments fair and abuse free. I reserve the rights to delete any abusive comments and should it be severe enough, ban the user.

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My Journey Through Demon’s Souls – Part 2 – REVENGE, MOTHERF**KER!!

I’m not gonna lie guys, there’s probably going to be a lot of grind days interrupting these journals. I intend to do a LOT of preperation for upcoming areas and levels, especially since healing items and checkpoints don’t exist like they do in Dark Souls. It’s gonna be common that I grind away for souls and items.

So to start off, the first day, I spent the entire day grinding. After getting to Soul Level 25, I upgraded my Scimitar and Heater Shield to +3, then grinded to obtain every spell I could, as well as every miracle. I obtained all but the most expensive of one, which was 20 000 Souls. Then I grinded to obtain enough Fresh Spice for MP healing if needed. I am a mage class, so MP is one of my most important resources. I ended the day  with 18 Fresh Spices.

The next day, I grinded for more, obtaining around 25 spices, then once more for souls in case I need to buy anything, then I went to Stonefang Tunnel, where my next target lay.

I will admit, I was familiar with this place. I had gone through it before and died several times to the boss at the end. This was just before I gave up my second run. However, now I was wiser. I knew the Soulsborne games a little better and I made points to search around, unlocking shortcuts whenever possible. However, I did somewhat have less in the way of levels that I should have as enemies did hurt quite a bit. They drop a lot of stones for weapon upgrades though, at least at first.

Eventually, I even found my way to the second blacksmith of the game, Ed. After talking with him, I repaired my equipment and went on my way. The fire lizards weren’t too much trouble, but the dogs still prove a problem because of their insane speed. The laughing noblemen hurt a lot with their fire magic, but they’re always situated in places where you can avoid them if you’re careful enough.

Nearing the end of the path, I optained a weapon that will be one of my main weapons for a while, the Kris Blade. It’s a sword that scales off of  strength and dexterity, but most importantly, magic. So, I went on to face the boss. The Armour Spider.

I was already familiar with the spider’s fire attacks, so I made a point to equip the Ring of Fire Resistance I was lucky enough to get in Boletaria Palace. I would’ve also equipped the shield, but as it needed 22 strength for me to wield it, it wasn’t an option. As such, I proceeded and dodged its fireballs until I was close enough to lock-on. My strategy from then on was focused on firing Soul Arrows at it while dodging its attacks. Occassionally, it would retreat upwards to fire a web which would stop be from dodging. At those times, I relied on guarding to reduce the fire damage and healed whenever possible. After a while, the Armour Spider fell to my magic. Which this, I had officially made the most progress in Demon’s Souls that I had ever made.

However, I will note that once again, I got that stuttering and had to quite and clean my disc. After that, I had taken to going back to grinding to prepare for the next area. The main reason was too test out my new sword. The damage is less for now, but it’ll only improve as I level up and get the items I need to upgrade it.

While I was at it, I did a little experiment. I wanted to see if could take on that red-eyed knight now. It takes a lot of spell throwing, but I can certainly kill him now. And he’s worth 2000 souls. I went an extra round in order to see if he respawns, and indeed, he does. With this, I plan to alternate between grinding in Stonefang, and grinding in Boletaria Palace to level up to at least level 50. I ended the day on Soul Level 30.

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My Journey Through Demon’s Souls – Part 1 – Casta Arrives in Bolataria

So, I’ve had Demon’s Souls since roughly around the time Dark Souls was released, but I never played it until the end, despite wanting to. The first time, since I was still in the mindset of most action games, the difficulty ended up putting me off despite me still wanting to play it. The second time, I had beaten the first boss, but hadn’t gotten much further, and I became disheartened when I learned days of grinding were wasted because I tried to put points into everything.

Now that I had played Dark Souls, however, I was more confident in my ability to play this game. So, I went back in determined and I had spent yesterday planning what I’m going to do for my build. It’s still a work in progress. I may tweak it here and there.

However, in booting up the game, I got some rather sad news. FromSoftware is going to shut down the game’s online features in February. It’s not particularly unexpected. The game is old and it had more of a cult following compared to Demon’s Souls. I deleted my old save file and started a brand new game. Casta Medora was ready to once again take on the demons of Bolataria.

I went through the tutorial area fairly quickly, as while you can die, it’s made easy enough that you can get through it no problem while learning the base mechanics of the game. I tried to beat the boss at the end, but I instantly died because I rolled into him. Thus, I arrived at the Nexus.

I talked to NPCs a bit and tried to do what I could with the Souls I had, but all I could really do was repair my equipment. I had to go through the first Archstone to Bolitaria Palace. It’s here that I hit some worry. The cutscene where you enter was stuttering along with animations and the ambient sound. Not only that, but the sounds of everything else was extremely muffled. It didn’t help that the loading screens were suddenly taking longer than they should. I ended up quitting the game and I cleaned the disc before trying again. Now it was working.

Getting back to where we were, I had done this song and dance before, but this time I wasn’t about to hide behind the Soul Arrow spell like I did last time I played. I made a point to balance out my spells with melee combat, especially utilizing the backstabs and parries that I had gotten better at during Dark Souls. Makinng my way through, I’d gotten the Old Ragged set and the Jade Hair Comb, as well as the Cling Ring, an item that allows you more health while in spirit form.

Continuing on, I was aware of the tricks and traps that lay ahead. However, I made a detour at my earliest convenience to help out a knight in need. He was Ostrava of Bolataria, a character I had completely missed before. After saving him, I quickly got rid of enemies that were around him before I talked, not waiting him to die. He thanked me and began to patrol. I went on my way.

Further down, I remembered a dragon attacking the long passageway I had come to, so I made a point to role on through past all the enemies, where they quickly swarmed me and I died as the dragon did not attack. I don’t know if this was a result of my disc’s condition or if I was remembering wrong. In any case, I got back to where I needed to be and recovered my souls before moving on and opening the way to the boss.

Making my way down wasn’t too tough except for the pieces of the boss throwing spears at me. After I made my way to the front gate, I waited a little bit while my MP recovered thanks to the Fragrance Ring. I then moved into to encounter the very first boss of the game, Phalanx.

My strategy was basically the same as before, keeping my distance while throwing Soul Arrows at her and her many parts (Yes, Phalanx is female). Whenever I ran out of MP, I would move around, avoiding attacks until I had enough to fire another. After all her parts were taken out, she was defenseless and I took her on with a combination of magic and melee until she died. After I defeated her, I returned to the Nexus where I was told to meet the Monumental. I did so and accepted the mission, because it’s not like saying no would’ve changed anything really. After that, I leveled up to Soul Level 10.

I decided to spend the rest of the day grinding, levelling up until I either reached Soul Level 30, or I couldn’t level up anymore after a single trip. In doing so, I got some high level items from the Dragon’s nest, which again, was curiously dragonless, as well as treasures I had missed. I was also using this as an opportunity to stock up on healing items as this was before the age of Estus Flasks and bonfires. During this time, I’d also got the Heater Shield and the Fire Toss and Water Veil spells. I ended the day on Soul Level 20.

I intend to grind more to improve my equipment and gain more spells to use before continuing on as the Phalanx pieces drop items needed for improving equipment. However, all said and done, it was a decent start for Casta on her first day back to Bolataria.

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Dark Souls Review

I will admit something to you guys. This game was, in fact, NOT my first FromSoftware experience. It was in my second. However, this was the first FromSoftware game that I had actually beaten.

The game begins with a simple prologue, telling you about the alliance to overthrow the dragons and the Age of Fire that came after, then how the current state of the world. Soon after, we’re introduced to your creatable character, the chosen undead.

The first thing to note, this game has character creation. Always a plus for me. You make your character, then pick your class and starting gift. However, the first thing to know is to not worry about it too much. These only determine your starting stats and equipment, as well as give you a certain gift you can use in some way that you can actually achieve at some point in the game. However, in this case, the easiest class and gift to start with is the Pyromancer with the Master Key.

Another thing to note is this game is hard. Like, notoriously hard. At the same time, however, it’s fair. This game was the very source of the ‘Get Good’ meme. I can honestly say though, that this is true. While I certainly died a lot throughout the game, at no point did I think the game was unfair. In fact, most bosses a rarely had to fight more than twice. Some, I even only fought once and won.

That said, the game doesn’t particularly make a point of holding your hand. It tells you what button does what and lets you do the rest. It teaches you enough and it’s up to you to learn how to play effectively. That’s really the gameplay for Dark Souls in a nutshell. Trial and error. The game challenges everything you’ve known about action games up to that point. Things that you’d normally get away with now get you killed. Even the controls are a severe change from what action games normally go for. Once you get the hang of it, however, it becomes almost instinctive.

You will die a lot in this game, especially if you’re just learning, and there’s a price to pay if you do. The most valuable asses you have are Humanity and Souls. Humanity determines your resistance to curses, as well as increase the item drop rate. Souls act as experience points and currency, needed to buy items and level up your character. If you die, you lose all your Humanity and Souls. You have one chance to claim them. If you go to the general area where you died, you’ll see a bloodstain. Touching it will regain the Humanity and Souls you’ve lost. However, you only have one chance to do so. If you die again, they’re lost forever, so it’s always a good idea to try and pick up your souls and be careful. Enemies will also respawn when you die.

The game knows how hard it is though. At various points in every area, you’ll find bonfires. You will be wanting to keep an eye out for these things whenever you can. Bonfires replenish your health, spells and healing items, and when you die, you’ll automatically return to the last bonfire you rested at. These are also where you level up, and if you have a spare humanity, you can revive yourself to human form, which makes you look less like a zombie. You can also kindle them to give yourself more healing items when you rest at that particular one. The cost of this is, any enemies you’ve killed, unless they’re minibosses or bosses, will automatically revive.

The game also has unique online mechanics that are staples to the series. The players can leave message to help (or decieve) you, giving you hints or warning you of various dangers. You will also catch glimpses of other people playing this game. You can also find bloodstains of other players showing you how they died.

If you’re in human form, you can also be invaded by players, and this can be a hinderance, as normally these players at this point will have gears and items far surpassing your own and specially equipped for PvP. At the same time though, while in human form you can also summon players to help you in boss fights.

Now, Dark Souls is an action RPG, but while the game has a very indepth and complex story and lore, it doesn’t particularly make a point of shoving it in your face. Most of it is told to you through cutscenes, talking to NPCs, item descriptions or through actually well thought out environmental storytelling. This creates a unique balance where those who aren’t interested in the story can still enjoy the game, and those who are, can look for and appreciate what they find. Collecting gear, even if you’re not going to use it, is even still worth it as you’re collecting the lore than comes with it.

There are two things in Dark Souls that are normally a huge annoyance in other games, but this one does rather well. Durability and weight. Practically every item has weight, but it only counts once you’ve equipped it. You can carry stuff well enough too heavy for you, and you can still move around without being hindered as long as it’s not equipped. However, keep in mind that if you’re equipped over half what your load limit is, you will start moving slower. Durability, while a thing, isn’t something you need to be too concerned about. You can spend souls to repair them as needed and it goes down slow enough anyway.

There’s also three types of magic in this game. Sorcery, Pyromancy and Miracles. Sorcery is generally non-elemental magic and a catalyst is needed to cast them. Pyromancy is generally fire-based and requires the Pyromancer’s Flame. Both of these require Intelligence to use. Miracles are the spells of clerics and focus mostly on healing and lightning damage, requiring Talismans to cast. These require Faith. No matter which, though, you only have so many of a spell to cast until you reach a bonfire, and you can only have so many spells at a time thanks to slots. However, if you get the same spell and equip both to a slot, they stack and you’ll have more casts of that spell.

Let’s talk about the real star of the show when it comes to this game though. The customizability. As I said before, picking a class and gift only affects your starting stats and gear. The game boasts a wide variety of weapons, gear and builds to suit any playstyle. You can start off as a melee character and develop yourself completely into a mage. I, myself, started off with the Pyromancer, but moved more towards sorcery. The vast amount of weapons you get can even be modified to suit your needs. You can make magic weapons that are perfectly suited for mage builds, allowing the normally long range mages to melee. Different types of armour can have various effects and you can put your souls into any stat you want. That said, it goes without saying that smart distribution of points and resources are key to playing the game well. It should also be noted that there are requirements for spells and equipment. If you want to use a large sword, or a powerful spell, make sure your stats are where at a certain level.

Also keep in mind that you can attack and kill NPCs which may have consequences down the line. It’s also permanent, so you can’t undo the damage you’ve done. Be careful. I accidentally killed two NPCs during my playthrough myself.

Dark Souls provides everything gamers like. A fair challenge, high customizability and a wide variety of ways to play. It’s also fairly solid. I’ve run into very few glitches throughout my entire playthrough and I’ve put over 182 hours into this game.

Golly, with all that, it must be the perfect game that everyone can play, right!? Well, no. Not exactly. It’s more of a matter of taste than anything else. While the visuals are beautiful, character models aren’t perfect and can look rather odd at times. But most of all, the difficulty might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially since there’s New Game+ which gets harder.

If you’re into fantasy games that will challange you from beginning to end, whether or not you’re interested in the story, then I suggest getting Dark Souls. It’s a hard game that’s a rewarding challenge to play. However, owners of current gen consoles and PCs may want until May 25 to buy this game, as FromSoftware has annouced a Remaster of the entire series. I’ll definitely be getting that and reviewing each game when it comes out.

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My Journey Through Dark Souls – Part 22 (NG Final) – Casta Medora: Dragonslayer, Godslayer

This is another two-day report:

Before I went off to fight Lord Gwyn, I decided to tie up some lose ends. The Dragons in the Undead Burg and Valley of Drakes. In preparation, I got 70 Poison arrows and 40 Dragonslayer arrows. I also made a point to decrease my defense against fire. Making my way back to the Undead Burg, I first tested to see how far away I can fire at him from with the Black Pharis bow. I couldn’t fire at it from that far, so I backtracked to get to the staircase in the middle. I fired a poison arrow, then several dragonslayer arrows and repeated the process. It didn’t seem I was doing a lot though. Eventually, I got slightly impatient, realizing I’d run out of arrows completely before the dragon would die. During one of it’s trips down, I engaged it in battle head on. I fired a Crystal Soul Spear, dealing a lot of damage to it. I kept missing subsequent shots, but I finished it off with my Washing Pole. The dragon would plaque the Undead Burg no longer.

Next I went to the Valley of Drakes through New Londo. I set myself up for regular defense, but kept Blooming Purple Moss Clumps on hand, just in case. I approached the undead dragon that had killed me once before. somehow I managed to keep just enough distance away from him that his breath attack wasn’t that much of a threat, and I was surprised to beat him so easily, with just a few shots of my spells. My personal goals were achieved.

After that, I retreated to the Depths to farm some more Humanity, then to the Archives to grind for levels. My goal was to get my Dexterity up to 40 and my Faith up to 16 so I could use the Darkmoon Bow and Effigy Shield. figurig a quicker way to grind off of the Crystal Golems, I arranged a quick path around the area while using the Tin Crystalization Catalyst and Quelaag’s Furysword in one hand and Logan’s Catalyst with my Balder Shield in the other. However, despite my extended time, while I could complete my Dexterity grind, I could only get my Faith to 13, a single point lower than I wanted to achieve for the day.

I completed my grinding for Faith the next day, now finally able to wield the desired items. There was one more thing I wanted to accomplish, though. I wanted to pay a visit to Snuggly in the Asylum toget the Old Witch’s Ring now that I had a Sunlight Maggot. Just something for New Game+ sake. After that was done, it was time. After repairing my equipment and setting myself up, I went to rest at the Lordvessel, then entered the final area, the Kiln of the First Flame.

The area was full of Black Knights, who had been somewhat of a bane to me the entire game. However, now, they were’t so threatening. I wasn’t outmatched anymore. I could take them on in a fight. My general strategy was to blackstab them, then strike a killing blow. Along the way, I even found their gear.

I was surprised to see how short the path was, but it felt right. It felt final. It wasn’t dragging it out. This was the end of the road. All your adventure, your strife, your hard work, it all comes to this. I was before the fogwall and met with my final pray. Gwyn, Lord of the Cinder.

My first attempt didn’t go so well. Gwyn was quite aggressive, and his fire damage kept breaking through my defenses. He’d also attack me while I tried to heal. As per my usual process, I died my first try. However, not dishearted, I built up my resistance to fire and ran the way once more. Unfortunately, I didn’t mage to get a shield off of his Knights.

The second battle, I reverted to my Sorcery, though not as easy as the others. He was rather evasive, but now our fight was more on even footing. Running out of the Crystal Soul Spears, I moved on to the normal ones, but he was dodging those insanely well. With that, I moved onto my Homing Crystal Soulmass. Combining dodging, healing and my spells, Gwyn took too much damage and fell. I gave him a respectful bow as I claimed his soul and offered it to the final bonfire in the game. At long last, Casta’s journey came to an end…. in Dark Souls, at least.

I may play this game again and go on New Game+, or play an entirely new character. But while this was not the first game from FromSoftware I’ve played, it is, in fact, the first one I’ve beaten. There’s one game of theirs that I’ve had for years, and it’s now time I give it the attention it deserves. My next journey shall be in this game’s predecessor, Demon’s Souls.

Thank you all for joining me for this quest, even if only in text. Please join me next week as Casta Medora’s journey begins anew.

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My Journey Through Dark Souls – Part 21 – Victory and Defeat…

I tried to do grinding on Saturday so I would have something ready for you guys on Monday, but it took MUCH more time than I anticipated.

Saturday came with weapon making. Going to the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo, I made the Darkmoon Bow, Quelaag’s Furysword and the Lifehunt Scythe, then carefully pumped them up by spreading out the 12 Demon Titanite I had collected. Then I went off to the Crystal Caverns to grind for  Blue Titanite Slabs. I acquired none except for one that was on a body free for grabs. I used it to complete my Enchanted Washing Pole.

Sunday was filled, I pretty much ONLY grinded for Blue Titanite Slabs, the entire day. I pumped myself full of Humanity thinking that may make it improve my chances. As it turns out it only counts up to 10 Humanity. Once again, I got none.

Monday was much of the same. In the end, I wanted to get SOMETHING done, so I went to the Painted World to get Velka’s Rapier, then to the Forest in the Darkroot Garden to defeat one of the Forest Hunters and gain the Black Bow of Pharis. I wasted no time in getting them to +5 and Magic +9 respectively. I got the Dark Ember for Occult weapons while I was there. I then went back to try again, and still no luck. I’m willing to bet that the droprate for Blue Titanite Slabs is no different from the others, but what makes them so absurdly and excrutiatingly rare is the fact that only three enemies in the entire game drop them.

Tuesday, I aimed to get more done before I finally went on my way. I grinded for Humanity in the Depths, then made my way to the Tomb of the Giants. There was an Ember there I missed and needed. This ember was guarded by five giant skeletons. It took several tries, believing  Quelaag’s Furysword would serve me well here as a fire weapon. It wasn’t doing much, so I switched back to my Washing Pole. With a combination of melee and magic, I defeated the skeletons and made with my price, wasting no time in getting my Mace to Divine +10. I had enough White Titanite Chunks and a White Titanite Slab to accomplish this. I grinded a little more the rest of the day, if only to increase my Dexterity.

Now came the next big move. I arrived at the Demon’s Ruins to resume the adventure. Ceaseless Discharge, the first of three bosses, fell easily to my magic and the lava below began to cool. In anticipation for fire enemies, I had equipped myself with the Dragon Crest Shield and a ring for extra defense against Fire. Making my way into the newly opened path, I encountered swarms of Capra Demons. The first I found toe-to-toe, then took the rest out with Soul Spears. Not before taking on a Darkwraith Dark Spirit named Kirk, however. I make my way to the next bonfire. What awaited me further were firespewing statue demons, Taurus Demons, and Demon Centipedes. Going towards the treacherous side path, I took out the Taurus demon, but died to a centipede ambush. Not to be swayed, I prepared and did it again, claiming my prize at the end, a Large Fire Ember to make more advanced Fire weapons. I then took out the Capra Demon and claimed the soul waiting for me.

Through the next fogwall lay the next boss, the Demon Firesage. He killed me once, but I continued to go with the same strategy I had used against his brother the Stray Demon earlier in the game. I fell and the rest of the path was open to me. Taking on the smaller demons again, I opened a shortcut back to Quelaag’s Domain, then went back and found the bonfire. Already, the next boss fight was ahead of me.

Before the next fogwall, I found Solaire’s summon sign. I opted not to summon him, thinking this might be the event which would cause him to die. I went forth alone. The Demon Centipede was now my pray. I opted to keep to the ground instead of the mass of lava while firing Soul spears and Crystal Soul Spears at it. It was down with little effort. In a couple of hours, I had taken out three bosses, with only one retry, claiming a ring that allowed me to walk on the lava.

Eventually, I found the way forward into the Lost Izaleth. I found Solaire, but opted not to talk to him in fear of triggering the event. I went on into the pools of lava, taking out small and large demons. Once they were all cleared, I went back to find Solaire gone. I was not feeling good about it. I moved on and found the way forward. Killing more small demons and a tentacled type, I then encountered a Darkwraith Pryromancer. I felled him easily enough, found the next fogwall, and opted to explore. Talking out more smaller demons, I fell into a trap and found Sigmeier. After we talked, he offered to cause a distraction so I can escape. I wasn’t going to let that happen. My goal was to save both him and Solaire. I aimed not just to save him either. I wanted to keep his health above 50% so I could get the Titanite Slab he had. I took out all the demons. He didn’t take any damage from them. As he rested, I looked around for a way out, however, a demon punked me. It attacked Siegmeier, doing around 70% damage or so. I was mad, but I felt at least I saved him.

I left the trap and found another path where a Titanite Demon awaited me. Defeating it, I got the next weapon waiting for me, the Titanite Catchpole. Now I knew I was close to the event I was trying to keep Solaire out of. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Solaire had now become my enemy and all I could do was grant him a merciful death. I felt horrible, and when I realised where the path went, I cursed myself for not noticing it sooner. I could’ve saved him right there and I failed. My frustrations were going to have to wait for my next target.

I finally stood before my next enemy, the Witch of Izalith, the origin on Pyromancy, now the mother of demons. I got in close to attack, but my spells did nothing. I soon realized that she was a puzzle boss. I went around to the left, took out the first point, and she evolved a flaiming scythe arm. I died making my way back due to a collapsing floor, but the next phase was permanent. I made it back and went for the other side, making it there after dying once more to cause her to reach her next phase. I knew where the next point lay and went straight for the middle. However, the floor infront collapsed. Two more tries later, I was in, cutting my way deeper until I found a bug, the true Bed of Chaos and killed it with a single blow.

I decided to end the day with some grinding as well as completing Seigmeier’s story. First, I dropped off the souls and opened the way to the final boss, then talked to Sieglinde and went to Ash Lake, where the horrible truth was laid out to me. Siegmeier had become Hallow and Sieglinde had to kill him. I felt so bad. Both characters I wanted to save the most were dead. Sieglinde gave me the Titanite Slab I wanted still, but it felt like a hallow trophy for it all. I completed the Black Sorcerer Leggings with a heavy heart before retreatinng to grind for Humanity.

Afterwards, I went to New Londo to grind mainly for a Dark Hand. I got one as well as a Titanite Slab, as well as a Firekeeper’s Soul on the way out.. Then, I went back to Lost Izalith. I grinded some more Titanite out of the Titanite Demon, as this one was the only respawner, and completed my Soul Weapons. The only one I have left for sure is the Moonlight Butterfly Horn, but that has to wait till New Game+, as I had already used it to get souls. I ended the day talking to the Firekeeper and reinforced my Estus Flasks to +6.

Casta Medora’s journey is almost at an end. I have one more area, one more boss. When I enter the final area, I shall not leave until Lord Gwyn falls. For the souls we had lost, my fault or no. Solaire of Astora, Siegmeier of Catarina, Big Hat Logan, the Clerics, the Pyromancer and even Mr. Existentially Depressed. For the souls that remain. The Firekeeper, Sieglinde, the Sorcerer and the Cleric on the other side, my resolve is to give them a happy ending.

First, however, I plan to grind a little more and tie up some loose ends. The Dragon the Undead Burg, and the Undead Dragon in the Valley of the Drakes.


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My Journey Through Dark Souls – Part 20 – Ghosts and Darkwraiths and Blobs, Oh My!

My day started finishing off the grinding I was doing yesterday, getting back to 20 Humanity, collecting any Titanite I could. That wasn’t the end of it though. Afterwards, I bought all the Transient Curses I could from from the Hallowed Lady in the Undead Burg.

With all that done, I set off to New Londo, where I met with an unexpected surprise. A fresh Hallow was there waiting to attack me. I only later found out that it was the man I ‘affectionately’ named Mr. Existentially Depressed. He almost killed me, as I kept getting cought in his parries, but I won out in the end and proceeded forth.

The ghosts were annoying but they no longer hurt as much as they did before, though they still hurt. I could one-shot them easily, however. It’s just the fact that they spend most of their time in the walls or floors. Is it just me or does EVERY game developer LOVE having ghosts do that?

What kept killing me though, was less the ghosts and the more confusing structure of the place. I sometimes ended up falling to my death. It wasn’t really made better by the fact that there were no bonfires I could find, and I scowered the entire area, even before I was supposed to. I got decently far with the Drake Sword before. Amoung my treasure while doing so, I got two Jaggest Ghost Swords and the Composite Bow I needed for my build. After a while of exploring, I was suddenly unable to damage one ghost. It was then I realized the Transient Curse ran out. After making it back to where I needed to go, I got to the roof of a building I was died at before, and I found a sage. After talking to him, he gave me a key and I bought the spell Resist Curse. This key allowed me to continue deeper into the ruins where I ran into my first Darkwraith. He hurt a lot, but is easy to take out on one backstab. I then realized that the outer path I found led to the Valley of the Drakes, on a bridge full of Dragons I found before. Seems the closest thing I had to a bonfire was going back to the one in the Basin. Carefully making my way further, I found a blog thing with faces in a room fool of Darkwraiths. Taking them all out, I opened up a shortcut to the beginning of the area, then proceeded deeper.

I found an illusionary wall where I what I thought was a Black Knight was guarding an entrance. I thought this entrance may have been to the bonfire. I went around and collected some loot, at some point finding a Very Large Ember, and then came to lure him with my bow. However, I was jumped and killed by another Darkwraith.

I dropped off the Very Large Ember at the Blacksmith before carrying on, getting my Balder Shield to +15, and while I was at it, I reinforced my Silver Knight Shield and Dragon Crest Shield as far as I could. I then found a room with another blob, ghosts and two more Darkwraithes. I was swarmed and died the first time, but the second I killed the blog and one of the Darkwraithes with White Dragon Breath after I accidentally led the ghosts away and took them out invidually while exploring for more treasure. I took out the remaining Darkwraith and made it to the boss area.

I was confused that the boss didn’t show right away, but I remembered what the sage said about them being in the Abyss. I equipped the Artorias Covenant Ring and looked around. I feared I may have been too late in doing so and had to traverse the fogwall with the ring on. However, all I had to do with jump into the darkness.

I was now at my target. The Four Kings. These four bosses with a single lifebar were apparently one of the most infamous bosses of the game, and I don’t doubt it. They have a large reach and do a lot of damage, as well as a homing magic spell. Apparently it’s hard to beat the without health. I tried to fire at them with the White Dragon Breath, but the casting time was giving them enough time to hit me and I died.

I took another death before making it back. Melee was useless as it left me wide open, so I opted for my spells, strengthened by the Tin Crystalization Catalyst, which I had decided to save for bosses because of the half charge penalty. I fired Soul Spears killing two of them before I ran out, as they came, then switched to White Dragon Breath. The casting time was still a hinderance, so instead I switched to Homing Soulmass. Casting it and focusing on dodging, I had the third king dead in two hits. I cast another as the final king arrived, and in one hit, I claimed victory.

Now that my work in the ruins was done, I now set to improving what else I had. I got the Mace I got earlier to Divine +5, then my bow to Magic +9, as I saw using a damage calculator that that dealt the better damage. After that was done, I retreated to the Depths to grind for more Humanity for the rest of the day. While I was at it, I looked up where I could get the the final spell needed, the Dark Beads, only to find out that it’s only available in the DLC. So with that, the general build was complete.

I have no intention of going for Chaos weapons like the build suggests as I find it plointless to get a weapon that relies so heavily on Humanity, a resource you’re not guaranteed to keep.

I intend to grind until I have 40 Humanity, and after I intend to grind for more Twinkling Titanite to finish off my shields. I’ll do the same when I get a Black Knight’s Shield later for fire defense. I’m nearing the end, just three more areas, and I want to be prepared for all of them.

To end off, I need Blue Titanite Slabs to finish reinforcing my weapons. Does anyone know where to get them, or am I not there yet? Also, I’m curious to know why Gwyinevere is still around and the sun still shines in Anor Londo after I defeated Gwyndolin.

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My Journey Though Dark Souls – Part 19 – The Origin of Sorcery

To start the day off, I finished off the grinding to get the final spell that I needed to continue Logan’s questline and then went on to fight Seath the Scaleless in the Crystal Caves. My progression would not be easy, especially as I ran into one of the tougher Crystal Golem minibosses.. and then another.. My magic was barely doing anything to them. The only reason I did manage to kill them was because they fell to their doom trying to chase me when they knocked me off. The invisible bridges didn’t make it any easier. Thank goodness this area was mercifully short. The clams at the end weren’t too tough to handle with the Homing Crystal Soulmass, but I was pleasantly surprised to see they dropped Purging Stones, items that are used to cure Curses.

When I reached Seath the Scaleless, I wasted no time in destroying the crystal in the back of the room, making him vulnerable. Then I went to attack his tail with the goal of getting the Moonlight Greatsword. However, I ended up dying due to being inbetween his tails. Fire trying again, I kept dying to get to some loot past an invisible bridge. I eventually gave up on it and made it back to Seath.

I kept striking at his left tail. His crystal breath wasn’t hurting me as much, but I still needed to be careful as it was filling a status meter. I could only assume it was for a special type of curse, but I wasn’t willing to find out. I kept striking the tail and running to it to strike it again whenever possible. I defeated him just fine, however, I did not get the Moonlight Greatsword. That will have to wait until New Game+ sadly. Apparently I was supposed to strike the middle tail, though I could swear he only had two.

With victory over Dragon who invented Sorcery in hand, I went back to see Logan to find he was’t doing well. When I spoke to him, he didn’t remember me. I went back to the Crystal Caves, then returned to find him gone with only a chest where he used to be. I found wizard’s gear in it. Uncomfortably familiar gear at that.

I went back to the place I first fought Seath to gind Logan there, naked and Hallowed. I was expecting to have a horrible time fighting him considering he’s one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world, but I didn’t have that much trouble. After a couple of hits, I moved out the way as he cast a spell, and fired a Crystal Soul Spear into him, defeating him. I grabbed his Tin Crystalization Catalyst, the next piece of my build, along with the White Dragon Breath spell.

After I returned to the Firelink Shrine, I found Seiglinde, Seigmeier’s daughter, waiting for me. She asked me if I’d seen her father again and I said yes. After that, I went onto another questline. I went back to the swamp in Blighttown, there I found the Pyromancer, now Hallowed. I had to face my mistake sooner or later, so I defeated him and moved on, finding Seigmeier once more. He asked me if I could spare him some Purple Moss Clumps in order to help him out. I had plenty Moss Clumps anyway. I was more than happy to give them to him. After searching the Ash Lake, I went back to give the Crystal and Large Magic Embers I found to their respective blacksmiths.

I decided to end the day by grinding for more Humanity, as Kindling the bonfires was becoming expensive, with roughly 3 to four Humanity each. After that, it’ll finally be time to enter the New Londo Ruins.

Some side notes:

  1. The Tin Crystalization Catalyst is powerful, but it cuts the number of casts you have in half when using it. Is there a way to counteract this?
  2. I was told Crystal spells don’t scale on the wiki for the Chaos Mage build, however they definitely do. Was the author of that article talking perhaps about the Oolicile spells you learn from Dusk, since they’re non-combat spells?
  3.  What does the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst have to offer me? It looks like it only scales to Faith, so I’m reluctant to try and get it.

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My Journey Through Dark Souls – Part 18 – The Archives

I ended up having to run a longer way back to Nito this time around, and because I kept messing up, I died once on the way there. However, when I got back to him, expecting to die several more times, I somehow managed to find the perfect distance to attack him at. Close enough that he wouldn’t use that sword move, but far enough not to be affected by his Toxic miasma. I took out his skeletons once, and they weren’t doing too much damage as I was pelting him with Soul Spears.

With Nito dead, I met with Patches at the Firelink Shrine and bought a mace off of him for future playthroughs. Then, I decided to do a little grinding in the Depths to replenish Humanity as I used a lot of it going through the Tomb of Giants. It’s there I found out I wasn’t quite done kindling the bonfires. I could kindle them enough to give me 10 Estus Flasks. The grinding itself wasn’t really going well and I was determined to continue the story before I was through, so I did something I didn’t want to. I bought them off of Patches. Even then, it wasn’t a lot, but in order to avoid grinding further, I went ahead to the Archives.

This place is rather rought because all the crystal enemies hurt. With a little perseverance, I made it to the elevator and beat a tough enemy before I went ahead through a fogwall to find… SEATHE THE SCALELESS!? I seriously wasn’t expecting to fight him this soon. When I saw my best friend play, it was in a very different location. Naturally, I died, mostly because I was trying to go for his tale to try for the Moonlight Greatsword. However, I didn’t land up in the bonfire I was expecting to. I found myself in a jail cell. It was all I needed to tell me that that was supposed to happen.

Once I was out, I set off the alarm, kinda stupid of these guys not to take my gear and weapons, but who am I to judge. Taking out every enemy I good, I soon reached the bottom and I found Big Hat Logan, captured again. I died to the snakemen up top, which ended in the alarm being turned off. I make my way back down and got the key to proceed further, but I was doing so with caution as I was keeping an eye out for the key that would allow me to let Logan out of his cell.

I soon managed to open up a shortcut after finding the treasures hidden within including Crystal Embers, some armour and a Firekeeper’s Soul, a couple of chests along this whole way being Mimics. This is why you hit the chests before you open them people. I’m proud to say I have yet to die to any Mimics because I was aware of their existance. I also happened to find the key to Logan’s cell and I wasted no time in going back to help him.

Afterwards, however, I got lost. I wasn’t sure where I needed to go. I went back to Seathe, figuring I might have to chase him away or something. I died several more times. Finding where I needed to go wasn’t made easier when I was invaded by another player and was prompty killed because he was obviously tapered for PvP. THIS IS WHY I DON’T LIKE BEING IN HUMAN FORM IN THIS GAME! I JUST WANNA PLAY, DAMMIT!

Luckily, I had my friend on Skype with me and I got direction from him as where to go next and he managed to point me in the right direction. Back to the rooms where I found that stuff. I opened the staircase and found my way to the Crystal Forest, but I ended up falling to my death. It was better that way, as I shortly after found Logan and the new spells he was offering me.

I decided to end the day with some grinding rather than just continue to into the Crystal Caves where Seathe now lay in wait for me. The purpose was to grind for the spells that Logan was offering as the Crystal Golems were giving me a lot of Souls. Althrough, I didn’t fail to notice that that one of the Golems was gold. I didn’t know whether it was the light or if it was another Golden Golem like the one in the Darkroot Basin. I pounded it with spells and then got close to melee it until it died, freeing a Catarinan knight. At first I thought it was the one from before, but now, this was apparently his daughter. She asked me if I’d seen her father and I said yes, I hope I haven’t gotten her killed… I’ve been quite the accidental villain this whole playthrough…

I ended the day with two of the three Crystal Spells Logan was offering. The plan right now, is after grinding, I wish to get try and get the Moonlight Greatsword from Seathe, then afterwards get the Tin Crystalization Catalyst which I need for my build. Afterwards, I wish to try and grind more for Humanity. I’ll be levelling up if possible while doing so and I may also beef up my new mace as far as it can go. Afterwards, it’s back to the New Londo Ruins.

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My Journey Through Dark Souls – Part 17 – I’m NOT a Cleric!

A bit of a two-day journal. I spent the first day just grinding a bit for Green Titanite Shards and Humanity in the Depths with the intention of ascending my Morning Star to a Divine Morning Star +5. It wasn’t a particularly long grind session. I was just taking an opportunity to get it out of the way.

The second day is where the advancement came. I had one major goal to accomplish first. To get to the second bonfire of the Catacombs and get the Darkmoon Seance Ring in order to battle Dark Sun Gwyndolin and obtain the last bit of my armour. After some searching, I finally found it. I took out as many necromancers as I could on the way. However, it seems that I missed one. By accident, before I did so, I advanced to the boss of the Catacombs, Pinwheel. I had used up a lot of Estus Flasks and spells thanks to encountering a Black Knight at the bottom. Beating him, I got a White Titanite Chunk. Pinwheel beat me the first time, but the second I came prepared. As soon as I entered the boss area, I re-equipped my Enchanted Washing Pole and got in close. I killed him in a few strikes and got a key item that allows me to Kindle bonfires a second time. I did so and went back to Anor Londo.

Gwyndolin had to be the most obnoxious boss I ever had to face. His entire spiel was to keep his distance, making you run a long hallway while he pelts you with super powered versions of Homing Soulmass, Soul Spear and a set of darts. Eventually, however, I learned the pattern. I rolled to dodge the spells, and whenever he lifted himself up, I would guard in order to protect myself from the darts. When I got close enough, I would lock-on and fire a Soul Spear, then prepared to do it again. It took several tries, but ironically, I only needed three Soul Spears to kill him.

Running to the end, I claimed my prizes, a Miracle and some armour, but it wasn’t the armour I needed. I had to check the Wiki regarding what I had to do. I was concerned that the third chest was empty. Did I do something wrong? Did I not meet specific requirements? Well, turns out, I just had to buy them now that the deed was done from the merchant in the Depths, who had now taken up residence at the shrine.

First, however, I was told by Chris that Anor Londo was supposed to go dark, so I wanted to see it for myself. I warped to the Anor Londo shrine and the local Firekeeper suddenly started to attack me. I had to kill her, and took her soul. I don’t know if that was a strike against me with another Sin point or something. I’m hoping I didn’t accumulate to many of those by now. As it turns out, the sun was still shining in Anor Londo.

I’m not sure why his waistcloth was required for the build. It had a point lower in defence that what I would’ve liked. I should probably start building up shields to help fill in the weaknesses of armour build. Afterwards, I took a quick peak the Princess’ Chambers. Gwynivere was supposedly also supposed to disappear, as she was supposed to be an illusion cast by Gwyndolin…. As it turns out, she’s still there. I don’t know why.

However, I just found out I screwed up again. I told the Pyromancer where I got my new Pyromancy and he vanished from the Shrine. I was told he’s now in the swamps as a Hallow. That’s another sin mark, isn’t it?

With Gwyndolin’s defeat and the last bit of armour in my possession, I had a score to settle. I went back to the Undead Asylum to take on the Stray Demon once more. He killed me several times, but focusing on a defensive play, I caust Homing Soulmass and rolled out of his attacks until he died.

In any case, now that I’ve beaten Gwyndolin, it was time to advance into the Tomb of Giants to face one of the big four, Gravelord Nito. This place was dark, and I could use a lantern to light it, but I found it more preferable to cast a Cast Light spell. It only has three charges, but it lasts a long time. You can seriously get through the entire dungeon in one or two castings.

It wasn’t long before I met Patches. Oh, good lord Patches the Hyena. I tooked to him and he asked if I was a cleric, I said no because I wasn’t. I had started as a Pyromancer. He then invited me to look down the hole for treasure he was going to share with me. I knew it was a trick. I’ve heard some things from videos. Thinking I was falling for his trap, I ended up proceeding forward into the dungeon, and was killed after finding Gravelord Nito. I had to start again at the Catacombs.

After some searching, however, I found a Blacksmith in the Catacombs who can provide fire weapons for me. I made my way back and went to explore a bit once I found Patches again, then found and lit the bonfire before resting. This time, I triggered the trap I was waiting for him to pull. I searched the area getting everything I could, then I found a ghost. I didn’t realize at the time that it was cleric woman from earlier in the game. She warned me of her followers and when I found them, I blasted them with my spells. I was rewarded by the cleric, then promptly died on the way back. I talked to Patches again and he begged me for forgiveness while explaining himself…. I’ll be honest, I was kinda tempted to kill him, but given he’s in Dark Souls 3, I opted for the canon option and spared him. Going back I soon found a second bonfire, lit and rested. I made it back to Gravelord Nito, but once again died. It’s hard to keep distance as his skeletons keep attacking me and while he pelts me with some ethereal spike from the ground.

I have to admit, I’m completely unsure what to do against him. Can anyone give me some advice that would work for my build?

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My Journey Through Dark Souls – Part 16 – Crossing the Crossbreed

I started off today with grinding the Crystal Golems in the Darkroot Basin in order to turn my Washing Pole into an Enchanted weapon. Not much to report on it as it was relatively quick. I’m actually surprised how easily I managed to get everything I needed. I went back to Anor Londo to face my next target.

I aimed to get into the painted world, but I wasn’t quite sure how to get there. I started in the palace, searching for a painting I could react to, specifically any painting that looked like it was skew or of a landscape. I had no luck, but I did buy some Twinkling Titanite to upgrade my Giant Armour and Silver Knight Gauntlets.

Eventually, I had to consult the guide as to not to end up with another day I couldn’t report anything. I didn’t need to look very far. Once I found out those assassin-like Hallows in the cathedral were called Painted Guardians, that’s when I knew where the entrance was. I made my way to the cathedral and found the ONE painting I completely missed. I got past the guardians and entered the painted world.

After reaching the bonfire, I opted to explore the place. Most of what I found where weaker Hallows and what looked to be infected ones. However, I did managed to encounter some bird women, and I encountered what looked to be a dragon that had become rotted. He wasn’t particularly hard for me, as I spent most of the time throwing Soul Spears and Great Soul Arrows at him while avoiding his toxic sludge. I claimed his scale as my own. I eventually proceeded into the courtyard where I was met with bloated Hallows wielding spears and shields. The way they moved and attacked really brought to mind Phalanx, the first boss of Demon’s Souls. I learned how to deal with them rather quickly.

I went off to an open area afterwards to collect some of the treasure there, only to find myself being invaded by a story invader. He hurt a lot with his fire, but in keeping my distance and tossing more spells, he was easily gone. Eventually, I found the well I was supposed to go down and made my way through the maze within, takng out wheel skeletons as I did. I found my way to an open room and, after taking out all the enemies, received Painted Guardian armour for a chest, then opened the mechanism to open the way forward.

I ran along a long stretch of a passage taking out the Hallows and the knight who wields the armour I found before in the chapel. He was probably a hapless victim that died in that world. After making it past him, I found myself at the boss, Crossbreed Priscilla. I didn’t understand what was going on at first. Seeing her scythe, I thought ranged battle was going to be my best bet. Turns out it wasn’t. She vanished and was outright gone from sight, and I kept getting struck out of nowhere and receiving massive amounts of bleeding damage. I thought she had retreated upward and I had to look for her. It was only as I died, I noticed her footprints in the snow.

I knew on my second attempt that I couldn’t target her. I had to pay attention to the snow and attacked with my sword. I still received a lot of damage, but I beat her without too much trouble. I have to say though, I rather enjoyed the fight. It was actually a clever take on the invisible enemy trope. With those, there’s usually something that makes tracking the enemy only hard if you aren’t paying attention. Usually there’s water around or the enemy progresses slowly and appears a split second before attacking. Here, the boss only had certain sections where you can see her footprints and you have to work it out. I called BS the first time, but the second, I admit I rather liked.

Leaving the painted world, I opted to take on the next boss in Anor Londo. Again, I couldn’t find the way to them and I had to look it up. Turns out there’s a good way and a bad way to get to this boss. I could’ve gone the bad way in order to fight them, which is to kill the princess, but I opted not to. I’ve already been enough of an asshole during this playthrough. I decided to move on and come back once I had obtained the Darkmoon Seance Ring to do it the right way.

Going back to the Firelink Shrine, I was expecting a boss fight in the pool area… and the one I was expecting to fight was sleeping. I tried waking him up without attacking, in case he was nonlethal. I didn’t remember my best friend needing to fight him. I then did what I thought was a stupid idea, going down the big, gaping hole he came out of. Turns out, that’s what I needed to do. I placed the Lordvessel on the altar and noticed it caused the golden fog walls to disappear. I went to check out the one in Anor Londo, but I found it was the Duke’s Archives. I wasn’t supposed to go there yet, according to the guide. My next destination was The Great Hallow.

It was a little tricky to traverse, and I was surprised that this area was mostly devoid of enemies. However, the enemies it DOES have were ones to worry about. Basilisks and those mushroom people from the forest. This time I couldn’t avoid killing those ones, as The Great Hallow was costing me a lot of health. I happened to end up at my next destination, the Ash Lake… I was instantly not a fan as I found a SECOND HYDRA.

It was only after dying once that I ended found the bonfire, so I had to traverse the Hallow again. After that, I opted to run. I ran all the way to the end, and found a dragon right before a bonfire. I figured the dragon wouldn’t attack because areas with bonfires are usually safe zones. I joined his covenant and offered up a scale. I don’t want to offer more until I know what that does.

I then went back out to face the Hydra. He was actually much easier as he wasn’t particularly doing much to hit me. He kept shooting his water jets most of the time. I wonder if he got confused. I just pelted him with a fire Soul Spears, of now I had 8 from getting more spells from the sorcerer. After he was dead and I claimed his Dragon Scales, I searched around and got more. Apparently everyone who died here somehow managed to get away with taking off a single scale. That’s where my adventure ended for the day, going back to the dragon’s bonfire.

Next up is the catacombs and hoo-boy am I not prepared. My best friend and I came up with a plan to bless one of my clubs to make up for my lack of Faith to take out undead quickly and permanently, but the only club I have with the stats to wield already scales to Faith and it does Occult damage I don’t know if I can do anything with it. Can anyone tell me?

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